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this is a character in Hearts of shadow and Before the Riders fanfics owned by Nightfury4eva

  "what aren't you telling me?"- Sunstone


Sunstone was hatched on a hunters ship raised for her fire scales she was treated horribly living in low light and constantly getting hit with sharp objects. the combination of low light and constantly getting hit in the face made her irreversibly blind. Kaya raided that hunter ship (she does this often) she found Sunstone and took her in, at the time sunstone was about 13 making her older than some of the other dragons but not the oldest. she wasn't used to talking or playing with other dragons so when Kaya introduced her to Elka Sunstone was understandably nervous. the first dragon she had met was Echo a silver Deathsong she mostly stayed close to Echo sometimes interacting with Elka, Thunder, andNightshade but stayed away from Vera and Scar. eventually, she came out of her shell and learned to fit in with her misfit friends.


formerly shy and scared she is now a very kind and empathetic dragon. she was the most sane out of Elka's friend group being one of the emotional supports (along with Copper).



Sunstones fire is unique being the hottest fire out of all of her friends, even though Nadders have the hottest fire Fireworm Queens have the most firepower it may not be as hot but the amount they can release makes it very powerful.


Sunstone can't see. she's blind but that doesn't make it harder for her to navigate the world around her. she can find her way through other senses like touch, hearing, and smell. touch may be the most important one it gives her an 'echolocation' of sorts. she heats her scales up and uses heat pits to sense which objects are closest to her and where they are.


Sunstone is very strong, she is able to carry an adult Rumblehorn with ease. she eventually gets tired from carrying something heavy for too long and her wings give out but it takes a while. her wings though being small are incredibly powerful although they don't carry her very fast.


Sunstone can fly for a long time without rest. most of that is her pushing herself to not let anyone down but other than that she can fly for a good long while. she is better on land than in the air but she isn't too picky about where she is.


Sunstone is very intelligent, her species is smart on its own but she also uses basic common sense, wich her friends cannot seem to master. making her the second smartest in the friend group. (Echo was the smartest but she died a while ago)


Sunstone isn't very stealthy. not only is she big and bright but she's pretty clumsy. she can't hide very well and she's clumsy because she can't see and doesn't know where things are most of the time and trips over holes and bumps in the ground.

Cause of death *spoilers*

Sunstone was killed by her best friend Elka. however this was an accident, she didn't mean to kill Sunstone she was trying to hit the shadow legion surrounding Sunstone. Neberu had convinced Elka to blast at the shadow legion around Sunstone Neberu told the shadow legion to disperse around Sunstone clearing a path for Elka's blast. Sunstone was dead before she hit the ground. Elka never forgave herself for that but id Sunstone was still alive she'd say that it wasn't Elka's fault she was tricked into killing her.

Emotional support friend

Sunstone is better known as the emotional support friend. she was always there when her friends needed her and she would help them out to the best of her abilities. haveing other dragons problems dumped on her caused her extra stress but it was worth it if she was able to make them happier. it was often hard for her to help because she couldn't relate to their problems but she's dedicated to helping them out no matter what.


loss of sight, Sunstone cannot see, she's more blind than a bat, (I know that's not the saying but bats can see very well so that statement is VERY untrue). she hates eels like any normal dragon. Sunstone really hates the cold, it lowers her firepower and when she cools down she begins to die. she also really hates the water. Sunstone doesn't like to be mean, so when someone is bullying her she just kind of submits.

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