Rafola is the older brother of Cantona and his dragon are Sourpuss and Punker.


Rafola is a fun loving guy, Rafola has to take on a lot of responability after the lost of his parents at the age of 15 leaving him to care for his younger brother. Rafola is the more level headed, resourceful brother. He has orange wavy hair, green eyes, likes to keep his hatchet on him at all times. He wears a cloak made from animal fur around his shoulders for warmth. Rafola is always looking out for his younger brother Cantona and their dog Scampi.

When he was 15 years old, his parents both died from an illness a few months after leaving their two sons orphaned. Both Rafola and Cantona knew how to hunt well and care for themselves however without their parents they lost their home. The two brothers spend their days wondering around looking for a new place to call their own when they came across Frost Fall. Rafola allowed Cantona to keep Scampi, a dog he found one day while the brothers were hunting. The two brothers build a small house in Frost Fall for the time being and work as hunters or doing odd jobs.

Rafola is good with an axe and always carried around a small hatchet just in case he is in need of one. Rafola also is good at repairing weapons, he learned a little bit of blacksmitthing from his mother. He also learned how to heal and identify edible and healing plants and herbs. As a young child Rafola develope a fear of hawks after one attacked him. His younger brother Cantona however adores animals and promised to protect him from hawks if he would protect his brother from snakes, Cantona's fear.

After taking up residence in Frost Fall, the two brothers started to study the local dragons. Rafola never had a fear of dragons. His parents thought him to respect all wild life and nature and to respect it. During their travels Rafola and Cantona had visited Berk and learned about dragon training. A month or two before settling in Frost Fall, Rafola and Cantona found two Terrible Terrors later named Sourpuss, because of the dragon's grumpy nature and Bugaboo.


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