Son of Night Fury
Please note that death and fights will occur in this story, so if you are sensitive to that, read at your own risk.

This story takes place 100 years before How to Train Your Dragon


It was a nice day. Night Flury was sleeping on his cave, The Mammels lived on nice and good day. Sudenlly a Giant Manties called Kamacuras, which dug up Dart's egg and broke it open, intending to eat the hatchling. Fortunately, Toothless arrived on the island and confronted the Kamacuras, killing two and forcing the third one to retreat. The newly-hatched Dart came to befriend a female hedgehog living on the island, Amy Rose, who fed him fruit and gained the ability to summon him with her call. Toothless was raise Dart as his son and train him to take up his mantle. Toothless and Dart took up residence next to a boiling red lake on the island, where Toothless attempted to teach Dart how to use his Fire Breath. Dart could only breathe pitiful Fire Balls, but Toothless found that when he stepped on his tail, Dart fired a full atomic beam. When Amy was threatened by the surviving Kamacuras, Dart rushed to her rescue, but could not fight off the Kamacuras. Toothless soon arrived, and Kamacuras promptly retreated. However, during the struggle Dart accidentally knocked a boulder into the valley of the giant walrus monster Maguma, awakening it.

While Toothless was asleep, Dart began to wander the island, only to be headbutted in Maguma Head, along with Kamacuras. Maguma instantly killed Kamacuras by injecting it with venom, then prepared to do the same to Dart. Dart cried out for help, and soon Toothless arrived and attacked Maguma, but found himself losing the battle. Just as Maguma prepared to move in for the kill, Minilla unleashed his atomic breath at it. Toothless and his son then combined their heat rays and set Maguma ablaze, killing it. In the meantime, the U.N. scientists successfully executed their weather experiment, causing a snowstorm to form over the island. Toothless and Dart attempted to flee the sky before Solgell Island froze over, but Dart fell in the snow and became tired. Rather than abandon his son, Toothless went back to his cave and embraced Dart, falling into hibernation with him.

The next day, when Toothless and his son awakes in the cave. They went for hunting fish, When someone else Sleeping by the shore. It Kamoebas, sleeping in the sand. Dart accidentally knocked a boulder Kamoebas when he's sleeping. Kamoebas awakes, when he's walking to the sea. When Toothless asleep, he has a dreem, When he was Younger, he was walking in the show alone just befor other Dragons save him. After this, Dart was playing alone, only to be fight by Kamoebas. After Dart was fighting The Giant Turtle, he mannaged to Blast Fire Breath from his Mouth and bite on Kamoebas Neck, Killing him. Toothless aravied in time to see his Son, he saw Kamoebas dead on the ground. Toothless was proud of his son, and they finally return to the Cave where they containute to lived good place.

List of Dragons and Monsters in the Film


  • Toothless or Night Fury
  • Dart


  • Maguma
  • Kamacuras
  • Kamoebas


Main Theme

Main Theme

Toothless vs Maguma

Toothless vs Maguma

Toothless Remembers

Ellie Remembers

Dart vs Kamoebas

Track 16


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