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Nightshade is a dragon character in the books Hearts of shadow,Before the Riders, and Shattered Kingdom

" you two are the dumbest life forms I've ever seen,"- Nightshade


Nightshade hatched in the wild on the island of Break-neck bog.she was raised by parents she barely remembers because to Flightmares as soon as the hatchling can breathe mist they can care for themselves. she was a very nomadic dragon never staying in the same place for more than a day always following the algae trail. she was flying over this new island in the night and got shot down by hunters who only wanted her glowing scales for their lanterns. they kept her in the cage and left, she was there for many days growing weaker and starving. a girl came along and freed her, Nightshade was in her debt the girl (Kaya) flew Nightshade to her home and lived there until all of they met the riders and moved to Berk.


Nightshade is fiercely loyal. she's very aggressive towards those she doesn't know and will attack on sight. when she knows who you are she's very sweet in a tough love kind of way. she wants to prepare her friends for the world and in doing so she sometimes accidentally hurts them but her intentions are good.



Nightshade sprays a freezing mist that she uses to paralyze her enemies, although it isn't a super good attack she can use it to keep more powerful dragons at bay giving her the advantage in a firefight.


Nightshade has amazing night vision, the algae she eats lets her see with less light than usual, however, she cannot see well in a storm, underwater, or when something bright gets in her face. also, everything she sees looks slightly blue.  


Nightshade isn't overly strong, but she can carry the weight of a full-grown Viking and carry Elka with no problem. any heavier than that and she slowly starts losing altitude. eventually, her weighs could give out and they will be soar for a while just like humans but her muscles will get better after this and she's able to carry a little more.


Nightshade can go for miles without rest, though she isn't the fastest dragon in the world she can fly for a long time without rest. if she tries to get somewhere fast then she can't fly for as long, but when she slows down she can go farther then expected.


Nightshade is strangely agile for a dragon of her size she can weave her way through forests and avoid most to all of the trees, though she doesn't have the best balance on the ground she is better in the air. on land, she is pretty clumsy because she can't always see where she's the air her huge wings and aerodynamic build help her turn with ease.


Nightshade can be intelligent if she ever decided to ignore her gut instinct to attack everything. she is of average intelligence but sometimes she acts incredibly stupid and lacks common sense ex:  that guy has two axes and a blowdart, it would be a great idea if I try to kill him, or this plant looks like poison ivy, TIME TO DESTROY!!!! you get the idea. she is smart but her lack of common sense causes her to not think.


Nightshade isn't very stealthy. her bright green glowing markings aren't very 'stealthy' she's usually brought in as the muscle, she is only really used to subdue anyone who isn't cooperating or like if there's a large number of enemies she'll be brought in to thin the crowd.


Nightshade is an extremely aggressive dragon, as a Flight Mare, it's in her nature to be territorial. whenever she sees someone (human or dragon) that she doesn't know she will attack them unless told otherwise by someone she knows and trusts. she also has many issues with accidentally hurting those she loves. she thinks she's helping them by preparing them for the harsh world because that's how she was raised.


Nightshade is fiercely loyal. she will defend herself and her friends at any cost. she ignores common sense and jumps into the battle to try to save them when they're in trouble. whenever she loses someone she loves she takes it personally, she feels that it's her fault that she couldn't save them. when this happens she doesn't eat or sleep for days on end. when she finally decides to eat she's usually too weak to stand and Kaya gets mad at her for not eating.


Nightshade hates eels very much so that whenever she sees them she jumps back hissing and spraying her mist. she is overly harsh on herself and those around her, she often hurts others without knowing it and when she realizes what she's done she beats herself up about it. she cannot go for long without eating her glowing algae, because of this Kaya usually takes some with her wherever she goes this is only a problem when she's captured on a hunter ship.


  • Nightshade was named after the small purple flower Deadly Nightshade
  • she and Sunstone are my only dragon OC's that have 'traditional' names, traditional meaning they consist of two different words. (Blueberry does not count, because he was adopted by me put up for adoption by Fengamie Qin 123)
  • if she had a theme song it'd be 'Novocaine' by Fall Out Boy

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