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Soul-Fury art by SnowFlakeDrake88

Soul-Fury art by SnowFlakeDrake88

"Odin-Fright, Odin-Fright! Furies that set the Moon alight! They'll get you when the time is right!" - Dreadfall Rhyme to Scare Children

Author's Notes

Sure, you can use 'em for OCs or characters if you ask me first, but just randomly mentioning them requires nothing at all (Unless you want to notify me, because I love seeing everything). I made this Fury because I got better at drawing them so I wanted to create my own.

Official Description

Viking used to sing of a terrible cousin of the Night Fury who lived once a year on Dreadfall night, scaring and killing entire villages. Songs and rhymes to scare children on Dreadfall. Nowadays, all dismiss it as a myth. But the myths, songs and rhymes... everything is based on truth. It started with a shepherd named Jack. He lived in a plentiful village. But, on Dreadfall night at harvest festival, people looked upon the skies and the moon. And they saw what they thought were Night Furies. Then they noticed something was off, they looked more like ghosts! They dove down and attacked, an event labelled as the Soul-Steal massacre. They left Jack and a single one of his flock of sheep. One man to tell the tale. The village was destroyed. He told his story. Everyone laughed and over years it became a myth. But those who believed Jack or were attacked themselves named these ghosts of Night Furies, Soul-Furies.

Unforgiving, intelligent, violent, wild, dangerous, sneaky and, worst of all, petrifying murderers.


Class: Strike (Formerly Fear and Mystery)

Wingspan: 40ft (Five less than Night Furies)

Physical Appearance



Much like the Night Furies, except glow green-ish, as a Flightmare would. Oval in shape and grey in colour (And as already mentions, glows mysteriously green).


It should be assumed they are smaller versions of the adult, but completely white instead of grey (Still with ghostly glow). They have no teeth and claws are mere stubs.


They have grown taller, their glow more ghostly and half-fading. Their teeth have grown in but, unlike Night Furies, cannot retract. Their claws are sharper and thicker and their black stripes have darkened to visibility. Their wings are now strong enough to fly and by this stage are considered legible adults by their kind.


The most commonly seen stage of Soul-Furies. Their glow is much like one would imagine a dark spirit. Their teeth are serrated (Which is why teeth do not retract) and their claws have grown longer. Wings are much stronger and would take something quite sharp with enough force put in to pierce this part of the Fury. They are also a lot more aggressive, sneaky, bigger, dangerous and terrifying.


No existing ones have been seen by man - at least not any living man. Soul-Fury believers theorize they have horns, big, black and curving like a demon between their ear-nubs and glow more blue-y like a water spirit.


Plasma Blast

Like their cousins, the Night Fury, Soul-Furies shoot a plasma blast as their fire, but it comes out looking like a will o' the wisp in an acute blast.


While not as speedy as their cousins, Soul-Furies have been witnessed to be incredibly agile and quick. Making sharp turns in seconds and twisting their bodies quite easily.


Like something out of a horror show, Soul-Furies can sneak up on anything, being light on their feet and being able to lower their heart rate and silence their unholy breath. Combine this with their empty-looking eyes and terrifying appearance and you get a viking's lifetime of nightmares in one dragon.

Ghost Mist

Like Flightmares, Soul-Furies can breathe a strange mist. However, this doesn't freeze those you come in contact with it, it causes those afflicted to feel sleepy (In some cases) and jumpy. It also contorts vision to horrific sights, as if wanting to add to their nightmarish appearance and aura.



Soul-Furies have quick metabolisms while awake, making them easy to kill by starving them.

Sleep Deprivation

Depriving a Soul-Fury of it's at least 90 days of sleep a year cause it to become mad, drowsy and somewhat drunk-like.


Many Soul-Furies feel insecure in their scary looks and try to drown it out by scaring people and squashing their upsetting feelings and emotions. We are sure this can be used against them in some way.

Dragon Root & Nip

Dragon Root (Concentrated or not) usually cause almost immediate full-body shut down when entering the immune system or even smelling it. Dragon Nip then causes what it does to all dragons - turn them into overgrown kittens. But with enough, Soul-Furies might enter a coma-like state for two to five days.

Behaviour & Personality


Soul-Furies are said to only come out on Dreadfall night. However, they only attack and kill humans during this time. They seclude themselves from civilisation and spend around 100 days a year sleeping in dark, dank places.


Reaper Eel

Soul-Furies are known to eat Reaper Eels. It appears eels do not scare them as much as they do other dragons and eat the specific breed. Soul-Furies eat berries, fish and any other meat they can lay their talons on.


Despite their insecure species, Soul-Furies are often quite social with their own species, especially pack-mates.


Like all pack dragons, Soul-Furies are commanded by an alpha, who they are loyal too. The alpha is often the Fury with the most intelligence, strength and leadership. Soul-Furies do not listen to the overall King of Dragons, as they consider themselves not worthy of that leadership, unless a Soul-Fury is an Alpha (Which is an almost impossible thing to happen).


Being quite social with their own kind, mating can happen between often and infrequent. It is most commonly in their own pack but inter-pack mating has occurred. When two Soul-Furies love each other they will at some point mate and create 1-3 offspring. There is no particular season or time for mating with this species, it just happens. Soul-Furies call their mates 'Soul-Mates' (Cause that's a bad joke).

Crossbreeding & Hybrids

As they are not social with other dragons that much, hybrids are rare. Dragons such as Night Furies, Light Furies, Night-Lights and other fury-dragons are more likely to be trusted/warmed up to. Hybrids (If they happen) will be furies exclusively.

Known possible hybrids: Nightsouls (Night Fury x Soul-Fury), LightSouls (Light Fury x Soul-Fury), Light-Night-Souls (Night-Light x Soul-Fury).

Sea-Souls (Sea Fury x Soul-Fury)

Sea-Soul Female

Soul-Furies have no distaste for the water, actively swimming often frequently. It then could occur they run into Sea-Furies - along with the possibility of a hybrid. Sea-Souls are semi-nocturnal, with dark blue stripes and turquoise colouration. They have dark blue 'fins' on the back of their legs and swim quite easily. They are small compared to a Night Fury as both parents are smaller than a Night Fury. Like Sea Furies, gender can be told by ear-tips; males have black ear-tips and females have light blue ones. Their glow is visibly dimmer (Unless in the dark) and they still have rather ghostly looking eyes (Pupils are usually purple). They plasma blast is white, purple and blue in colour. (Sea-Furies made by Ember Akasie/ LightFury271).

I will add more hybrids when I'm allowed to by other people.


Towards humans and other dragons, they our outright hostile or untrusting. They tend to destroy and kill most things. But alone with themselves or their own kind, they enjoy nature, swimming and playing. Earn their trust (Which is unlikely if you're human), they will tend to their more peaceful personality.


During hibernation, it is normally secluded places such as caves and deep, dark places. Outside of hibernation they hang out near rivers, forests and fields and occasionally coastal areas.


They don't really trust humans enough to let them live, let alone train them. Start by not being scared, they might like you a bit after that. Feeding them is a good idea and letting them sleep an have their alone time is quite necessary. If they will let you, play with them - something to ease the relationship. Soon enough, you will have become their friend and training is complete! They will be loyal to you, but shy/aggro around your friends, family and other non-Soul-Fury dragons.



Willow the Soul-Fury


  1. Their appearance (In my head) is based off LunaraTheNNF's Sea Fury OC, Aukai!
  2. They were originally meant to be called Pitch-Furies and were black - that was scrapped.
  3. One version of the Soul-Fury was white all over and looked like a classic pale ghost.
  4. Some of their closest relatives are Flightmares, Night Furies and Light Furies