Red Slasher is a big red dragon like a Monsterous Nightmare who lives on the Dragon Island with sharp claws,teeth and blades infront of it's wings that can cut anything solid.

Informations of this dragon :

Speed : 15

Food : fish , meat , etc.

Weakness : Red Slasher like most dragons are afraid of smoke eels but some Red Slashers would eat smoke eels.

Fire Power : 10

Shot limit : 10

Hunting : When Red Slashers hunt for food they expand their wings that has sharp blades infront of it to cut down                  trees and take their target.

Size : Their as big as a Monsterous Nightmare.

Fire : their fire is as hot as a lava.

Training : It takes lots of patience to train this big fella once you start feeding and respecting this dragon earn it's trust  and you can start riding it. It takes lots and lots of hard work to train it and once you you will have your own best friend for life.

Attitude : At first it will be a really wild dragon but once you start training this dragon it will be more behave and loyal to it's master.