Jabberwocks are a extremely dangerous race of dragons


Jabberwocks anatomy is very weird when compared to that of another dragons.They have a fish-like head and a mouth filled with sharp teeth and two prominent front teeth resembling those of a rodent.Their body is not very different when compared to those of other dragons.They have a robust and solidly built body with hollow bones and two leathey bat-like wings.It has glowing eyes and its arms have two large finger with claws and an opposed thumb.The Jabberwock's fire is one of the strongest and hottest,and it can destroy a structure like a bridge with a single blow.An adult Jabberwock measures 11 meters long,5.7 m tall and weighs 5 tonns.It has a ravenous appetite and eats everything which it can,no matter if it's a human or even another dragon.Like most dragons,Jabberwocks lead a solitary existence in the deepest of the forest.They are also known for stealing things from unlucky travellers.Jabberwocks will appear in my upcoming fanfiction.