A large, young adult night fury with dark brown scales and deep green eyes. That Barret kid is his rider and partner; the two are like brothers.

Basic Info

The oldest of five by several minutes, Matthias is the second largest of his siblings, measuring at 42 feet (12.8 metres). He was the first of his siblings to learn to fly, and was quite the adventurous mischief-maker as a juvenile. Matthias has retained much of his mischievous nature into his adulthood, but it's limited to those he's close with. He and Barret share a very brotherly relationship, and are extremely protective of one another.

Matthias does not take well to the presence of other dragons, and while he's more tolerant of them when Barret isn't around, he's rather solitary by nature and is prone to becoming defensive if he feels his and/or Barret's safety is in jeopardy.


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Matthias 2019

An up-to-date drawing of Matthias


Size comparison between Matthias and Toothless

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