Smokey is a Thunderdrum and the dragon of Dante.

Species Thunderdrum
Gender Male
Rider Dante Royal
Basic Info
Residence Frost Fall
Affiliations Ivory Clan
Owner Aniju Aura


Originally Smokey is a very large "fat and ugly" dragon described by Aniju, though he resembles Sparky from Frankenweenie. He had a round body and tail. He has two horns on his head that point backwards. Because of his over weight size, the other riders and dragon never really like Smokey and never considered him useful. Aniju however liked Smokey's form because she had seen everyone else with more complicated dragons that she couldn't decide on any of those. She thought Smokey was cute and so he became her dragon. Smokey is simple minded and easily amused so Aniju occupies him with games or simple task for him to do. Smokey has the habit of chasing his tail. Despite being a big dragon, Smokey can fly and uses his weight and larger size to his advantage though he doesn't seem to know his own strength.

Smokey was later turned into a male Thunderdrum with light blue scales and rainbow spots. Smokey isn't the sharpest tool in the shed but his heart is in the right place. He doesn't seem to know his owwn sizes and asts like a giant lap dog. He is easily distracted. Like all Thunderdrums Smokey has a booming voice and can knock back enemies and even forcefully knock dragons out of the sky or riders from their dragons. 


After Dante arrived at Frost Fall with the rest of Ivory, everyone set out to tame a dragon. Dante found Smokey on the island and managed to befriend him, simply by feeding him. Smokey had been Dante's loyal friend ever since.

During the invasion of Frost Fall, Smokey fell under Snowblaze's control, forcing Dante to seek help from Gothic. However Dante was able to get him back by using his dragon shouts. Smokey helped drive off Ragnarok and returned to Dante afterwards. Together they helped gather fish while the village was being repaired. 


Pictures of Smokey.


  • Aniju loved Smokey because he was fat and ugly made him different from other dragons.
  • Originally Smokey was an unknown original species but was changed to a Thunderdrum to match everyone in Ivory's dragons being a Canon Species, except for Ernesto's.