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This article has some mature themes, such as gore, death, and experimentation, if you are sensitive to that viewer discretion is advised, credit for the coding goes to Autumn the Skywing leafwing, this is also a collaboration with her, also please do not steal this idea

Project PermaFrost
Project Permafrost Symbol.jpeg


"Subject 598 is doing well today hmm?" the white-clothed female Viking said. "Yes Lady Blizzard, it seems those new precautions finally broke the spirit of this beast..." Another Viking said dressed head to in dragon bones. "Indeed...lock the lizard in its cells we will begin interaction and preparation with the...others" Lady Blizzard said curling her white hair and walking out of the dimly lit cell entrance. "Right away your majesty!" The burly Viking said, he walked up to the pale dragon, it seems to bee some sort of hybrid, but just with another dragon other animals seem to be mixed into the creature. The burly Viking grumbled "back to your cell!" the dragon reared up a cold look in it bright blu eyes but obeyed slinking back into its cell...plotting revenge


Welcome to Project Permafrost, a Viking lead experimentation division lead by the heir to the northern throne Lady Blizzard! Here we splice dragons from across the archipelago with creatures and create something called a "Super-Hybrid" we do this to benefit Viking kind of course and to protect villages as well! we take security in this program and enforce resections on all of our subjects, they are forced into obedience, We hope you have a Snow-Tastic stay here! Our main focus on what type of super hybrid is varied, althought we mainly do species in the Sharp class, Strike class, and Tracker Class dragons.

Location and Facilities

We have multiple locations in the archipelago, we are mainly situated in the Northern regions where our majesties conquered land lie! Our facilities called 'Snow bunkers' are equied with multiple defenses to ward out any pesky dragons, they have strong dragon proof cells and multiple laboratories to perform experiments in. We strived for perfection here at Project Permafrost. Each subject has it own room tailored to its needs and functions, some subject require special care and this are out in more, ‘sturdy’ compartments

Test Subjects

Subject #851: Executioner

**Approach with extreme caution extremely dangerous**

  • Base of this hybrid Is a Crimson GoreGutter, SnaffleFang, and Whispering death
  • Other animal mixed in include, Grizzly Bear, Rhino, and Stag beetle
  • Traits: Massive and strong, dark brown scale color, Near black fur around neck and some on back, intimidating bright red eyes, near dark grey impenetrable armor, rows of deadly teeth and a powerful tail, mace-like club at the end, large ramming horns
  • Personality: Protective and a bit dumb, gets spooked and angry easily, uncontrollable when in a rampage, treats other test subjects nicely
  • Ablities: Destructive Magma bomb blasts, Booming Roars, whips of spines from tail, Near impenetrable scales
  • Potential Use: Destroying and raiding large Structures or islands
  • Weakness: Small Cramped spaces irritate and agitate it, if kept in it for too long #851 will have a sort of breakdown
Project Permafrost Executioner.png

Subject #724: Feral

**Approach with extreme caution extremely dangerous**

  • Base of this hybrid is a Speedstinger, Skrill, And a Slitherwing
  • Other animals mixed in include Wolverine, Chameleon, Crows
  • Traits: Tealsih blue scared with bright patterns of blue and green, Skrill lke crown of horns and Slitherwing Snake hood, Large speed sting Tail stinger, large sliced eyes and forked tounge
  • Personality: Crazed, unpredictable, fearless, and curious. Reckless and spontaneous,
  • Abilities: Electrified scales like an electric eel, deadly tail stings, poisons venom shooting teeth, Retractable Claws, silent feathered wings, Shifting colors of scales it blend in
  • Potential use: Espionage, Reconnaissance and infiltration of establishments
  • Weakness: Bright light damages and burns the retinas of #724, if exposed to it for to long, subjects scales begin to combust and burn up
Subject- Feral.png

Subject #589: ShiverStorm

**Approach with extreme caution extremely dangerous**

  • Base if this hybrid Is a SnowWrwith, Frigid Freezesnarl, Monsterous Nightmare
  • Other animals mixed in include Wolf, Polar bear, Orca
  • Traits: Pale icy blue with large icicl shaped spike running down back, two rows of sky blue monster out nightmare frills on back. Large curling horns, 5 foot jagged claws, Two tails
  • Personality: Cold, Stand offish, creepy, unreactive, hollow, merciless
  • Abilities: Whip up winds and cause snowstorms, breath a blue flame like material the freezes anything on contact, can cover body in this blue flame like material, spit liquid nitrogen, Thermal vision
  • Potential use: Weather manipulation and control, Intimidation and Destabilization of dragon packs
  • Weakness: Humid and dense air dazes messes with the respiratory system of this dragon, heat stroke is possible

Subject #097: SwordHeart

**Approach with extreme caution extremely dangerous**

  • Base of this Hybrid is a Razorwhip, Deadly Nadder, Grim Gnasher
  • Other animals Mixed in include Panther, Kangaroo, Bull Shark
  • Traits: Silvery purple scales with small thorn like spikes scattered throughout. Bright magenta iris. long flexible armored body. extremely deadly tail
  • Personality: Open-minded and shy, scares easily and is one of our most obedient subjects, Lady blizzard high approves of this one
  • Abilities: Fling and shed deadly spines with near perfect accuracy, Constantly regrow knife like teeth, Increased agility, jump height, and endurance
  • Potential use: Melee Weapons supply, and Assassination attempt weapon
  • Weakness: Brute force and large amount of pressure can brake #097's scale easily

Subject #777: VenomTide

**Approach with extreme caution extremely dangerous**

  • 3 base dragon species: Deep Flame, Shellfire, Deathgripper
  • 3 base animals: Moray eel, nurse shark, cobra
  • Traits: Shellfire like horns, moray eel body, cobra frill and Deep Flame coloration with a Deathgripper stinger
  • Personality: Extremely violent, will attack unprovoked and due to the experimentation it is overly territorial; so it sees things it has never seen before as its own sometimes. Will dart its extendable neck out at any moment.
  • Abilities: Has a venomous sting, venomous teeth, and an extremely strong bite force. Can swim very quickly.
  • Potential use: When controlled, could be used for fast transport pulling a boat. Could also be used as a sentinel or guard creature for a home.
  • weaknesses: Due to its experimented-upon nature, because of its extreme violent energy it will occasionally fall into a coma.

Subject #004 :The Glacialbeast

**Approach with extreme caution extremely dangerous**

***Special conditions when interacting***: All workers near subject 004 need to wear anti freezing suits and armor, as well as being equipped with tazers to subdue 004

  • Base Dragons used: Fleet Fighter, Snow Wraith, and Monstrous Nightmare
  • Base animals: Hyena, Polar bear, and leopard seal
  • Traits: Liquid nitrogen coating scales, cold and wintery plasma blast type of fire, extremely sharp eyesight, horns, and thick scales.
  • Personality: Subject 004 is an extremely hostile hybrid dragon. .. Sunject 004 is cold and uncooperative for now, as well as antisocial. Any results of trying to socialize with it agitates it greatly and the person or thing usually ends up either being ignored or severely injured.
  • Subject 004 is able to breath concentrated blast of liquid nitrogen, as well as coating itself with the cold substance. When mixed with MN DNA, the liquid nitrogen seems to have a more burning sensation instead of a freezing sensation. The Glacialbeast is very fast and maneuverable, as well has having a very sharp eyesight.
  • Potential Use: Subject 004's extremely adapted eyesight and thermal vision can be used as a scouting tool, as well as a winter rescue dragon once it is tamed. 004 could possibly be used to conquer enemies, as his blasts are able to bring down many ships.
  • Weakness: #004 gets incredibly infuriated when in touch with loud noises and rapid movement. The subject would even go as to lose its mind, and began to move around, stumbling randomly. It seems that while it is in an agitated state, subject 004 loses all sense of its environment, leaving it open to be attack and ambushed. If the loud noises continue on for too long, 004 would become so overwhelmed that it faints and could not wake up for days straight.

Subject #104: Death and life

**Approach with extreme caution extremely dangerous**

  • Three base dragon species: Light Fury, Bewilderbeast, Screaming Death
  • Three base animals species: Arctic Fox, Timber Wolf, Eagle
  • Traits: It has a LightFury shaped head and Bewilderbeast spikes all around it's head and down it's back. It doesn't have back legs, but instead it has a long furry tail with Screaming Death spikes running all down it's body. It has a large, agile build. It's wings are feathered and scaled.
  • Personality: They are aggressive and don't do well in small spaces. They have a short temper and usually end up destroying the space it's confined in. A lare open space is perfered for this subject. It is an introvert and hates other life forms.
  • Abilities: It is pretty quick for it's large size. Subject 104 has a freezing ice shot. It's scales are thick and sharp if aggitated. It can fly up to amazing speeds. They are very aware of their surroundings, and Subject 104 has pretty average eyesight.
  • Potential use: Subject 104 is tough and fast, and if convinced it can be a bodyguard for a while. They can also be used as a weapon because of it's blast and sharp claws.
  • Weakness: They can't have eels because they will die if they even take a bite. They are also weak in fire and hate being verworked or working in a team.

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