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The Razorstrike is a medium sized strike class dragon that first appeared in Dragon Defenders

Official Description

"A dragon rarer and smarter than a Night fury and the most intelligence of them all the Razorstrike is a dragon that deserve respect. Rahzar,Echo,Drift,and Clawer are one of kind brothers adapting in to the modern world".

Physical Appearance

Hatching to adult

The Razorstrike is a medium-sized dragon with long, sharp tusks protruding out of there lower jaws and a row a of armored spikes along their back and tail. They have light green eyes and stripes on their eye and neck their coloration is mainly black with grey spikes. The tail of the Razorstrike is telescopic like a Deathgripper and are tipped with a whip-like end. They even posses jagged pincers that uses to walk when their claws are shortened.


Fire power

  • Electric blue plasma blast: The Razorstrike first fire type is a shooting blue-colored electric plasma blast composed of lighting and oxyacetylene. These plasma blast explode right upon impact They can level the power of the blast such as making it small enough to knock people off there feet or powerful enough to blast through walls. It can fired with pinpoint accuracy. it's said to be so hot it can ignite fireplaces,stoves and lamps.
  • Flammable acid breath: These dragons second fire type is is launching rabid streams of flamming acid. they shoot at there targets. The acid green and highly flammable, catching fire every time it's exposed to oxygen. Allowing it to destroy wood,stone,and metal very easily.

Strength and combat

Razorstrikes are considered strong dragons, shown when four of them were able to carry a bus with no sign of struggle. They are able to use there claws to climb and stick to walls and use there stinger to pierce through brick and pull and pry block from structures. Rahzar has shown how strong his species are when he took on a herd of Ragnar's Thunderclaws and fought a Deathgripper whom has the same power level. Echo as shown to be the stronger than Rahzar and times when he pushed a whispering death and Titan wing Monstrous nightmare to the ground. Cause there Strike class dragons they have vice like jaw strength with a great bite force.

Retractable tusks

Razorstrike posses sharp tusks that they can retract backwards into their lower jaws and extend to impale prey or simply intimidate their enemies. Only males posses these tusks .

Claws and pincers

Razorstrikes claws can retract back to be shorter or longer and can pin prey during an attack. When shortened the Razorstrike uses it's jagged pincers to walk. They help them eat there food when stand on their back legs. Razorstrike's pincers and claws are so strong they can slice thought wood and serve limbs. Like a Grim Gnasher ability to regenerate their teeth. The Razorstrike has the ability to regenerate their claws and shoot them like knives.


The Razorstrike is f the fastest dragon on air and land. They can fly faster than a Night fury and can land deadly strikes on their victims. They can fly art the speed of sound. Their armored plates help them fly faster in air. When charging there bodies with lighting they have temporary hyperspeed.The dragons that can rival with the speed are few such as The Dramillion, Deathgripper, Skrill, Singetail, and Triple stryke.

Electro body

The Razorstrike has the ability to charge it's body with lighting by summoning it from the clouds to turn there body electric. As a Razorstrike enters it's electrical form it causes a massive wave of electrical energy that electrocutes everything within a close radius. Shown when Rahzar electrocutes Rippen's Deathgrippers which were clinging onto him and Sean and sent falling to there deaths.

Acute senses

Razorstrikes can smell any living thing up to a mile away. Shown when Rahzar was able to smell Sean before he found him and when Drift sensed Rippen entering Sean's house in the middle of the night.

Intelligence and Communication

Being strike class dragons. Razorstrikes are the most intelligent dragons in history. they are even said to be smater than a Night fury.This was demonstrated by Sean's Razorstrikes when they were able to understand commands through the defenders whistle and finger snap.


Razorstrikes can blend in with anything especially the dark night sky shown when Rahzar was able to fly over Brighton without being notice by anybody. They use lighting to hide when charging there body.

Burrowing and climbing

Do to there claws Razorstrike can stick to any type of terrain wall with there claws and climb soft or hard surface. They also extend them to dig holes under the surface. They can burrow fast though dirt and snow but it takes a while to get through rock and ice.


Razorstrikes have a high jaw strength they can also retract their fangs mostly use them to eat so they do break or chip them.


Razorstrikes use their pointer back claws that can hear up to 10 miles away like a Velociraptor. They use this power to find there way around when they can't see.

Endurance and stamina

Razorstrike have a high amount of stamina. They are able to survive with no wounds after being buried under a wreckage of bricks. They can survive a fall from the sky with only minor injury's shown when Drift,Echo,and Clawer were hit by the Red death's tail and fell on to solid road.


Though not tidal class dragons Razorstrike's are great swimmers and can hold there breath for awhile. They can even sea skimming.



Razorstrikes rely on there food to live if they don't eat with in six hours the we become cannibal slaves to there own hunger and eat the closest living thing near them. Shown when Rahzar didn't eat all day and killed two people.

Behavior and Personality

"Rzorstrike are pack hunters they like to heard the victim onto a kill zone"

Razorstrike's are dangerous and highly aggressive dragons that live and travel in packs they like to heard there prey into a kill zone and enjoy to feast on it. Razorstrike's are said the offspring of hell itself.

Razorstrike's turn out to be very energetic and curious dragons who love to explore the human world Rahzar and his brothers however when they first met Sean did there best to either attack or avoid the bo They observe and study things to understand them They can very well understand human language shown best when Sean told his dragons not to kill Wendy or Lance.

They are fiercly protective and loyal to there alpha and will mostly follow their orders. However once trained Razorstrike's are shown to act like dogs.


Sean was able to train his pack of Razorstrike with very little difficulty, partly because they were babies and imprinted on him when they were born as trust.