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Sappheral, a Blue Fury, by SnowFlakeDrake88

Sappheral, a Blue Fury, by SnowFlakeDrake88


Sappheral is a young Blue Fury. She is mainly dark blue with light blue highlights. She has unusual patterning, known as 'Titan Runes' running across her body, although this appears to have little survival use to her. She has purple eyes which, if she is angry, or using her abilities, may have yellow lightning bolts sizzling behind them. These can only be seen at a very close distance, however. Sappheral has yet to summon her first storm.


Sappheral hatched in a Blue Fury nest, the first of three eggs, on a small island not too far from Berk. Unfortunately, Dragon Hunters attacked her family's den when she was five years old, and her father, Lapis, despite his best efforts to defend the two unhatched eggs, was captured and caged. Her mother, Sky, managed to fly away with young Sappheral in her claws, summoning a storm in her wake to try and ward off

the Hunters. Sky was killed by a spear catapault, and Sappheral fell into the sea. Amazingly, Sappheral survived the water, and managed to get to shore. She grew up on a rocky island with a few Gronkles, flightless, as she had never been taught how to fly. She hunted on foot, always observing other dragons in the air, until one day, when she was ten, she climbed up the tallest cliff and sprinted off it, opening her wings as she did so. It took Sappheral another three years to learn how to fly properly for long distances. She is still nervous when taking off vertically or pulling stunts in the air (unless she is with her Rider - then it can become enjoyable)

Sappheral soon went searching for a new home, as the Gronkles saw her as a threat as she grew bigger. She ended up, very tired, on the Isle of Berk, where humans rode dragons. Naturally, she had a complete freakout, so she hid in the old Screaming Death tunnels eating underground fish and drinking from cavern pools for a week. However, she discovered that a couple of Whispering Deaths had taken up residence there, and they drove her out. She managed to escape, although she now had a few cuts and brusies.

Toothless sensed the presence of another Fury on the island, and sniffed her out, eventually finding her curled up under a tree. Sappheral woke, and discovered herself surrounded by the whole Rider team. She panicked, firing plasma blasts left, right and centre, before running off into the forest. (She had not yet learnt how to get airborne without a run-up or a cliff to jump off.) She ended up running into an iron 'foot-biter' clamp trap, and got her left foreleg stuck, which she blasted. She managed to remove most of it, however there was still a large piece of metal lodged in her which she could not remove.

Some young recruits who had not yet bonded with a dragon yet were sent out a few days afterwards to dismantle old dragon traps. This included Lily Mataka, who was suprised by/accidentally met Sappheral while dealing with a snare trap. Unbeknowst to her, the Blue Fury had been watching her for some time, and had seen her help a Terrible Terror caught in a broken net-thrower. Lily ended up in the snare trap herself, and Sappheral, against her previous encounters with humans, released her. Lily then helped remove the metal in her leg.

Lily went and told the chief about her encounter, and later Toothless and Stormfly met Sappheral and told her about Berk and the humans. She took some convincing, but allowed Lily on her back. Lily and Sappheral are now members of the Berkian Dragon-Hunter patrol, and have a strong bond which is unlikely to be broken or severed.

Full name: Sappheral StormSinger

Age: 15

Species: Blue Fury

Colors/Appearance: Dark blue with light blue highlights and purple eyes. Titan Rune markings.

Personality: Curious, cautious.

View-On-Humanity: Is scared of - but also hates - humans. Attacks them whenever it is safe to do so.

Mate: None as of yet, although may fancy Toothless.

Family: Lapis and Sky. Captured/killed in a Dragon-Hunter raid on their den - hence why she dislikes humans. (May have a sibling)

Allies: Toothless & the DragonRiders, Lily Mataka (Later)

Enemies: Dragon Hunters - she really, really hates them.

Lily Mataka

Rider Of Sappheral the Blue Fury

Name: Lily Mataka

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Lily Mataka by Ember Akasie

Stunning art of Lily Mataka by Ember Akasie

Species: Human

Description: Black frizzy hair, brown eyes, darker skin tone.

Personality: Stubbornly happy, loyal and curious.

Sappheral's stat card by Hydra Hyster.

Dragon Cards/Book by Hydra Hyster

Sappheral Stats:

190 hp

Class: Strike


Plasma Blast 30

Multiple Blast 40

THOR!! 50

Bite 20

Claws 10

Wind Burst 30