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Scarlette (Scar) is a character in my fanfics Hearts of shadow,Before the Riders owned by Nightfury4eva

"you'd be jumpy too if there was a reward on your hide" -Scarlette (scar) 


Scar is a scary looking small dragon she has snow-white scales with ruby red highlights on her back, wings, and down her tail. she usually has smoke pouring out of her mouth and has an underbite like all grim gnashers. she has amber eyes with a slitt for a pupil along with stone grey horns and an electric blue underbelly.


Scarlette (preferred nickname Scar) was hatched on Vanihime with her pack. she was the daughter of the beta of her pack but held no power over others. they were doing just fine until the sentinels and someone named Osvald the agreeable came in and made her life tough. her pack was starved since they were kept away from the dying dragons. she couldn't see the big deal about this, they were dying anyways so why not kill them? her pack had to leave her to die too many mouths to feed too little food. she was picked up by some dragon hunters who wanted to use her teeth for arrows. luckily Kaya decided to raid that ship and took home the little grim gnasher. at first, Scar only wanted to hang out with Vera but soon warmed up to Nightshade, Elka, Echo, Sunstone, and Thunder. she grew up with them and will do anything to help them unless it involves admitting to something that she will never EVER do. 


Scar is shifty and cunning. she is different from all the other characters because she's the only one who could be considered 'bad' or 'evil'. she constantly askes Elka to pardon her and get her out of trouble whenever she gets caught doing something bad.  she has pretty much no morals and her mood gets better when she's near the misery of others. (unless they're her friends) she only cares about herself and those few who manage to be her friends. 



Scar shoots two types of fire.(three if you count the combination of the two). the first type is teeth, Scar can shoot teeth at her enemies as a projectile like arrows. she can also shoot fire her fire isn't that powerful but she has multiple attacks. she can combine both teeth and fire to shoot flaming teeth double the damage, but she barely ever does that because she almost always gets herself out of situations that could involve crossfire.


Scar can see pretty well, she doesn't have amazing sight for she doesn't need to see very well to hunt elderly dragons. she can see better than humans and most cats but she can't see much better than that. at night her vision doesn't really improve, but it doesn't get worse. she can see just fine and uses that fact all the time.


Scar isn't very strong. she's a small dragon who can't carry much more than a medium-sized rock and a Viking on her back. she's usually brought in for her stealth, as she can weave through small spaces and go around basically unnoticed.


in the air she can't fly for very long, her wings are small and not super strong so she doesn't go very far. on land, she can run a marathon easily because her legs make up like 80% of her body mass. Scar was raised with a large pack territory on Vanihime so she had to run the length of her territory daily to hunt and stay alive.


Scar is cunning, not traditionally smart but she is clever and can think on her feet. she can easily make up lies to get out of sticky situations and unlike her other friends, she has tons of common sense. she is witty and can come up with good comebacks. though she sometimes doesn't understand what's asked of her she is generally very smart.


Scar is one of the most stealthy out of her friend group. she is a white dragon but she can fit into tight spaces and easily sneak onto ships. she's not super good in the dark because of her white coloration but her small size makes her hard to find. she is light on her feet and can leave without leaving a trace that she was ever there.


Scar isn't a dragon with high morals. she does what she needs to survive and is great at taking care of herself in a sticky situation. sometimes the things she has to do to keep herself alive can be considered 'illegal' for example stealing things and selling them for fish, or stealing fish, or selling dragon nip for fish. she's constantly asking Elka to bail her out of trouble because Elka has power over others and Scar is her friend.

Natural enemy(ies)

Scar has a hatred of some dragon species because they dislike her species. her main dragon enemy is the Sentinel dragon. these boulder class dragons found out what Scar and her pack were doing in Vanihime and they kept a better watch on the dragons cut off some of their territories and banished them from the island. (also when the dragon riders were on Vanihime with the sentinels she didn't want to help the dragons that were in a coma or fight the grim gnashers). her other enemy would be Slitherwings. they used to kill her species all the time but her species evolved to be immune to their venom (actual fact) Scar can take down a Slitherwing with no repercussions because she's immune to their venom.

Main Dragon friendships 







Copper (author's note, Scar has no dragon friends other than these, this is why there is no Secondary friendships section)

Main human friendships









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