Stardust (Jewel Strike)



Jewel Strike


Aurora Mist


Gem Strike, Diamond Shield, Opal Blast, Amazing Speed, Agility, Sharp Point Turns


August 17





Stardust is a purple, pink, and blue sparkly Jewel Stike, with Amber eyes. She is a little smaller than Toothless in size.


She is Amora Mist's Dragon. They have been companions for both of their entire lives. (See Amora's history for how she met Amora.) Stardust was very accepting when she met Hiccup. He gained her trust quickly. She and Toothless started to bond after they met, and soon became mates. During the time span in where "Gift of the Night Fury" took place, Stardust laid three eggs. The father was Toothless. The new breed was dubbed the "Night Jewel". The first one, Luna, was a girl who got the body and eyes of Toothless, but the coloring of a Jewel Strike. The second one, Sol, was a boy who got the body and eyes of Stardust, but the coloring of Toothless. And the last one, Nebula, was a girl who got the body of Stardust, with the wings, tail, ears, and huge green eyes of Toothless. She is the colors of both of Stardust and Toothless.


Stardust (Jewel Strike)

Stardust is kind and caring, when in a good mood. She does not like loud noises and very is protective of Amora Stardust is very loyal with high intelligence, and usually acts like a giant cat.


Amora: This is her rider/trainer. They are best friends, like most Dragon/Rider relationships. Stardust will protect Amora with her life.

HICCUP: She accepted and trusted Hiccup very quickly. Even though she does watch him to make sure he does not hurt Amora in any way.

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