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Who is Luna?

Luna is a black Night Fury. Some said she was a striped Night Fury when others said she was a different species of fury and that they should call it the Luna Fury. The eventually decided she WAS a Night Fury.


Luna is a black night fury with glowing stripes on her wings, paws, ears and forehead. They glow pink when she's in love and so do her beautiful blue eyes.


Born in The Hidden World, Luna always dreamed of exploring the planet. She loved to eat fruit, but loves meat. When she discovered of an island outside The Hidden World, Berk, She flew there, only to discover that dragons were killed there. She was forced into the Red Death's army to get food, but luckily she was a good hunter and got extra food by stuffing fish into the bodies of sheep. The Red Death never noticed though and was merely upset that it was "fishy" and tried to kill Luna until she saw her stripes and then thought that she might be too rare to kill. She continued raiding Berk. One day, as she was grabbing a sheep, she saw a boy shoot down a fellow night fury. That boy, was of course, Hiccup. She was furious and burnt down a few houses to vent her madness. Believing her friend Toothless must be dead, she couldn't think straight. She tore heads off, she didn't even deliver any food to The Red Death for days, which made him angry when she returned. He almost ate her, until she shot plasma into his mouth and flew away to Valka's 'hidden world'

(This now takes place in the events of HTTYD 2)

She had heard of a battle going on at Berk, but she still did not forgive them for killing one of the only other night furies left, her best friend. However, news quickly spread that claimed that TOOTHLESS was Alpha! She didn't believe it, though, until she saw him in all his glory when she followed Her new best friend, Silver the Nadder. When the dragons were getting food to celebrate, she greeted him. Thankfully he still remembered her after 5 years! She didn't do it in front of Hiccup though, as she still hated him with all her might... yEah. That was until Toothless forced her to make up with Hiccup and soon she joined Berk with all the rest of the dragons from the sanctuary.