Night Fury

The Night Fury is a rare species of Dragon with black scales and a higher intelligence. Toothless belongs to this species and in the series is the only known Night Fury. For the complete canon information about Night Furies, please visit the Night Fury page on the canon How To Train Your Dragon Wiki. This page is for fanmade headcanons of the Night Fury.

Video Episode

HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON - Animated Webisode - The Night Fury

HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON - Animated Webisode - The Night Fury

Description (Canon)

Night Furies are middle-size dragons with completely black scales covering the entire body. Their dark bodies allow them to be almost invisible in the dark. As the fastest dragon species in the canon universe, Night Furies have an over 40 foot wingspan. Night Furies can fire a plasma blast and have echolocation abilities. Before firing a plasma blast, a Night Fury seems to screech, however this is only observed in the movie rather than the TV series. Night Fury are the fastest and most intelligent dragon, however other dragon species come close to the Night Fury's prowess. All Night Fury information can only be observed from Toothless.

Description (Fanon)

In the fanon universe, Night Furies vary in design and size. Some Night Furies have a blue tint to their scales while others have a slight purple hue, or an even wider array of colors. Females have been seen to have longer tendrils on their tails and males have more nubs on their faces. Some Night Furies even have different markings and eye colors. Most Night Furies resemble Toothless in build and shape with a few changes to the appeal of the artist or fan. Albino Night Furies are common among the fanbase and several similar Fury species have appeared with unique abilities.

Many Night Furies in the fanon universe have special abilities, an example being poison-producing scales or the Alpha Female power displayed in several fanfictions. Others can have individual fire types, light powers or even become humans. Most of these are free to use for a Night Fury character.

Due to the fact that Toothless is the only known Night Fury in the franchise, he may not represent the entire species, leaving the Night Fury to the creativity of the fanbase.

Other Night Furies

All fan-made Night Furies can be listed here.


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