Ivory Clan is a group of mischievous characters that make their way to Frost Fall from time to time. 

Ivory Members

A list of Ivory members.

Aniju Aura -  One of the Leaders, her dragon is Smokey(Being changing this soon)

Dante Royal - One of the Leaders, his dragon is Ember(Being changing this soon) 

Slasho Saber - The Archer, her dragon is a Skrill named Toblerone

Jasper JaXX - The Shaman, his dragon is a Whispering Death named Mungallchops

Sid Vicious JaXX - The Fire expert, his dragon is a Monstrous Nightmare named Cinders

Treva Vellmark - The Sealife Expert, her dragon is a Scauldron named Leviathan

Kodiak Flasheart - The Navigator, his dragon are Oceanzaps named Sparky and Splash

Ernesto Swift - The Healer, his dragon is a Skullcrusher named Naggapatzi

Cutthroat - The Black Smith, his dragon is Shriek

Hangnail - Her dragon is Dust Devil

Rafola Yardies - His dragon is Sourpuss and Punker

Cantona Yardies - His dragon is Bugaboo and Gothic


  • Cutthroat originates from HTTYD fandom where as all the other characters were apart of other fandoms or completely orginal.