Icefire Dragon
Icefire Dragon


Silver scales, with dark blue eyes and very light blue horns and wings

Armed With

Sharp horns made of ice, can breathe a mist of icy particles that freeze but feel like they burn...9


See above...9

Hunting Ability

Very good...7


Very quick due to its thin body...10


Icy wing material has some mild posion running through it...3

Fear and Flight Factor

Very frightening...9

The Icefire Dragon is a very rare dragon. It is almost never found in Berk, preferring to stay toward the poles. This is because their horns and their wing membranes are made of ice. In warmer temperatures, they melt away. Thus the dragon would be left defenseless in warmer temperatures, with no horns or flight...if not for their unique breath weapon. They can breathe a mist of miniscule, slightly toxic ice crystals, which cover the victim and freeze them. However, the toxin in these crystals makes the victim feel like they are burning to death instead. The wings contain a similar poison.

Icefire Dragons are usually quiet but can muster up a roar when cornered. However, when they sneeze it is amusingly high pitched and almost sounds like a squeaky toy.