This FanFiction is a crossover story between Hearts of Shadow, A Fading Star will Rise Again, and A Nadder's Tail. the authors of these are Nightfury4eva, Esteria the Night Fury, and EverGreen13 me.

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NOTE: This story has no relevance with any of the other story timelines...also violence and mild gore...

Chapter 1 - Injured

It was a warm day outside the Hidden World, and it was too nice to pass up a fly, so that's what Elka did. She was flying around when she saw the most peculiar thing, a gigantic Nadder was flying towards her. She flew down to a rocky island which so happened to have a Night Fury looking dragon on it, Elka recognized the dragon as Esteria. Esteria and Elka were co-Alphas, who work together as the Queens of the Hidden World since they are both young so they can't do it alone. 

"Hey, Elka!" Esteria said, perking up as Elka flew down to the island.

When she landed, warm rocks crunched beneath her feet. She walked over to Esteria.

"Hello, Este," Elka said a concerned look on her face as she watched the gargantuan Nadder fly closer. "Do you see that?" She asked.

Esteria followed Elka's gaze, spotting the peculiar dragon. "Yeah, is that-"

She was cut off by Elka's answer. "Yeah. A Nadder."

The Nadder crashed down in front of the two smaller dragons, panting and injured. Blood spilled out of the wound in its leg. Elka's fur spiked, showing it that she would attack if provoked. Esteria glanced worriedly at the Nadder but was unsure how to proceed. Elka looked into its deep red eyes, it seemed to be sad, no it was afraid. The giant Nadder was afraid.

It towered over Esteria and Elka, looking down on them, it's red eyes gleaming with pain, actual and mental. The gargantuan beast spoke, in a surprisingly weak voice.

"I-I need your help." He stuttered.

Esteria looked at him, concern written all over her face. "Gods, what's happened to you?"

The Nadder winced in pain as his injuries throbbed. "S-Scar." He whimpered, before blacking out.

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