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New Horizons

Book One in the Ember Series

By Ember Akasie.png

New Characters

Ember Akasie

13 years old and the star of the story and an avid adventurer. She often takes the leading position of the Blue Isle Dragon Riders and is learning how to be a good leader.

Cedar Akasie

Embers brother. He's cautious and loves his sisters Ember and Breeze a lot. He's 4 years younger than Ember.

Breeze Akasie

Ember's younger sister who has Down Syndrome. She is 6 years old and sweet and outgoing but also can be very stubborn. She loves her siblings a lot and doesn't have a dragon yet.

Strøm Skyfjær

Ember's cousin and best friend. She and Ember are the same age. Strøm is very hyper and sometimes struggles with paying attention.

Kaskade Sktfjær

Strøm's older sister and Ember's cousin

Lavendel Orkan

One of Ember's best friends

Hazel Orkan

Lavendel's sister and another of Ember's besties

Amethyst Orkan

Hazel and Lavendel's younger sister

Chief Acer Akasie

Embers dad who leads his family and tribe with care


Ember's beloved Light Fury. Snowflake is 13.


Cedar's Cloudshatter. Stormy is 9.


Strøm's purple Dramillion. Skyflash is 13.


Lavendel's Deadly Nadder


A three year old Light Fury who was born without the bottom of her right, front leg. She now has her own story! Check it out here:

Note (please read this first)

I am working on rotating the images. All views expressed in this story are mine, you do not have to agree with them. I am a Young Earth Creationist and that may come up in the story. Please do not be alarmed but some subjects may include 6000-year-old earth, evolution is false, and the Bible. This story may also include some slight violence and blood, the keyword may. When and if there is blood, it will only be in slight amounts and will not go into detail. Thanks!

Just Want To Put This Out There

This story contains some characters with disabilities. I wrote it like that so that if you are unfamiliar or afraid of people like Breeze and Håber you will understand more of who they are. Breeze was designed after my sister and has Down Syndrome. Håber was born without her right front leg. If you would like to suggest an edit please comment.

Chapter 1. Discoveries

A young, brown haired girl and her Light Fury raced through the sky. A smaller dragon, a Cloudshatter, followed close behind. “Ember!” the Cloudshatter’s rider yelled, “Wait for me!”

“Cedar, time isn’t gonna stop, hurry up!” Ember yells back.

“Why do I always come, why can’t you take Breeze?” Cedar asked, who had finally caught up to Ember.

“Because she doesn’t have a dragon yet.” answered Ember bluntly.

“I think I’m gonna head back home, I’m tired and didn’t sleep well last night.” Cedar said firmly.

“Okay, you can go but, if I find a new dragon I’m naming it,” replied Ember.

As Cedar turned back to go to Blue Isle, Ember sped ahead. Her Light Fury, Snowflake, loved adventuring as much as Ember did. So far, they had discovered three new islands in the last year and didn’t want to stop there. She and Snowflake were going to find 7 new islands this year. Ember had started tracking this since July last year. It was now mid-August. Ember unlike her name might suggest, she didn’t like red or orange that much. In fact, she loved lavender, so much she even wore it. Her favorite dress was a lavender dress with an off-center tulip hem. She had a golden lacelike belt and there she kept a small knife and it’s sheath and a small pouch in which she kept a short pencil, an eraser, and an assortment of other items ranging from dirt to fossils and dried up leaves. Snowflake’s saddle had a hidden pocket under the seat. The contents of that pocket weren’t that much different than that of the pocket except that they had a fat journal and another knife (that one Cedar had snuck in there earlier because, in his words, “Her little knife wouldn’t do much if a wolf attacked”. Now, Cedar had never seen a wolf but had read a lot about them and didn’t want Ember to get attacked when he wasn’t there. About an hour later Snowflake and Ember saw an island. “Snowflake, let's land here,” Ember said excitedly, “I think we may have just found a new island. When they landed they were greeted by lush grass and shaded woods. “This place is beautiful.” Ember gasped. Snowflake purred her agreement. Ember reached into her saddle and pulled out her journal. She got her pencil out and first drew a map of the island. Next, she illustrated what she saw. Suddenly, a group of dragons flew over, circled, and landed. Ember quickly picked her journal up. The apparent leader had a Night Fury.  

“Who are you,” he asked. 

"I’m Ember,” Ember responded. 

"Are you a dragon hunter,” one of the girls behind the leader asked suspiciously.

“No,” Ember quickly replied, “Do I look like a dragon hunter?”

“Astrid, calm down,” the leader said, “No you don’t, we’ve just had lots of dragon hunter attacks lately and we can never be too sure. I’m sorry for the rough way we responded at first. My name is Hiccup.”

“Hi” Ember replied meekly.

“Your dragon is pretty cool. What breed” Hiccup asked.

"She’s a Light Fury, her name is Snowflake” Ember answered politely.

"Wow, I thought that Toothless was the last in the Fury kind,” Hiccup said kindly.

The dragon called Toothless walked up to Snowflake and immediately they became best friends. Soon, the two Furies were in a fierce game of chase.

“Why does Toothless have a red tail fin,” Ember asked.

“A couple of years ago I shot him down, accidentally making it impossible for him to fly on his own,” Hiccup answered.

The other riders had flown off. 

“We should probably get to the base,” Hiccup said. 

Chapter 2: Dragons Edge

“This is our base, Dragons Edge” Hiccup proclaimed, “We found it a couple of months back and it has been our home ever since.”

“Wow,” Ember said, “It’s… amazing”

A small hut with dark purple and red designs on it was built into the side of the island.

“That is my hut,” Hiccup told Ember as he pointed to the building, “Toothless has found a perch on the top that he can get onto without my help.”

Ember then realized that the rocky face of the seaside cliff was covered with houses similar to Hiccup’s. All of them had pathways or ziplines connecting them. One near the top had green zig-zags and dark blue dots covering it. At the top, there were models of different dragons and a canvas roof.

“What’s that?” Ember asked.

“That is the clubhouse,” Hiccup explained, “We discuss important things or sometimes pointless problems there. It has been set on fire multiple times but, we’ve fixed it.” 

They flew over to a landing area that was connected to a stable where the rest of the riders were waiting for Hiccup. 

“This is Astrid,” Hiccup said motioning to the girl on the Deadly Nadder.

Astrid smiled.

“Hey Ember,” Astrid started, as she turned a slight shade of pink, “Uh… I’m sorry I got upset at you earlier. We’ve had a lot of dragon hunter attacks and strange intruders that helped them. I was overreacting,” she squeaked, “Could you… um… forg-give me?”

“Yep!” Ember smiled brightly.

“Those are the twins, Ruffnut and Tuffnut,” he said to Ember about the boy and girl on the Hideous Zippleback. They were arguing about something earlier but, now were laughing as the boy put his helmet on a large chicken.

“That is Snotlout, he has a Monstrous Nightmare named Hookfang. There’s another rider but, he’s off trying to find a new dragon that he read about.” Hiccup explained as Hookfang lit himself on fire. Snotlout shrieked and jumped off while Hiccup continued, “How did you get here?”

“A dragon” Ember said, even though she thought that was a ridiculous question seeing as she was riding a dragon. Suddenly, Hiccup started laughing.

“I guess I should have said that differently.” Hiccup said with a hint of a laugh threatening to come out, “I meant, this island is in the middle of nowhere, how did you find it?”

“My island is an hour flight that way,” Ember said, pointing to the west, “It’s not far and there are several islands between here and there. One is Amber Island where the Amber Song lives.”

“The Amber Song?” Hiccup asked, confused.

“You know, the dragon who is on the island just a little to the south and west that has the huge dragon with colorful wings that spits amber at you?” Ember explained.

“Oh, the Deathsong!” Hiccup exclaimed, “We call it the Deathsong!”

“That’s an interesting name! Why did you call it that?” Ember asked.

“Well, from my memory Tuff actually named it Deathsong and, well, it stuck!” Hiccup said with a slight laugh. 

Ember then realized that the sun was setting. 

“I’m really sorry,” Ember said, “I have to go. The sun is setting and my parents don’t like me gone after dark.”

“That’s ok,” Hiccup said kindly, “You can come by anytime you like!”

Then she thanked them, mounted Snowflake, and flew off toward home.

Chapter 3: At Home

The next day, after she told Cedar about what she found she was helping her mom make bread. Her little sister, Breeze, wanted to help.  

“Hi Breeze,” Ember greeted her little sister, “do you want to help?”

Breeze nodded her head. Ember found a stool and helped Breeze make the dough and then knead it. 

“I like bread” Breeze stated. Breeze didn’t say much but, when she did it became quite obvious what she liked and didn’t like.

“Breeze, you can’t help with the next part,” Ember told her sister, “but, you can help with the eating of the bread”

“Ok, yeah I like that,” Breeze said. It sounded more like “Ok, yea I lie tat”. Breeze has Downs Syndrome and couldn’t always speak clearly. (note: now that you know how she speaks, I will be writing how she speaks now)

Later, when the bread was done Ember called Breeze over.

"Ember, where did you go yesterday," her mom asked, "you were gone for awhile."

"Oh," Ember started, "I found an island, it's called Dragons Edge."

"Did you name it that?"

"No the people there," Ember answered, "I think they are Berkians"

"Oh, did you get their names?"

"Yeah, the leader's name is Hiccup"

"Oh, he is the chief of Berk's son," her mom answered, "He has a Night Fury"

"Yep, he and Snowflake get along really well"

"The island is really pretty"

"Oh really?"

"Yeah, and beautiful beaches," Ember answered.

"Did you know that the Chief of Berk and your father are good friends," Ember's mom asked. Ember was the daughter and oldest child of Chief Acer of the Evergreen tribe.

"No, I didn't know that," Ember replied, "That's cool though."

By this time, Ember and her mom had cleaned up the kitchen and started on their way outside where Cedar and Breeze were playing with Stormy.

"Emba," Breeze said, "I want a dwagon"

"You can have one when you turn 8," Ember told Breeze who was 6.

"Why ca't I now," Breeze asked, seriously.

"Because you're 6" Ember responded.

"Well, I sill wan one," Breeze said sadly.

"You'll get one soon," Ember told Breeze.

In the Evergreen tribe, they believe that it is of the utmost importance when they turn 8. At 8 they can choose a dragon to name it and then learn how to ride. By 10, they have a strong bond that can't be broken, and then they are able to explore the surrounding islands. When they turn 13, the dragon rider pair will get to either customize or make their saddle. Ember decided to customize hers.

Chapter 4: Help and a Tour

Later, after Ember had cleaned up the kitchen and went outside a blue Terrible Terror flew toward her. The Terrible Terror had something tied to its leg. Ember caught it and took the thing off. She saw that it was a note. She opened it and read:

Dear Ember,

I just realized that you are Chief Acer's daughter. I'm sorry you had to go so soon but,

because you left so soon I didn't get to tell you that I am from Berk and, like you,

the chief's child. If you ever need any help, feel free to terror mail me (that's how I sent you the letter).


She took the note and put it in her room. A few weeks later, a small ship was spotted on the horizon. The whole island was busily preparing for the arrival. Visitors were rare for the Blue Isle and when there were the Evergreen tribe was busy as a hive of bees. all the sudden they realized that this was not a friendly ship. It was the Dragon Hunters. Ember remembered the note she had gotten from Hiccup and sent a terror mail to him and his riders. Soon, the riders were there. 15 whole minutes before the Dragon Hunters. Immediately, the riders sprung into action. When they had defeated the hunters, Ember showed them around the island. When they got to her house, the riders where astounded. A small rock path led to some wooden steps that ended at a small house built into the side of a mountain. The house was brightly painted with blues, greens, purples, and oranges. Around the house was a log fence and a large wolf-like dog behind it. The dog gave a short bark and wagged it's tail. There was a large garden overflowing with large fruit and vines. The garden had a rock wall around it. The grass around the house and the garden was a bright shade of green.

Embers House.jpeg
"Wow," the dragon rider named Fishlegs said, "how did you get this grass so green?"

"We use a fertilizer made of manure and kitchen scraps," Ember replied, "then we put it in a box with worms. About a month later we have really good soil. Would you like some?"

"Yes," Fishlegs answered excitedly, "I have a garden and need more soil. Thanks!"

"Who's the dog," Astrid asked.

"That's Tundra," Ember replied, "there's another, Alpine, but, she's inside."

"What type of dog are they," Hiccup asked.

"They're a husky-wolf hybrid," Ember answered.

"How did you get them," Fishlegs asked.

"There is a family that raises huskies," Ember explained, "One of their huskies escaped and mated with a wolf. The husky was found and later gave birth to wolf-huskies. I got two of them."

"Humph, like that's possible," said Snotlout, proudly.

"My dogs are the proof," Ember quickly retorted, "and there are five others."

After finishing the tour, the Dragon Riders left, promising they would return.

Chapter 5: Cousins

Ember flew over to her cousin, Strøm's, house.

"Hey Strøm," Ember yelled.

"Hi," Strøm yelled back, excited to see her cousin. Strøm and Ember were best friends and even had a secret cave and island to be their hideout. Strøm's older sister, Kaskade, was a bit more careful then her sister and didn't know where the hideout was.

"Do you wanna go over to you-know-where," Ember asked.

"Oh yeah," Strøm replied. She quickly mounted her Dramillion, Skyflash, and darted off with Ember. They flew to their hideout island. On the island there was a small mountain, a stream, a garden, and a cave. In the cave, there was a large rock platform for Skyflash and Snowflake could sleep. There was a large bear skin rug and a bed for Strøm. Ember slept on a blanket nest hung on a circular piece of wood. There was also a fireplace and mantle where they could cook. In the garden, there was an abundant amount of fruits and vegetables. Ember and Strøm landed and got settled once again. They stayed for 2 days and not a lot happened. When they got back Ember’s father walked around the corner arguing with another of the men from the tribe.

“NO,” Ember’s dad yelled, “It is NOT  right for us to take away freedoms.”

Blue Isle Map.jpeg
Ember and Strøm's Hideout Map.jpeg
“Well then,” the man retorted, “we might just let the kids ride free and get trapped by the hunters!”

“So, we train them how to deal with the hunters,” Ember’s dad said.

Ember and Strøm looked at each other. This wasn’t normal. Usually, Chief Acer was a peaceful man but something happened and this man had hit the Zippleback gas.

“I’ve never seen Uncle Acer like this,” Strøm told Ember.

“I know,” Ember responded, “but, I think we’re gonna hear more of this soon.”

“I don’t want my children to learn how to fight,” the man said.

“Why,” Chief Acer asked, with a much kinder tone. “I don’t want them to get hurt,” the man responded, also getting calmer.

“You teach them how to argue,” the chief reasoned, “that alone could hurt them worse.”

“I know that,” the man said, “but, I don’t want them to be seen as a weak Christian.” 

“So, you teach them the Bible, help them memorize it,” Chief Acer replied, “remember that it’s your duty to teach them, so if you don’t want them at war then, don’t teach them that.”

“But, what if they feel left out,” the man asked.

“Then we will stop it, and no one will learn how to fight anymore,” the chief answered, “and anyway, I was only going to teach the adults. Not anyone under 17. I now see that I heard you wrong and started a useless argument. I’m sorry for doing that.”

“I guess you’re right, and I forgive you,” the man said, humbly, “and the kids and their dragons are more agile.”

“Yep,” the chief said, “and they are also smart, if they get caught, they’ll find a way out.”

“Yep,” the chief said, “and they are also smart, if they get caught, they’ll find a way out.”

Ember and Strøm walked away wondering what would happen.

Chapter 6: Håber

Ember and Strøm rushed to their dragons and took off. 

“So,” Ember said.

“So…,” Strøm asked.

“Where should we go today,” Ember asked.

“To Lavendel’s house, she really wants to come on a scouting mission,” Strøm responded, “we should go pick her up.”

Lavendel was one of Strøm and Ember’s best friends. She was 13 like them and had brown hair like Ember, except Ember’s was a little lighter. She loved adventure as much as the other two girls. Soon, Ember and Strøm arrived at her house.

“Hey Lavendel,” Ember yelled, “we’re goin’ to check out the nearby islands. Wanna come?”

“Of course,” Lavendel yelled back as she ran to her Deadly Nadder, Berry.

Later the girls were talking,

“Y’all wouldn’t believe what I found last week,” Ember said excitedly.

“What,” Lavendel and Strøm said almost at the same time.

“I found dragon riders,” Ember stated.

“Really,” Strøm asked in disbelief.

“Yeah, they’re the one who helped us with the dragon hunters,” Ember said.

“Wow I thought we were the only riders around here,” Lavendel said.

“I did too,” Strøm added.

“Well, now we’re not,” Ember said, “hey, I’ve never seen this island before, should we go take a look?”

“Of course,” Strøm said.

“Absolutely,” Lavendel said.

They flew down and started exploring. Suddenly they heard a thunking sound. A small Light Fury came out. 

“Somethings not right with it,” Ember said. She noticed that the Light Fury wasn’t walking quite right. Then, she saw that it’s right, front leg was much smaller than the other one and looked twisted. There was also a large net wrapped around the small Light Fury’s wings and tail. Connected to the net was a large stick, that when every time the little Fury moved produced the thunking sound. Ember quickly bonded with it.

“Aww, poor thing,” Ember cooed, “Its leg is so small.” Ember took her knife and cut the net off.

“So,” Ember asked, “what should we do about her.”

“Her leg is kinda creepy,” Strøm said.

“So,” Ember asked.

“I don’t think we should help her,” Strøm responded.

“Well, to me she is perfect and beautiful,” Ember said, turning to the tiny Light Fury, “That’s why I’m naming her Håber, or Hope, because I see a lot in her.”

Håber and Snowflake were already playing like they had known each other for their whole life. Strøm thought that Ember was crazy for wanting to help Håber but she went with Ember’s plan. Håber could fly perfectly and in some ways could fly better than Snowflake.

“I think Håber is about three years old,” Ember stated, “which means her mom should be nearby.”

The three girls started looking for Håber’s mom but she was nowhere to be found.

“I wonder if the net that was on Håber was from the Dragon Hunters,” Lavendel wondered, “poor Håber, what if they got Håber’s mom? We have to go out there and see if we can find Håber’s mom.”

“If they did catch her,” Ember told Lavendel sadly, “they probably killed her, Håber was able to get away though but, just in case I’ll let the Dragon Riders know so they can check for her.”

“You know what,” Strøm said, suddenly.

“What,” Lavendel and Ember asked.

“I’m actually beginning to like her,” Strøm told Ember and Lavendel, “she’s really cute and the name you gave her, Ember, is really who she is.”

“Thanks Strøm,” Ember said, glad to see that her friend liked Håber, “I think I’m going to Terror-Mail Hiccup and see if he and the others can come out. Maybe, he could help Håber.”

Ember quickly Terror-Mailed Hiccup and then they set off for Blue Isle with Håber.

Chapter 7: Solutions

When the girls landed, Kaskade, Hazel and Amethyst were waiting for them.

“Lavendel,” Hazel called to her sister, “where have you been all day?”

“Saving a dragon,” Lavendel responded.

“Really! What type of dragon,” Amethyst, Lavendel's other sister, asked excitedly.

“We rescued a baby Light Fury from a net,” Ember told Amethyst, “would you like to meet Håber?”

“Yeah,” Amethyst said. She really wanted to meet this new dragon.

Håber came over to Amethyst and sniffed her hand.

“Aww, she’s adorable,” Amethyst told Ember, “why does her leg look funny.”

“She was probably born like that,” Ember told Amethyst, “but she acts like she doesn’t even care about it.”

“She’s really cute,” said Kaskade, who’d just come over with Strøm. Strøm had just told a very dramaticized version of the whole story, explaining how they had found the little Fury and rescued her. Just then the Dragon Riders came. Hiccup and two other riders came over to where the group of girls stood. “Aww,” Astrid said at the sight of Håber, “who’s this?” “This is Håber,” Ember explained, “we were hoping that you could help us.”

“How can we help,” Hiccup asked.

“Well, in two ways,” Ember started, “the first is that we need to find Håber’s mom and second is we should probably help Håber because of her leg.”

Fishlegs was already examining the tiny Light Fury. 

“She’s so little,” Fishlegs said, “she should be with her mom.”

“She should but, we couldn’t find her mom anywhere on or near the island that we found her on. I think she’s three,” Ember told them, “normally Furies stay with their moms until they’re five-ish and then stay close-by until they’re ten. Håber was trapped in a net when we found her.”

“Well there's two ways I can help her,” Hiccup said, “Ember and I could make a splint for her left leg to help her limp or we could make a prosthetic so she could walk normally.”

“I’m gonna go with a prosthetic,” Ember said, “while I think she’s kinda cute with her limp, I want her to be free and be able to run like Snowflake.”

“I agree with Ember,” Strøm said, “while she’s cute with a limp, it’s probably better for her to be able to walk normally.”

“I agree with them as well,” Amethyst said, “she’s so cute and I want her to be happy.”

“Well then, Ember would you like to get started,” Hiccup asked.

“YES,” Ember almost yelled. All the girls and riders followed Hiccup and Ember to Embers house. 

“I’m going to go run-up to my loft and get all my supplies,” Ember said, “Strøm and Amethyst, could you come help?” Soon, the three girls came back with a large strip of leather, a couple of knives, a board of wood, and an axe. After they set out all supplies Hiccup started directing how they were going to get the project done. After they set out all supplies Hiccup started directing how they were going to get the project done.

“First, we’re going to draw out a design on how we want to make it,” Hiccup instructed. Ember grabbed a pencil and a piece of paper and drew out a design.

“Nice, that’s a really good design,” Hiccup said, “now call Håber over so that we can make a prototype.”

Ember called Håber over and, with the help of Amethyst and Kaskade, traced Håber’s leg out on some paper. Then Håber ran off.  Ember and Hiccup then cut a small log into the shape needed for the prosthetic. Then they attached two ribbons to act as straps. 

“Håber,” Ember called, “come here.” Håber galloped over as fast as her three legs would carry her. Ember, with Hiccup’s instruction, attached the prototype to Håber’s leg. Håber lifted her leg up and sniffed it. She then tested it and tried to walk. She tripped a few times then was walking pretty well.

“Ok Ember,” Hiccup said, “now you can call her back.”

“Ok,” Ember said, “Håber!" Håber rushed over again but, this time slower and with less of a limp. Ember took it off of Håber and she ran back to play with Snowflake.

“What are we going to do now,” Ember asked.

“Now we are going to make the real thing,” Hiccup said, with a glint of excitement in his eye.

“YES,” Amethyst yelled, “finally!”

“Well SOMEones excited,” Lavendel said.

“So, I saw that when Håber was running, there was some impact when she landed so we’re going to add a spring to take that impact,” Hiccup explained. Ember then realized that half of their parents were sitting on the stairs watching and taking notes.

“Parents can be so weird,” Ember whispered to Hazel. 

“Ok, Ember cut here on the leather,” Hiccup told Ember as he motioned out a section with his hand. Ember picked up her favorite knife and carefully cut out the section and pulled the leather away. Then, with Hiccup’s instruction, cut a small amount of a log off then, cut that piece in half. They slowly sanded down the two pieces. Then, they cut a small section out of the smaller piece and inserted a large, sturdy spring and connected two pieces. Then, put some leather around the whole thing and then secured it. 

“Ok,” Hiccup said, “we’re almost done. Now we’re going to add the strap so that it stays on. Call Håber over.”

“Håber,” Ember called. This time Håber flew over.

“Now see how it fits and then we’ll add the strap,” Hiccup instructed. It fit almost perfectly. Ember trimmed off the extra leather. Hiccup had fashioned a buckle out of an old metal spoon. He heated up the spoon and melted it then, he poured the molten metal into a premade form. After the metal had almost set he poured cold water over the buckle. Then, he connected a leather strap he had cut earlier to the buckle. He then took the prosthetic and connected the strap. 

“Ok Ember,” Hiccup said, “I believe we are done. Håber!” Håber came over much more slowly than before. Clearly, she was tired of running back and forth and was no longer interested in what they were doing.  This time though, she knew the drill. You put your leg up, someone puts something on it and then you can walk differently. This one though was quite a bit more comfortable. Håber walked off like nothing had ever happened and she had always had four complete legs.

“She’s so happy,” Strøm squealed.

Chapter 8: Annoyed with Håber

“Håber,” Ember yelled across the yard, “come here!” 

“Emba,” Breeze told her sister, “Habas bein’ bad.”

“Yes, she is,” Ember said, “this is the third time this week she’s taken her leg off.” Earlier in the week, Hiccup helped Ember build a prosthetic leg for a little Light Fury named Håber, Ember and Håber had grown quite close ever since Ember rescued her. Snowflake walked over to Håber and herded her back to Ember. Ember quickly found the leg and put it back on Håber.

“Håber,” Ember scolded, “you have got to stop taking this off. There are teeth marks all over it now. I’m going to ask Hiccup what to do with you.”

Ember went inside and wrote a letter to Hiccup:

Dear Hiccup,

            Håber is being bad. She keeps taking her leg off. What’s going on??? Now the leg has chew marks all over it. Please help.

                   Thanks, Ember Akasie

She rolled the letter up and found a Terrible Terror and sent the note one it’s way. About two hours later Ember received a note from Hiccup. It read:

Dear Ember,

     Remember that this is a brand new thing for Håber. It may feel weird for her to have something that supports her weight. You might want to train her to wear it. Find a food she loves and then, using the food, slowly train her to wear it longer. Toothless wouldn’t even let me touch him when we first met and eventually he accepted his new tail fin. I hope this helps.

              Hiccup Haddock III

“Hmm,” Ember said, “maybe I should try that.”

“Hey Em,” Cedar yelled from the balcony, “Håber is inside and trying to eat our lunch. Can you come get her?”

“Ok,” Ember laughed. She walked toward the house with the note in her hand. When she got inside there was Håber, eating a small slice of bread. 

“Ember, please come get Håber,” Ember’s mom, Aspen asked, “you can take her to your room but, please take her out of the kitchen.”

“Håber,” Ember called. Håber’s ears perked up. She slowly got up like something was wrong. Then, Ember saw that Håber had taken the leg off. Again. 

“Håber,” Ember said calmly, “please come here.”

Håber slowly walked over with her head hanging low.

“Oh, Håber,” Ember softly said, “you don’t have to feel bad. Come here, please.” Ember picked Håber up and took her up to her room.

“Stay here,” Ember told Håber. Ember ran downstairs got the leg and some slices of bread. While she walked up Cedar walked up behind her.

“Em,” Cedar asked, “what exactly are you doing?”

“Training Håber,” Ember said shortly.

“How,” Cedar begged.

“I’m just training her,” Ember said as she ran up the stairs. When she got up there she called Håber over and put the wooden leg on her then, Ember got up on her bed to see how long she’d keep it on. Håber kept it on for two minutes then, simply pulled it off with a few tugs.

“Håber,” Ember called, “come here.” Håber came over and let Ember put the leg back on. This time when Håber was about to take it off Ember distracted her with a piece of bread. Now, Håber kept it on for six minutes. Ember put it back on and gave Håber more bread. Every time Håber almost took the leg off Ember gave her more bread. Slowly, Ember and Håber worked up to an hour and a half.

“Good job Håber,” Ember encoraged the little Fury. Håber looked very proud of herself and pranced about the room. Then, she sat down and took the wooden leg off.

“Håber,” Ember whined, “we just made it to an hour and a half.”

Håber whined and made puppy eyes.

“Oh, Håber,” Ember quickly apologized, “I’m sorry, it’s just that we just made it and hour and you took it off. Again.”

Håber purred and walked over to Ember with the wooden leg in her mouth.

“Ok Håber,” Ember told the little Fury, “let’s try this one more time.”  Ember attached the leg, took Håber and then let her go play outside. This time Håber left it one for three whole hours.

“Finally,” Ember cheered, “you kept it on for a while. Good job Håber!”

“Hey Lavendel and Hazel,” Ember said as she walked over to meet her friends, “How are you?”

“We’re good,” Hazel said, “Amethyst wanted to come see Håber so, we decided to come over and hang out for a bit.”

“Well Håber sure is happy to see Amethyst,” Ember laughed as she watched Håber and Amethyst roll around in the grass.

“Hey, have you seen Kaskade or Strøm lately,” Lavendel asked.

“No, I haven’t,” Ember said, “should we go over and see if they’re okay?”

“Sure,” Hazel said.

“Hey Amethyst,” Lavendel called, “we’re going to see Kaskade and Strøm. Are you ok staying here?”

“As long as I get to stay with Håber, yes I am,” Amethyst responded.

“Ok,” Hazel said.

The three girls walked over to Strøm and Kaskade’s house. Their home was similar to Ember’s, except that theirs was built into a hill instead of a mountainside. When they got there Strøm was sitting outside with Skyflash, drawing in her notebook. Strøm looked up and saw them.

“Hey,” Strøm said, “how are you?”

“Good, how have you been,” Hazel asked.

“We haven’t seen you in two days,” Ember asked, “where have you been?”

“Oh, I sorry, I’ve been drawing a lot these last few days,” Strøm said.

“What have you been drawing,” Lavendel asked.

“Mostly Skyflash,” Strøm responded, “but there has been the occasional certain baby Light Fury.”

“Oh,” Ember said, “I see where you’re going.”

“Where am I going,” Strøm asked.

“To say that you love Håber,” Ember said, “When we first met her you didn’t like her at all and now you LOVE her.” 

“Well, yeah you’re right, I do,” Strøm smiled. She picked up all her supplies and got up.

“So should we go take her to surrounding islands,” Strøm asked.

“Well, we could,” Ember replied, “but, in some ways, she is a much better flier than any of our dragons. She is also hyper today and we might lose her. Maybe we should tire her out today?”

“Ok,” Lavendel excitedly said.

“I agree with Lavendel,” Hazel said.

“Sure,” Strøm said. 

The four girls all walked to Ember’s house where Amethyst was playing with Håber. They were rolling on the grass. Amethyst was giggling and Håber was laying on top of Amethyst, who was now on her stomach. As Ember walked over to Håber, she saw that Håber still had her prosthetic on.

“Good job Håber,” Ember loudly congratulated.  

Chapter 9: Competition

When all of her friends had gone home, Ember was tired. 

“Håber,” Ember called, “come here, it’s time to go in.” Håber ran over and ran up the stairs to the house. When Ember got up there Håber was patiently sitting by the door. When Ember reached for the handle Håber jumped up and turned around multiple times. They walked in and saw that somehow the entire kitchen became a white mess while they were gone.

“Cedar,” Ember called, “what happened?”

“Uhh,” Cedar yelled from upstairs, “we had a dispute with the bag of flour.” Cedar and Breeze thundered down the stairs to talk with Ember.

“How does one have a dispute with a bag of flour,” Ember asked.

“Well,” Cedar started, “I couldn’t get the bag open. SOMEone tied the rope too tight. But, anyway Breeze tried to help me and she couldn’t get it open so I found a knife and cut the rope off. I walked away to put the knife away and then Breeze threw flour at me. I threw some back at her and well… we made a mess. The bag burned up because somehow it fell into the fire.”

“It fell in the fire,” Ember asked, “how does it just ‘fall’ into the fire?”

“Breeze threw it,” Cedar quickly said.

“Breezy,” Ember asked her sister, “why did you throw the flour bag in the fire?”

“Well, I wated to see wha wood ha-pen,” Breeze said.

“Just ask Cedar what would happen,” Ember said, trying to conceal laughter, “he’s burnt up tons of stuff.”

Ember walked over to Snowflake, who had been in the house for a while, and stroked her.

“Snowflake,” she whispered to her dragon, “siblings can be so confusing sometimes.” Snowflake looked at Ember with her big blue eyes and purred. Ember smiled, she knew that Snowflake heard and understood everything she said and was willing to listen. Ember looked out the window. The sun was in the ¾ across the sky. 

“How is there still light outside,” Ember wondered out loud.

“Em, it’s only about 2:30,” Cedar said.

“What,” Ember squeaked.



“Hey, when are you going to go over to Wyndy’s. You haven’t been over there in a while.” 

“That’s a good idea.” 

Wyndy was one of the village girls and was a very good friend of Ember. Wyndy lived across the footpath and three houses over. Wyndy was an artist like Ember was and they often would invite Strøm over and spend hours in the depths of brightly colored paints. Ember got her pencils and notebook together and headed over to Wyndy’s home. When she got there Wyndy was doing something with her twin sister Willow and one of the other girls from the village, Stormi.

“Hey Wyndy and Willow,” Ember called. Immediately their heads popped up.

“Hey Ember,” Wyndy called as she walked over to Ember, “come see what we’re doing.”

“Ok,” Ember said, excitedly. She walked over to what they were working on. What she saw surprised her. They had a huge slab of wood with the word “Inspire” written in beautiful handwriting with a picture of  Håber underneath. 

“It’s… beautiful,” Ember gasped, “what are you going to do with it?”

“Wyndy had the idea of putting it out in the marketplace so that everyone can see it,” Stromi said.

“Wyndy,” Ember exclaimed, “that's a great idea! What if we have all the kids copy that idea but, they have to use a different word and dragon and then we will display all of the art below yours!”

“I really like that idea,” Willow said. Willow was often the quieter of the two but was very friendly. Wyndy and Stormi agreed. 

“Let's make something to pass out to let people know what's going on,” Stormi suggested.

“Great idea,” Ember agreed and got her notebook out and gave each of the girls some paper then distributed her pencils.

“What should we write on them,” Ember asked.

“How about ‘Please write a word and put a dragon beneath it,’” Stormi suggested.

“Really,” Wyndy said, “I was thinking more along the lines of ‘Please draw a dragon on a slab of wood then write your favorite inspirational word or quote then, turn it in to the Ørn family.’”

“I like that,” Ember said. They all got busy writing and soon had lots of papers to hand out. 

“How are we going to hand these out,” Willow asked.

“Let’s see,” Ember said, “there are four of us so, how about I’ll had these out with Wyndy and Stormi will hand them out with Willow. Do you like that?”

“Yeah,” They all agreed.

“Good,” Ember said happily.

When they all got started Stormi dropped her papers. At that moment a gust of wind came and made them fly.

“Oh-no,” Stormi yelled as she ran after them. She caught one but the others all flew away.

“I’m sorry Ember,” Stormi said in a sad tone.

“It’s ok Storm,” Ember said. Storm was a nickname for Stormi that the girls had given her. Suddenly tons of little kids started running after them, catching them, and bringing them back home.

“Hey Storm,” Wyndy said, “I think you just invented a new way of getting the word out about things.”

“I think you’re right Wyndy. I’m gonna call them ‘flyers’, is that a good name,” Stormi asked.

Soon enough they had a lot of the “flyers” out. Kaskade and Lavendel walked over.

“Hey, Ember, Wyndy, Willow, and Stormi,” Kaskade said, “what are you doing?”

“Hey Kassie,” Ember responded, “We’re working on a competition.”

“Oh really,” Kaskade said, “What for?”



“Håber’s painting.”

“Håber’s painting?”


“Why is Håber painting?”

“She’s not. Willow, Stormi, and Wyndy were though.”

“Oh, ok well, tons of little kids are in the streets painting and I was assuming you four had started it.”

“Well, you got that right.” Ember smiled at her friends and they all smiled back. Suddenly, the four girls broke into loud, high-pitched laughter.

“What on earth is going on here,” Kaskade asked, completely confused. Ember doubled over and was gasping for breath between giggles.

“I… have no… idea at… all,” was all that Ember could get out of her mouth.

Kaskade looked at her with a funny look in her eye, “Well, while I think this is a good idea, the road might not. It looks like a colorful storm came through.”

“Whoops,” Stormi giggled trying to keep a straight face. All of the girls were laughing and Kaskade was standing in front of them looking completely confused. 

“Ok,” Kaskade said, “I can see that this is going nowhere.” She walked away and was doing her best to conceal a laugh. Soon little kids from all over the village came over to Willow and Wyndy’s house. All of them had a piece of wood or a strip of leather. One of the first to reach them was a little girl.

“Hi,” Wyndy said.

“Hello,” the little girl said, shyly, “I have a picture for the competition.”

“Well,” Wyndy happily said, “You have come to the right place!” The girl smiled.

“What’s your name,” Wyndy asked.

“My name is Harper,” Harper said.

“Ok, what does your picture look like,” Wyndy asked. Harper unrolled the leather roll she had with her. When the girl saw what Harper had drawn they were amazed. In the middle stood a young blue and purple Deadly Nadder. Around the Nadder there was a circle with the words “Be Thou my Vision” in a swirly script. Ember gasped. Harper was probably around seven or eight years old and the picture was drawn near perfectly to what a real Nadder looked like. Ember looked at Stormi, who looked at Wyndy, who looked at Willow. They all looked back at Ember and smiled. Ember smiled back, this was a good sign. It meant that they all agreed that this one would most likely win first place.

“Thank you, Harper,” Wyndy said as Harper gave her the picture. As Harper walked away another of the kids walked up. This time, it was a boy, around the age of ten, walked up with a round of wood that still had bark on it.

“Hello,” he said.

“Hi,” Willow said this time, “What’s your name?”

“My name is Sakarja,” Sakarja answered proudly, “I heard there was a competition and I wanted to take part in it.”

“That’s true,” Stormi said excitedly. Sakarja took the piece of wood and turned it around. The wood had a Gronkle with a sign in its mouth burnt into the wood. The sign said “Liberty” in neat handwriting The girls were surprised.

“How did you burn a picture into wood,” Ember asked.

“I heated up a stick of metal and then drew the Gronkle into it,” he responded as if that were normal. 

“I would never have thought of that,” Stormi said in awe.

“Well, Ember probably knows my dad, Sannhet, he taught me how to do wood burning. Ever since he taught me I’ve been working on my skill, when I heard you were having an art competition I decided I might as well enter,” Sakarja said. He left the picture with the girls and walked off. Soon, they had a huge pile to look through.

“How are we ever going to get through all these,” Stormi whined, holding a picture done by a girl named Alpine. Alpine, Alli for short, was 5 years old and a very good artist for her age. Timber had done a picture of a Light Fury and written: “Joy Comes In The Morning” in a wobbly hand. 

“I think that is so cute,” Willow said. She had been sitting behind Stormi and going through a large pile of wooden pictures. She turned around to see what Stormi was looking at because she had stopped moving.

“Well, we could have our parents come out and help us,” Wyndy said, answering Stormi’s question, “Then they could give their opinion.”

“That’s a good idea Wynd,” Ember said, “I’m going to go get Cedar and my dad.”

“That’s great,” Stormi said, “I’m going to get my dad and Ylva.” Ylva was Stormi’s older sister, and while she and Stormi didn’t always agree they always found time to laugh with each other. Wyndy got up to get her parents while Willow sorted the art into four piles, one for each family, and started sorting her family’s pile into four smaller piles. When she was finally satisfied all the other girls and their families were back. She looked up and grinned. Willow loved to organize so, if you leave a pile out with her around, you will come back to it neatly put into smaller piles.

“Ok,” Cedar boasted, “What can I do here?”

“Well,” Willow giggled, “You can choose a pile.”

“Hmph,” Cedar grunted, trying to act tough, “This should do.” He was trying to lift a pile of leather paintings that was at least the weight of two sheep.

“Cedar,” Ember scolded, trying not to laugh, “Don’t get yourself hurt.”

“I won’t,” Cedar said, it was hard to hear though and you could barely hear him above his struggle with the stack. Ember’s dad, Chief Acer, walked over to help Cedar with the stack.

“Thanks, Dad,” Cedar said, he was not only out of breath but embarrassed that he had to be helped. And in front of the girls! Stormi had been watching him and was now giggling this only furthered Cedar’s embarrassment. His face was turning a bright shade of red and it looked as though it were about to explode. Ember trotted over to Cedar and walked him over to where their dad had put their pile.

“Thank you Em,” Cedar said, his voice was beginning to shake and the color in his face returned to a pinker normal. They started to sort their pile into smaller piles. Some were painted and some were drawn on with charcoal, a few had the picture drawn on with a hot piece of metal to burn on the picture. One of Ember’s favorites was done by a girl named Furu. Furu had drawn a Light Fury with a Zippleback with the words “Peace, Be Still” underneath all with charcoal. The dragons even had scales on them! Ember put that one in the pile of the pictures that they thought should win. Mist, Wyndy’s Tideripper, came up behind Ember and sniffed her hand then, looked at Ember with big eyes. 

“Okay,” Ember said as she stroked Mist. Snowflake got up and started glaring at Ember.

“What,” Ember asked. Snowflake snorted and narrowed her eyes. Then, she turned around and sat with her ears pinned to her neck. 

“Comparison is the killer of joy, Snowy,” Ember told her dragon. Snowflake looked at Ember with a questioning glance. Mist burrowed her head beneath Ember’s arm and sighed. That just made Snowflake more angry. 

“Oh now you’re just an angry dragon,” Ember teased. Snowflake snorted and flew off toward Ember’s home.

“Someone’s just jealous that I’m not spending time with her,” Ember whispered to Mist. Mist warbled as if she were laughing. They continued sorting for some time. Then, Ember realized why Snowflake had flown off.

“Hey Daddy,” Ember asked.

“Yeah,” Chief Acer replied.

“I need to go back home.”

“Why is that?”

“Snowflake flew back there and I need to get her.”

“Ok, if Mom and Breeze are there ask them to come down.”

“Ok, Thanks!”

Chapter 10: Apologies

Ember walked out of Wyndy and Willow’s lawn, down the footpath and turned right to get to her house. When she walked into her yard Breeze and her mom were sitting peacefully under a tree reading a book. Tillet, her mom’s Hobblegrunt, was lying down beside them sleeping soundly.

“Hey Emmi,” Ember’s mom Aspen said, “Snowflake is inside if you’re looking for her.”

“I am,” Ember replied cheerfully, “Oh and Daddy wanted you and Breezy down at Wyndy’s.”

“Ok, Bree and I are going to wait here for you,” Aspen responded. Ember smiled. She walked inside and called for Snowflake. She heard some movement from upstairs. She went up to her loft and looked around. She saw Snowflake curled up in her nest with her back towards Ember and ears pinned down.

“Hey Snowflake,” Ember said softly, “I’m sorry I teased you earlier.” Snowflake picked her head up and looked at Ember with a questioning look on her face, ears still pinned down to her neck.

“Are you jealous that I was spending time with other dragons,” Ember asked. Snowflake sighed as she laid her head back down. She lifted her ears a bit.

“Are you also angry that I spend a lot of time with Håber,” Ember asked. Snowflake looked at Ember with a sad look in her eyes. She moved closer to Ember and looked at her. Ember started stroking her dragon.

“Are you tired of having Håber around and taking my time,” Ember asked. Snowflake purred. She pushed her head up against Ember’s side.

“Snowflake,” Ember kindly explained, “Håber is only three and would still need a caretaker. Since you are a Light Fury, I know how to help her best out of all my friends.” Snowflake sighed. 

“I know it's not what you or I want all the time, but it’s best for all of us,” Ember told her, “Maybe you could act like a sister to her so that she has another Light Fury who loves her. Håber’s mom was probably killed so you should be there to comfort her.” Snowflake looked at Ember and this time, her eyes shone and her ears were perked up. Clearly Snowflake liked this idea and might decide that she could become Håber’s adoptive sister.

“Come on Snowflake,” Ember said, “Everyone is waiting for us.”  They got up and went outside. 

“Emba,” Breeze said excitedly, “Yu awe comin!”

“Yes I am Bree,” Ember responded with just as much excitedness as her sister. They walked over to Wyndy and Willow’s home. 

“Lilow,” Breeze screeched when she saw Willow. Breeze loved Willow and the two were best friends. Since Willow was one of the few who was willing to be Breeze’s friend the two quickly became best friends. Willow had even made a picture for her that had Breeze and herself with the words “The Best of Friends are Special Friends”. Breeze had put it by her bed.

“Breezy,” Willow said as she ran over to Breeze.

“Hea Lilow,” Breeze said, “I picked deas fu yu.” Breeze handed her a collection of flowers and leaves she had collected on the way to Willow’s house.

“Aww,” Willow said, “They’re so pretty, thank you, Breeze.” Breeze gave Willow one of her biggest smiles and then ran off to go play with Cedar.

“Breeze is so cute,” Willow said to Ember.

“Yeah, sometimes Cedar says that he could hug her to bits she’s so cute,” Ember said, almost laughing.

“I’m not sure if that’s sweet or just weird,” Willow said with a strange look.

“I’m sure he meant it in a good way,” Ember said, “I should probably get back to sorting though.”

“Okay,” Willow said as she walked toward her pile, “I should probably do that too.” Ember walked toward her pile and noticed that it was significantly smaller than when she had left.

“Wow,” Ember said, “It got small fast.”

“Well,” her Dad said with excitement, “Things go quickly when you work hard at it.”

“That is true,” Ember said.

“Why did you have to go back,” Chief Acer asked.

“Snowflake got really upset because I teased her,” Ember said quietly.

“What were you teasing her about,” Aspen asked.

“The fact that she was angry at me for petting Mist,” Ember sadly said.

“That's normally not like Snowflake at all,” Aspen said, concerned.

“Well I have been spending more time with Håber than with her,” Ember said, realizing her problem.

“Then, you need to spend time with her,” Chief Acer said, “We can take care of Håber and you could go over to your hideout.”

“Ok,” Ember said, grateful that she could spend time with just Snowflake, “Should I go now?”

“Sure,” Aspen said, “You can go now if you have a friend with you.”

“Ok, thanks,” Ember said as she ran to Snowflake.

Chapter 11: Hideout

Ember flew over to the hideout island and landed. 

“Ahh,” Ember said as she took a deep breath, “Finally it’s just you and me.” Snowflake purred then chirped. She only did that when she was very excited about something. Ember walked over to the garden where a very fat watermelon lay. Ember tapped the melon. It sounded very hollow. Ember grinned.

“This one is ready to be eaten,” Ember said excitedly to Snowflake. She reached into the saddle and pulled out Cedar’s knife.

“I’m going to need this,” Ember said to herself. She sawed through the stalk and rolled the watermelon away. 

“This melon is HEAVY,” Ember grunted as she pushed the melon over a rock. Then she pushed it through the door and into the hideout. She got the knife and thrust it into the melon. It split open with a juicy crack and pink water went everywhere. Ember got the water all over her face. She looked up and grinned at Snowflake.  “This is the WATERIEST watermelon ever,” Ember almost yelled. She cut the watermelon into strips and gave some to Snowflake, who immediately shoved her entire face into her slice. Ember laughed at her dragon as she herself grabbed a slice and started eating. This watermelon was perfect.

“I wonder what Cedar and Breeze are doing,” Ember asked Snowflake. Snowflake made a cooing-growl/purr. Ember giggled. 

“So,” Ember said, “How do you like it? Just you and me?” Snowflake purred. It sounded more blubbery because she still had watermelon juice all over her face. Ember smiled, she probably had just as much watermelon on her face. Ember looked out the door and at the sky. 

“Nothing could ruin this night and it's beautiful sunset,” Ember thought as she stroked Snowflake’s sticky head. Snowflake started to fall asleep. Ember then closed the door and went to sleep herself. 

The next morning, when Ember woke up she realized just how sticky she and Snowflake were.

She woke Snowflake up and both walked out the door. About 45 feet from the hideout was a smallish large stream. Ember jumped in.

“Ohh,” Ember screeched, “That’s c-c-co-cold.” Snowflake pawed at the water, afraid to jump into the cold water. Ember went underwater and then came back up sputtering. Her hair lay flat against her back and face.

“You have got to go Snowflake but,” Ember warned, “It is very cold.” Snowflake shivered and then, slowly started to wade in. She went under and came out with a yelp. She then flew over to th bank and glared at Ember. Ember looked at her. 


Snowflake growled.

“Hey, you had to get that juice off.”

Snowflake growled again.

“Would you rather plunge into the ocean. Where there’s eels.” Ember teased.

Snowflake growled at the word eels and backed into a tree. Ember’s eyes widened.

“I didn’t know you were that afraid of eels.” Snowflake suddenly looked very ashamed of herself. She purred and made her puppy eyes.

“Snowflake,” Ember said comfortingly, “It’s okay to be afraid of eels.” Snowflake looked away and narrowed her eyes. She started to growl and raise her wings. Ember looked to where Snowflake was looking. Behind her.

Chapter 12: Snakebites

Behind Ember was a large snake winding up as if it were about to strike. Just when it was about to lunge and bite Ember, Snowflake pounced on it. After Snowflake had killed the snake she went over and inspected Ember. Ember saw that she had a small bite mark on her wing near her neck.

“Snowflake,” Ember gasped, “You were bitten!” Snowflake looked at the bite and licked it a couple of times. Then, she turned to Ember with a triumphant look on her face.

“Snowflake,” Ember said sternly, “I gotta get you back so that you don’t get hurt from the venom.”

Snowflake looked at Ember with a questioning glance and then started to walk toward the hideout. Ember began to gather the supplies that were outside that she would need back at home when she heard a thunk coming from the hideout.

“Snowflake! Are you okay,” Ember screeched as she ran toward the door. Snowflake had fainted inside. Ember started to panic. How am I going to get back home? She wondered. She ran out into the wooded area of the island and tried to find a Terrible Terror. When she finally found one she ran it back to the hideout. Ember breathed a sigh of relief when she saw that Snowflake was still breathing. She wrote a quick note, explaining her situation and what she needed, and then sent the dragon on its way. All she had to do now was wait. Seventeen minutes later Cedar and Stormy arrived.

“Whoa,” Cedar gasped, “So, this is where you go.”

“Yes,” Ember said, sounding very annoyed, “Now, Snowflake needs your help. Hurry!” Cedar and Ember gently rolled Snowflake onto her back and then put a blanket nearby. By this time, Ember was sweating all over.

“Cedar,” Ember asked in a shaky voice, “What if I never get her back?”

“Em,” Cedar said, with new authority in his voice, “You are going to get her back.”  Ember helped roll Snowflake back over, onto the blanket. Then, she connected the ropes on the blanket to Stormy’s saddle. Cedar climbed on and Ember followed. The whole flight back Ember was silent.

“Em,” Cedar asked, “Are you okay?”

Ember didn’t answer but, instead looked down at the ocean below. Cedar knew what this meant, Ember was very worried and was scared for her dragon. When they made it back home, their parents were waiting for them. Aspen ran forward as soon as Ember got down.

“Ember what happened,” she asked, urgently.

“S-Snowflake,” Ember said as she started to sob, “Th-there was a s-snake. Sh-She attacked i-it and got bit.”

“Oh, Ember,” Aspen said as she hugged Ember.

“Sh-she wouldn’t l-let me get b-bitten,” Ember sobbed. Cedar watched helplessly as his sister cried. 

“Cedar,” Chief Acer told his son, “Go get the doctor.” Cedar nodded and untied the ropes holding Snowflake and flew off. He flew over to the doctor’s home. Everyone just called him “doctor” but, his real name was Redde. 

“Redde,” Cedar called, “We need your help.”

“Who does,” Redde yelled back.

“Snowflake,” Cedar yelled, “She was bit by a snake.”

“Ok,” Redde yelled, “Let me go grab my supplies.” Redde disappeared into his house and came out with a large bag. He mounted his Snafflefang and took off. Cedar and Stormy led him back to their house. Ember, Aspen, and Breeze had gone inside but, Snowflake still lay on the blanket. Redde jumped off and ran to Snowflake. He stroked her side.

“Well the good thing is she’s breathing,” Redde said with relief. He reached into his bag and pulled a small jar out.

“What’s that,” Cedar asked.

“This is an anti-venom,” Redde told Cedar, “The Defenders of the Wing invented it.” Cedar watched as Redde gently opened Snowflake’s mouth and poured it in.

“This is one of the rarest types of anti-venom there is,” Redde said with pride, “It’s one of the few types that can be taken through your mouth. It’s also one of the quickest I know of.”

“Whoa,” Cedar admiringly said, “How quickly does it work?”

“Well,” Redde said, “It disables the venom after about a minute but, she won’t appear like she’s recovering for much longer.”

“How will we know when she is healthy again,” Cedar asked, with concern in his voice.

“She’ll be up and walking when she feels like it but, you’ll be able to tell when she feels better,” Redde told Cedar comfortingly, “See? It’s already working.” Snowflake started to stir as she did when she was dreaming. Cedar almost cried from happiness for his sister’s dragon.  Ember sadly walked down the stairs and walked over to Snowflake. Her face brightened and a smile appeared when she saw Snowflake’s eyes slowly open.

“Snowflake,” she cried as she gently hugged her Light Fury. Snowflake groaned and slowly picked head up. She pressed her head into Ember and purred.

“Redde,” Ember asked, “How long will it be until she’s fine again?”

“Hopefully by tonight,” Redde said, smiling gently.

“Tonight? How will she be better by tonight?” Ember asked, confused.

“I used a special antivenom,” Redde said as he mounted his dragon, “I have to go get more now.” Redde flew off and Snowflake stood up. Her legs were shaky as she stood up but, she didn’t fall. Snowflake nervously look up at Ember and took a step forward. Proud of herself, Snowflake looked up at Ember and promptly lost her footing and fell down.

“Snowflake,” Ember cooed, “It’s ok.” Snowflake looked around at Ember’s family with a determined look on her face. She struggled to her feet and started to walk. Ember realized that Håber had been nervously watching from behind Aspen. Snowflake hobbled over to Håber and nuzzled her. Håber returned it with a smaller nuzzle. Snowflake finally realizes that she can be a sister to Håber! Ember thought to herself. Aspen and Chief Acer walked back to the house while Ember, Cedar, and Breeze all stayed with Snowflake and Håber.

Chapter 13: Whitewater

A week later, Snowflake had almost completely recovered from the snakebite and all that was left of it was two small marks where the snake had bitten Snowflake. Ember, Willow, and Lavendel had decided that they should go exploring together. Ember wanted to find a new dragon species. Willow had said that she “needed” a Light Fury, preferably like Håber so that she could take care of a special Light Fury. Lavendel just wanted to see the surrounding island, as she always did. 

Early that morning, Ember went and gathered the things she had everything taken out of her saddle while Snowflake was recovering. She had taken one of her notebooks out but could not find it anywhere.

“Hey Cedar,” Ember called from her loft, “Have you seen my notebook?”

“The stuffed one?” Cedar yelled, obviously from downstairs.

“Yeah. That one,” Ember yelled back.

“Uh… last I saw it, it was under your bed.” Cedar’s head popped up from the stairwell. “Why are you hanging upside down?”

“This is the easiest way for me to talk to you. And I’ll check there,” Ember said as she started to look beneath her bed. Ah, here it is… wow, this is stuffed, Ember thought as she pulled her overstuffed notebook out. This notebook was quite old and had been filled way farther than the book was able to handle. Maybe I should get a new notebook… 

Ember went downstairs to where the paper stash was and pulled out lots of paper. She ran up to her room and bound the paper into a new sketchbook. 

“Ok, I think we’re ready to go!” Ember said to Snowflake and Håber. Håber started to turn in circles and squeak with excitement. Ember smiled at Håber. 

“Well, now we’re going to go see if Willow and Lavendel are ready,” Ember said as she went down the ladder and then the stairs to the door. Håber dropped down and flew the rest of the way to Ember while Snowflake walked down and out the door. Ember mounted Snowflake and took off with Håber following close behind.

“Willow!” Ember called, “Are you ready?”

“Yep! I am!” Willow yelled back as she got onto her Tideripper, Fog. 

“Ok, I’m going to go get Lavendel, and then I’ll be right back!” Ember called back as she flew off toward Lavendel’s house. To her surprise, Lavendel was already on Berry and scanning the sky for Ember.

“Hello, Ember!” Lavendel said when she had flown up to where Ember was.

“Hey ‘Endel!” Ember smiled, “Willow is waiting for us back at her house with Håber.”

“Ok, I’ll follow,” Lavendel said. Ember and Lavendel flew over to Willow and Håber and flew off. 

“So, there is an island I saw on the horizon a couple of weeks ago and have really wanted to go there. Do you want to go there?” Ember asked her friends.

“I’d like to go!” Willow answered, enthusiastically.

“Sure!” Lavendel said.

“Ok, to the unknown island we go!” Ember shouted as she spiraled and flew off toward the north. An hour and a half later they landed on the island.

“What should we name it?” Willow asked.

“Well, first let’s see what's around here,” Ember answered, “If we name it now we might miss out on a better name.” The three girls walked further into the island and soon neared a waterfall.

“This waterfall is huge!” Lavendel yelled, though Ember and Willow could hardly hear her. They walked down to the river and followed it for a while until they came to the rapids.

“That waterfall is huge!” Lavendel loudly repeated.

“Yeah, it is!” Ember said, almost yelling.

“Really huge!” Willow said, actually yelling, “What’s that?” Ember looked at where Willow was pointing. A little ways up the river a white sparkling mass went around a rock and splashed down pawing at the sky.

“I think that’s a dragon!” Ember said urgently, “Lavendel, do you still have that net in your saddle?”

“Yeah, I haven’t taken it out yet,” Lavendel said, “Do you need it?”

“Yes I do,” Ember said, “Willow, help Lavendel tie the net to that tree. Lavendel, may I have the other side of the net?”

“Here,” Lavendel said as she handed Ember the net. Ember immediately flew to the other side of the river and tied the net to a tree. Lavendel and Willow had done it already. The dragon soon got caught in the net.

“Willow,” Ember yelled above the sound of the river, “Tie the net to Fog’s saddle and then pull it up with me.” Willow nodded and tied the net to Fog and soon joined Ember in the air above the river.

“Lavendel, can you find a good place for us to set the net down?” Ember asked.

“Absolutely!” Lavendel said as she and Berry flew off.

“Willow, we should probably follow her,” Ember said.

“Ok,” Willow smiled. The girls followed Lavendel and soon put the dragon down. Ember and Snowflake landed and Ember hopped off and ran toward the dragon in the net. Håber circled above Snowflake for a while and then landed. Ember gently unwrapped the dragon from the net.

“Whoa,” Ember gasped, “This is a Light Fury!” The Light Fury stirred and opened its eyes. Ember touched it and the Fury moved away. Ember saw that, like Håber, this dragon was missing part of its leg but, unlike Håber, it was the left leg. Ember also saw that the complete leg looked swollen and reddish. Ember grabbed some linen she had put in her saddle and found some sticks. She took the Fury’s leg and made a splint for it. A couple of minutes later, the Fury was up on its feet again and slowly walking around.

“Somethings wrong,” Willow noted. 

“You’re right, Willow,” Ember said as she watched the Light Fury. It was walking around as fine as it could for a dragon with three legs but, it appeared to be much slower and looked as if it felt around before it moved.

“I have a name for it!” Lavendel said, triumphantly and completely unaware of Ember and Willow’s discussion, “Its name is Whitewater!”

“I think she’s blind,” Ember said.

“What? You ignored my name?” Lavendel said with sarcasm. 

“Ignored what?” Ember asked.

“My name for the Light Fury,” Lavendel said with rising annoyance.

“What did you name her?” Ember asked.

“Whitewater. I named her Whitewater,” Lavendel said, shortly.

“I like it! Why did you choose Whitewater though?” Willow asked.

“We found her in the whitewaters so, her name is Whitewater,” Lavendel quickly explained, “And Whitewater is a pretty name anyway.”

“It is a pretty name,” Ember said, her attention going back to Whitewater. Training a blind dragon would be tough, especially if that dragon never was able to see where she was going.

“Hey Lavendel,” Ember asked, “Do you still have your notes from when Hiccup was teaching me how to make Håber’s prosthetic?”

“Yeah, I think I do,” Lavendel answered as she watched Whitewater. Håber was trying to get Whitewater’s attention by doing flying tricks in the air but Håber didn’t yet realize that Whitewater was blind and couldn’t see her. Håber landed and marched around in a circle before lying down and glaring at Whitewater.

“Håber,” Ember called, “Come here!” Håber bounded over and sat. 

“Håber, Whitewater can’t see you,” Ember explained, “Maybe you should go cuddle her. You are really good at that.” Håber walked over to the blind dragon. After eyeing her, Håber squeaked. Whitewater cocked her head and turned in different directions, trying to figure out where the sound was from. Håber squeaked again but louder and closer to Whitewater. Whitewater laid down and Håber went over to the dragon and cuddled her.

“They look like sisters!” Willow cooed, “Especially since they’re both missing a leg.”

“Yeah, they do!” Ember commented, “Willow, I can’t take care of Håber and Whitewater at the same time. Especially since one is hyper and the other is blind.”

“So,” Willow asked, sure she knew where this was going.

“Could you take care of Whitewater?” Ember asked hopefully.

“Absolutely!” Willow screeched, “I’d love to!”

“First we’ll have to get her to Blue Isle,” Ember remarked, “Which is going to be a challenge considering she can’t see us.”

“Maybe we could tie her to one of our saddles and lead her back?” Wyndy suggested as she watched Lavendel and Berry try to lead Whitewater to the others, all while being very unsuccessful in their efforts.

“That might work,” Ember said, “But, how would we tie the rope around her, let alone actually get it on her. She can’t see us or the rope and she might get scared about the rope because it feels like a snake.”

“That is an issue…” Wyndy trailed off. Ember grabbed the rope and quietly snuck toward the dragon. When Whitewater alerted, trying to find the source of the movement Ember froze and then leapt onto the pearly dragon and flung the rope around Whitewater’s neck. Whitewater sprung into the air and Ember wrapped her arms tightly around the white neck to avoid a crash to the grass below. When Whitewater had landed and stopped her efforts to rid her neck of the rope, Ember slid off to tie the knot and connect the dragon to Fog. Ember stepped back and admired her work.

“Well,” Ember muttered, thinking out loud, “That should hold.” Then, she turned to her friends. “We should probably get Whitewater home.” She said, “From the looks of it, she hasn’t eaten in a while and she also has some cuts that I don’t want getting infected.” Willow nodded and hopped onto Fog. Lavendel stepped toward Ember. “What if Whitewater doesn’t want to go with us?” She asked, “She might not come even though there is a rope around her.” Ember paused a second before answering.

“I think I’m going to ride her home,” Ember stated, “Along with the rope, my riding her should help motivate White to come with us. Snowflake can follow and give nudges, if needed, to direct her in the right way. When we land ‘Endel, if you could get Redde to treat her cuts that would be great, and Willow if you could help me get her safely into your yard and get the supplies needed to make a prosthetic, I think we’re set.” Ember grinned and slowly climbed onto Whitewater’s back. This time Whitewater was more prepared and allowed Ember to ride her. The girls took off and headed toward Blue Isle.

Chapter 14: A Clue to Whitewater

“Slower… Wait! Too slow! Teeny bit faster… There!” Ember directed. Whitewater was trying to keep up with Fog and Berry but, was having minor complications. Whitewater was continually flying into Fog and Berry was helplessly trying to keep a safe distance from the white dragon. Even though Whitewater was tied to Fog, she kept drifting toward  Berry and Snowflake. Håber happily was playing with Berry’s tail and chattering to herself. Ember looked at Håber and then at Whitewater.

“I wonder what would happen if we let Håber take the lead?” Ember wondered.

“Well,” Lavendel said, “I don’t know exactly but, I have a feeling it would be disastrous.”

“Maybe not,” Willow pointed out, “They’re very similar and Håber does have a way with making friends.”

“Willow does have a point,” Ember said, “But so do you, Lavendel. Håber, while she can see, might be able to help us understand Whitewater more but, Håber is also hyper and might not let us tie a rope around her and then let her lead Whitewater back.”

“Why would she not let us tie a rope to her?” Willow asked.

“Because that’s how I found her,” Ember explained, “I don’t know how long she was tied up but, it might be really scary to have a rope around you if that had captured you before.”

“Good point,” Lavendel said, “Would Håber hold the rope?”

“She probably would,” Ember remarked, “Just not for long.”

“Why not for long?” Willow asked.

“Two words: Easily distracted,” Ember laughed, “Håber likes to explore the world around her, and leading a blind dragon on a rope is probably not too interesting to her.” Håber darted past Ember’s head and flipped before doing a barrel roll. Then she looked at the girls with a proud look in her eyes. Ember grinned at the little dragon, who grinned her silly little grin right back. Soon enough, they were all back on Blue Isle. Lavendel ran off to get Redde and Willow and Ember worked to get Whitewater into Willow’s yard.

“Hey, Ember,” Willow said, concern in her voice, “Look at White’s leg.” Ember looked at where Willow had directed. 

“What is it?” Ember asked.

“Does Håber have this on her leg?” Willow was pointing to the bottom of Whitewater’s half-leg. Something was a little crusty on that area.

“Huh,” Ember examined the leg closer, “I’ve never seen that on Håber. Maybe something happened and she has a sma-large scab?”

“Hey!” Lavendel yelled as she ran over, “I got Redde! What are you looking at?”

“This,” Ember pointed out the scab on Whitewater’s leg, “What do you think it is?”

“A scab,” Lavendel said, “It looks like a huge scaly scab on her leg.” Redde came over to the group of girls.

“Redde,” Ember asked, “What’s this?”

“Hmm,” Redde knelt down to look at the leg. He felt the scales around the scab and then the scales farther up her leg. “I think something bit her leg off.”

“Why do you say that?” Lavendel asked, “Shouldn’t it look worse?”

“Dragons react differently to wounds than humans do,” Redde explained, “If a dragon loses a leg or a part of their tail, it’s scales grow back quickly. From the looks of it, Whitewater lost her leg about two months ago.”

“That would be why Whitewater was so unsteady on her feet compared to Håber,” Ember realized. Redde stood up and began investigating the rest of the dragon.

“I would say, though, that she has been blind her whole life,” Redde said.

“Why would you say that?” Willow asked.

“See how her eyes are foggy?” Redde pointed out, “That usually points to a life of not using her eyes.”

“Aww,” Lavendel cooed, “Poor Whitewater.” Lavendel hugged the white, pearly dragon. 

“Will she be able to live here?” Willow asked.

“Yes,” Redde exclaimed, “It will probably be for the best of her.”

“So… I can keep her?” Willow asked hopefully.

“Yes, if you’re up for the challenges of keeping a blind dragon,” Redde told Willow, “She will be able to get into trouble and danger much quicker than other dragons.”

“What if I connected her closely to Fog?”  Willow asked, “Then, Fog could lead her around.”

“That would work,” Redde said, “But, she’ll also need a prosthetic to help her walk more comfortably. Ember, a couple of weeks ago I got in contact with Hiccup and he gave me some designs for Håber’s leg for when she’s older and bigger. Maybe one of them would work for Whitewater?”

“Sure! Let’s go see what they look like!” Ember said excitedly. Redde took the girls over to his house where he had a huge pile of letters and designs.

Chapter 15: New Horizons

“It was nice of Hiccup to send over all these designs,” Willow said looking through the large pile of designs and other papers. Ember reached over and grabbed a design. 

“This one looks good,” Ember said. The design was quite simple. The center was wood and it had a metal base that would be used as the leg and a leather strap that held it on. 

“I agree with Ember. Let’s do this one,” Willow agreed. 

“Look!” Lavendel pointed to the side of the page. “He included instructions!”

“Well, that helps a lot!” Ember said excitedly, “Now we know how to build one!”

“Wow,” Willow said, “He even included the exact measurements needed!”

“Whoa! Okay, let’s get started!” Ember screeched. The girls looked expectantly at Redde.

“I have some old swords and some large scraps of leather,” Redde smiled, “I need to get rid of it somehow.”

“So,” Willow asked, “We can?”

“Yep!” Redde smiled at the girls. He disappeared deeper into his house and emerged with several shiny swords and large strips of leather.

“Those are old?” Lavendel asked.

“Well… they’re dull and the handles broke,” Redde answered, “So, they’re kinda useless to me.”

“Well, they’re useful to us!” Ember said.

“Willow, what do the instructions say,” Redde asked.

“Umm, to melt down the metal and make a sand or wood form for the bottom of the base to pour the metal into,” Willow read, “Don’t worry if it’s a little uneven, you can trim and file it down later.”

“So, we’ll get the fire going and the swords melted and then make a form,” Redde instructed, “Willow if you and Ember could make the form, I have some sand near my back door outside. Lavendel, you and I will get the fire started.”

Ember and Willow went outside and found the sand right where Redde had said it would be.

“What does the picture look like?” Ember asked.

“It looks a bit like a half-circle but, it goes out longer, like this,” Willow said as she drew a shape in the sand.

“You know,” Ember commented, “We could just use your picture. You got it’s size pretty close to what we need.”

“Yay! Okay, that’s what we’re doing!” Willow said. The two girls had gotten the sand formed into the right shape and packed it down.

“I wonder how far Redde and ‘Endel are?” Ember asked looking at the drawing Willow had made and then at the picture on the design.

“Should we go see?” Willow asked.

“Yeah, we should probably go check on them,” Ember giggled, “Who knows how big the fire might be.” Willow and Ember got up and walked toward the front door. Redde and Lavendel rushed out with a small dipper full of reddish liquid.

“Where’s the form?” Lavendel asked.

“Right over here,” Willow said running to the sandy form. Redde poured the liquid metal into the form.

“Well, Let’s make sure it actually fits White before we worry about the buckle,” Ember said as she knelt down and started cutting the leather according to the instructions. Much later, the girls finished the two pieces.

“Ugh, finally! We’re done,” Ember sighed, “How could that take so long.”

“Maybe it’s ‘cause half the time we were talking?” Willow suggested.

“Yeah, probably,” Lavendel said.

“I wonder how far Redde has gotten,” Willow wondered aloud.

“Should we go investigate?” Ember asked.

“Yep,” Lavendel agreed.

“We should go investigate,” Willow sneakily said. They crept toward where Redde was working and peeked around the corner.

“Hello girls! I was wondering when you’d finish,” he laughed, “I didn’t want to break up your conversing.”

“Well… that might be why it took so long,” Willow admitted.

“I’m done with my part and actually have the entire metal area and a buckle complete. I assume you are done with your part?” Redde asked.

“Yep, we’re finally done,” Ember said.

“Well, let’s put it together and get Whitewater back on all fours!” Redde proclaimed. Willow ran and got the wooden and leather piece. Redde fitted the pieces together quickly and put it on the ground next to his leg and tested the leg with his hand. 

“Willow, how about you go get Whitewater,” Redde told Willow. Willow rushed off bouncing as she went and came back with Whitewater, a rope, and Fog. Redde gently picked the half-leg up and placed the prosthetic beneath. Then, he set Whitewater’s leg down and buckled it. Whitewater sniffed her new leg, tested it and then walked a couple steps forward to where she smelled Willow. Whitewater nuzzled Willow’s hand and Willow hugged the Light Fury. Håber flew over to Ember with a large slice of bread in her mouth and landed next to her human. Ember sat down and hugged her little Fury. Snowflake came and joined Ember and Håber and Ember stroked the bigger Fury’s head.

“I have a feeling we’ve just started exploring the dragon world,” Ember told her friends.

<><> The End <><>

Book Two in the Ember Series is Breaking Daylight

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