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Project PermaFrost


"Is Subject #598 stable, what is their blood pressure, heart rate?" A stout, chiseled Woman Viking stepped out of the shadows covered head to toe is precious silver dragon scales and polar bear fur. "Yes, Lady Blizzard, all of its vitals are stable, unlike the last time we did the weather test, only a few of our men perished in the freeze." A brawny, gruff man said, with a simple tan winters coat and a couple of dragon bone ornaments." Insufficient! we cannot sell or use this reptile if we cannot fully control it, lock it in its prison to go back to training" the assumed Lady Blizzard said curling her white hair and lashing around, staking away with the fury of a snow wraith "Right away your majesty!" The burly Viking said, grumbling something under his breath and walking up to the caged creature. Its hide glittered like trapped crystals, yet there was something distinctly 'impossible' about this dragon. It had the beak of a crow, and the fearless look of a wolverine, how odd. Either way, the gruff Viking barked the order for "return" and the beast slinked away to its main cage, plotting revenge


Welcome to Project Permafrost, a Viking lead experimentation division lead by the heir to the northern throne Lady Blizzard! Here we splice dragons from across the archipelago with creatures and create something called a "Super-Hybrid". We do this to benefit Viking-kind of course and to protect villages as well! We take security in this program and enforce resections on all of our subjects, forcing into obedience. We hope you have a Snow-Tastic stay here! Our main focus on what type of super hybrid is varied, although we mainly do species in the Sharp class, Strike class, and Tracker Class dragons.

More backstory to our Majesty Lady blizzard at Lady blizzard

Location and Facilities

We have multiple locations in the archipelago, we are mainly situated in the Northern regions where our majesties conquered land lie! Our facilities called 'Snow bunkers' are equipped with multiple defenses

  1. Dragon-proof arterially, vessels and cages cages
  2. Top of the line hired and/or trained dragon poachers
  3. A network of warning system spread though out our islands

Measures such as these will ward out any pesky dragons. We strived for and have achieved perfection here at Project Permafrost. Each subject has it own room tailored to its needs and functions, some subject require special care and this are out in more, ‘sturdy’ compartment. Our main base of Operations is the island of Galven, along with Permafrost isle.

Galven’s Keep

Galven’s Keep has four main regions. Harbor straits, where we host dragon and area fights, an expansive harbor market, and where most of our stables and facilities lie. The Ashen barrens where one the flow paths of the now dormant volcano. We train many of our stoker and boulder class dragon here, as well as mine and forge armor and weapons. WiltFang woods is a chilly evergreen and deciduous forest. In the summer it is still a frost temperature and massive snow flurry’s in the winter. When the conditions are just right a large swirl of mist and fog blanket the area, perfect for Mystery and tracker class dragons to train. The largest area ShiverVeil tundra is a perpetually frost landscape. Dotted with storms and mountains along with underground lakes and rivers. It’s a haven for Strike and Tidal class dragons. The last area, called Permafrost isle, is where all the important decisions are made as well as the particularly dangerous subjects.

Test Subjects

Subject #002: Howl'Scar

Three base dragon species: Flightmare, Bone-Knapper, Deathgripper

Three base animals species: Cuttlefish, Orca, Crocodile
Traits: Heavy bone-platted armor scattered around body provide more than enough protection against attacks .Bone shard-sharpened Deathgripper scythe claws allow for #002 to cleave away massive chunks of scales and flesh and even decapitate things. Cluster of bone plates and marrow form a dangerous, barbed mace. Gills an fins stored along the back ridges allow easy of movement in water. Large, maneuverable mouth allows to inflicts vice like jaw strength that is near incomparable

Personality: Reserved and quiet, however seem to take a leaderships or alpha like role in the presence of other dragons. Very calculating and strategizing planning out moves an attacks with as much accuracy as possible

Abilities: Continuous, glowing streams of fire-like, paralyzing, acid that has the unfortunate effects of first disabling you in your tracks and then rotting away at skin, scales and wood. Gills are stored in ridges along back. Huge resistance to fire, even those from the likes of Deadly Nadders and Fireworm Queens

Potential use: Underwater operations and Leadership of the Dragons here at Project permafrost

Weakness: #002 has a horrible reaction to land based meat such as mutton and beef, if ingested, #002 will quickly fall ill and be incapciated

Subject #851: JaggedHunter

**Approach with extreme caution extremely dangerous**

Base of this hybrid Is a Crimson GoreGutter, SnaffleFang, and Whispering death

Other animal mixed in include, Grizzly Bear, Rhino, and Stag beetle
Traits: One of our most Massive and Strong dragons. Its brown scales are ridged and tough, able to survive bites from Grim-gnashers. Subject actually had to be spliced with the bear genes as it’s was figured out to be crippled by the cold. White grizzly bear fur coursing over back was to be added for warmth. When applied with standard dragon armor and harnesses #851 has incredible defense. It's jaw strength is comparable to a Night fury, or even a fully grown red death. Spikes and horns adorn it’s hide as well.

Personality: #851 is a simple beast, only requiring its basic needs of survival to be content and cooperative. Protective and a bit dumb, yet spooked easily, uncontrollable when in a rampage. 851 seems to act nicely around the other subjects and seems to be oblivious of intimidation and aggressive behavior shown by the other.

Ablities: Destructive Magma bomb blasts, Booming Roars, whips of spines from tail, Near impenetrable scales

Potential Use: Destroying and raiding large Structures or islands

Weakness: Small Cramped spaces irritate and agitate it, if kept in it for too long #851 will have a sort of breakdown

Subject #724: SilentWhisper

**Approach with extreme caution extremely dangerous**

Base of this hybrid is a Speedstinger, Skrill, And a Slitherwing

Other animals mixed in include Wolverine, Chameleon, Crows

Traits: A teal sea-foam green with a soft flexible hide. Large tuft of silver chest feathers. Medium-small wings comparative to its body size. Titian Slitherwing hood can retract and extend. Crow like beak with prehensile chameleon tail.

Personality: When in the presence of humans, its is snide, disdainful and unpredictable. It seems to show no fear to anything or anyone and will only follow commands when its in their favor. With mood swings, high intelligence and reckless abandon we keep #724 under strict supervision

Abilities: Electrified scales like a Skrill, highly toxic venom spewing fangs. Wings built in a way that it has near silent flight. Sharp hearing and claws.

Potential use: Espionage, Reconnaissance and infiltration of establishments

Weakness: Bright light damages and burns the retinas of #724, if exposed to it for to long, subjects scales begin to combust and burn up

Subject #097: SwordHeart

**Approach with extreme caution extremely dangerous**Base of this Hybrid is a Razorwhip, Deadly Nadder, Grim Gnasher

Other animals Mixed in include Panther, Kangaroo, Bull Shark

Traits: Silvery purple scales with small thorn like spikes scattered throughout. Bright magenta iris. long flexible armored body. extremely deadly tail

Personality: Open-minded and shy, scares easily and is one of our most obedient subjects, Lady blizzard high approves of this one

Abilities: Fling and shed deadly spines with near perfect accuracy, Constantly regrow knife like teeth, Increased agility, jump height, and endurance

Potential use: Melee Weapons supply, and Assassination attempt weapon

Weakness: Brute force and large amount of pressure can brake #097's scale easily

Subject #777: VenomTide

**Approach with extreme caution extremely dangerous**3 base dragon species: Deep Flame, Shellfire, Deathgripper

3 base animals: Moray eel, nurse shark, cobra

Traits: Shellfire like horns, moray eel body, cobra frill and Deep Flame coloration with a Deathgripper stinger

Personality: Extremely violent, will attack unprovoked and due to the experimentation it is overly territorial; so it sees things it has never seen before as its own sometimes. Will dart its extendable neck out at any moment.

Abilities: Has a venomous sting, venomous teeth, and an extremely strong bite force. Can swim very quickly.Potential use: When controlled, could be used for fast transport pulling a boat. Could also be used as a sentinel or guard creature for a home.

weaknesses: Due to its experimented-upon nature, because of its extreme violent energy it will occasionally fall into a coma.

Subject #004 :The Glacialbeast

**Approach with extreme caution extremely dangerous**

***Special conditions when interacting***: All workers near subject 004 need to wear anti freezing suits and armor, as well as being equipped with tazers to subdue 004

Base Dragons used: Fleet Fighter, Snow Wraith, and Monstrous Nightmare

Base animals: Hyena, Polar bear, and leopard sealTraits: Liquid nitrogen coating scales, cold and wintery plasma blast type of fire, extremely sharp eyesight, horns, and thick scales.

Personality: Subject 004 is an extremely hostile hybrid dragon. .. Sunject 004 is cold and uncooperative for now, as well as antisocial. Any results of trying to socialize with it agitates it greatly and the person or thing usually ends up either being ignored or severely injured.

Subject 004 is able to breath concentrated blast of liquid nitrogen, as well as coating itself with the cold substance. When mixed with MN DNA, the liquid nitrogen seems to have a more burning sensation instead of a freezing sensation. The Glacialbeast is very fast and maneuverable, as well has having a very sharp eyesight.

Potential Use: Subject 004's extremely adapted eyesight and thermal vision can be used as a scouting tool, as well as a winter rescue dragon once it is tamed. 004 could possibly be used to conquer enemies, as his blasts are able to bring down many ships.

Weakness: #004 gets incredibly infuriated when in touch with loud noises and rapid movement. The subject would even go as to lose its mind, and began to move around, stumbling randomly. It seems that while it is in an agitated state, subject 004 loses all sense of its environment, leaving it open to be attack and ambushed. If the loud noises continue on for too long, 004 would become so overwhelmed that it faints and could not wake up for days straight.

Subject #104: Death and life

**Approach with extreme caution extremely dangerous**

Three base dragon species: Light Fury, Bewilderbeast, Screaming DeathT

hree base animals species: Arctic Fox, Timber Wolf, Eagle

Traits: It has a LightFury shaped head and Bewilderbeast spikes all around it's head and down it's back. It doesn't have back legs, but instead it has a long furry tail with Screaming Death spikes running all down it's body. It has a large, agile build. It's wings are feathered and scaled.

Personality: They are aggressive and don't do well in small spaces. They have a short temper and usually end up destroying the space it's confined in. A lare open space is perfered for this subject. It is an introvert and hates other life forms.

Abilities: It is pretty quick for it's large size. Subject 104 has a freezing ice shot. It's scales are thick and sharp if aggitated. It can fly up to amazing speeds. They are very aware of their surroundings, and Subject 104 has pretty average eyesight.

Potential use: Subject 104 is tough and fast, and if convinced it can be a bodyguard for a while. They can also be used as a weapon because of it's blast and sharp claws.

Weakness: They can't have eels because they will die if they even take a bite. They are also weak in fire and hate being verworked or working in a team.

Subject: #367: Darkfrost

**Aproach with extreme caution, extremely dangerous **

Base Dragons: Deathgripper, Snow Wraith, Smothering Smokebreath

Base Animals: Hornet, Tiger Shark, bat

Traits: Wraith Tusks, Smokebreath spokes, bat-like ears/frills, Deathgripper plates, Hornet colours

Personality: Loyal, if you can earn it's respect, Destructive, Protective, Vain. Becomes melancholy when left alone. Adores praise and likes to show off it's wings to anyone or anything it meets in an attempt to dazzle and impress it. Will be hostile to unknown things. Approach only once you have complemented it, it will consider you with high regard if you appear wowed by it's appearance.

Abilities: Eats anything, Stinger causes wooziness, balance, wings can distract small prey and dumb humans, shrill shriek, echolocation, can breathe a frosty fog

Potential Use: Distraction for an ambush, pets, village wardens

Weakness: Blind, and as earlier suggests becomes sad when left alone.

Subject # 747 : Chill-Claw

>Subject nickname: Chill-Claw.

>Three base dragon species: ShiverTooth, Woolly Howl, RazorWhip.

>Three base animals species: Snow leopard, Peregrine falcon, Chameleon.
+Traits: Head and stripe-patterning of a Shivertooth, fur, scales, wings, tail-fins and eyes of a Woolly Howl, and the feet and tail-spines of a RazorWhip.

+Personality: Despite our loyal staff member's best efforts, Subject 747 remains one of the most peaceful and playful Test Subjects, especially with other Dragons, and has no inclination whatsoever to be repurposed as a weapon - except when in the presence of lemons.

+Abilities: Able to throw spines from tail that shatter on impact, and can use tail as a prehensile limb. Fires small 'ice-wind' blasts, similar to a Woolly Howl. It has a chameleon's tongue which can stretch up to three metres in length and can grasp objects, such as lemons and can be used to disarm opponents.

+Potential use: If 747's enduring playfulness is overcome, it could be used for scouting, spy work or other military purposes.

-Weaknesses: Lemons. If Subject 747 encounters lemons it becomes completely fixated on consuming them, and will become highly aggressive, directly attacking those who have lemons or the the smell of lemons on them. If or when it tastes a lemon, it will quickly fall into a stupor from which it cannot be revived from for at least three hours. If it manages to swallow an entire lemon, this can be 24 hours or more. During this time, it is effectively helpless - it cannot walk, fly, flame or defend itself in any way.

Subject number: #666

Subject nickname: The White Death

Three base dragon species: Screaming Death, Red Death, Whispering Death

Three base animals species: Honey Badger, Porcupine, Moray Eel

Traits: four Blood Red Eyes, Long Rol of Spines all the way down back, rotating spinning teeth, powerful swimming tail, powerful muscles, gigantic size

Personality: Highly Aggressive and willing to destroy and kill anything in its sight, however as deadly as it is, it can be passified and tamed through the use of feeding it SunBlood eels

Abilities: Can produce a Sonic Wave engulfed in flames, powerful swimmer, able to support tons of weight, Immunity to Lava, Nightvision

Potential use: The White Death can serve as a powerful mobile Fortress, with the right materials and training the White Death can be capable of carrying a base on its body, making quite a brutal force to be reckoned with.

Weakness: White Deaths cannot swim more then a mile underwater, it sleeps during Sunrises and Sunsets, even at the worst possible times, Cannot Fly, Can Be Bribed With Sunblood Eels, mostly uses brute force so its not very strategic.

Chronicles of Permafrost

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