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This is a story of love. This is a story of action. This is a story of drama. This is a story by Manga Maniac.

This story... is Serious Business.



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Thunder clashes against the moonlight. Seas storm about, throwing their weight around and knocking fragile pebbles and rocks over. A crack appears in the sand below the sea. Birddragons squeak as they dive down and kidnap fish, and promptly eat them. Their white feathers shimmering against the almost pura blackness, with a hint of blue, that is the background. It is, all in all, very dramatic.

A boat rides the waves into the picture from the upper left, in an unusually fast rate as the wind blows it out of control. It performs a few twirls and circles a couple of times. A Viking can be seen steering the wheel at the poop deck, while other members of the crew are running about screaming and trying to stop the ship from turning over by standing in a complicated position all over the boat that is perfectly balanced, all the while getting very flustered.

Just as things finally seem to be getting under control, a land mass appears from nowhere. The rain splashes in the captain's eyes as he's unable to change the ship's course, and the boat crashes into the island, calmly, resisting the temptation to suddenly explode.

Years pass.

The boat doesn't rot.