(火事嵐; Literally meaning Firestorm.)


This dragon is rather large, about 2x larger than a Night Fury. It has short silvery spines down its back, in fact, its claws, tail-tip and teeth are a silvery metal. It's also black like the Night Fury, but it has dark, navy blue, tribal tatoo type markings on its back and head.


It makes its home by using its sharp, metal claws to burrow into the sides of mountain peaks. It's extremely swift and intelligent, it's slightly more powerful than a Deadly Nadder and in being so it's a very forimidable foe and very valuable ally. It's a rather hot-headed dragon when in combat, but calms down easily afterwards. Like the name suggests it can use electricity powers as well as fire. The electriciy powers allow it to run electricity around its body, through its veins and can thusly use it as a means of powering up its physical attacks and its fire breath.


Whenever it attacks it does so rather hot-headedly, often uses physical attacks unstrategically, but, if trained properly then it can use these moves very strategically. It also uses explosive fireballs instead of a steady stream, but one gimmick is that its flames are EXTREMELY, FREEZINGLY cold, and, as said above, it often imbues its fireballs with electricity, and, when they explode, do so with a burst of lightning, and can kill, or at a longer range, can permanently paralyze a viking. This dragon's last resort is rather extreme; it charges itself with electricity, launches a fireball in front of itself and runs through it, setting itself ablaze. And, while still running at top speed, spears the enemy, causing great harm to nearly anything in its way.

CyberStorm99 (talk) 02:29, October 14, 2012 (UTC)