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The Bloody Maiden is Qinny's OC made for ArachnidTheHivewingSkywing's Dragon Hunter contest.

Brief Description

The Bloody Maiden is infamous among the stories and legends of the Dragon Trappers for being a gruesome and dauntless killer.  Not else is known about her despite her infamy.

"Tales tell of a beautiful girl that lived in a peaceful town. She skipped to the bakery everyday, watered the flowers, had good grades at school, and most importantly she made her parents very proud of her. Until one day, something inside her mind warped and darkened.


Despite being viewed of as perfect by everyone around her, she wasn't so sure of that. In her opinion, the perfect beings were dragons. Creatures that could be whatever you want them to be, unlimited power and freedom. She looked at dragons everyday, and the more she looked at them, the more she longed for their freedom.

Because she was a dignified girl, her family put many pressures on her as she grew. They wanted her to be graceful and feel graceful, "like a girl should be." These high demands made her feel trapped and cornered into the obedience of those she thought she had loved. 

The undying amount of stress and work was dumped on her over and over again. Her family's expectations were too high for her, and alongside her longing for freedom, her anger and wrath grew as everything crushed her young heart.

Though soon after something happened within her family, and she was allowed to persue her study on dragons like she had always wanted to.

The study on dragons hooked her, and soon, she was so obsessed with dragons, she wanted to become one. However, to become a dragon when you are a mere human being is a difficult task. You've got things to hide away, hiding everything bloody from others, just to keep her perfect and angelic reputation.

Every week she killed a dragon. It started out small, with her taking out dogs and neighbourhood cats. Then, she began to move onto Terrible Terrors, Night Terrors, baby dragons, and other familiar creatures. That mad woman was insane, she killed the dragons for herself only. To her own pleasure, she cut up the pieces of flesh and cooked them. I believe she also fed these to her family.

Slowly over time, she started skinning and removing different parts from her kills. She made entire costumes and clothing out of pure dragon hides. She often wore those bodies of flesh as suits. And when they were starting to rot, she will discard it and make new ones from other victims.

These are just a few legends surrounding her, but Dear Thor do I hope I don't get to meet her. You should know, you should know that she is unpredictable and merciless.

Don't fall for her sweet words, for nearly anything she does are all traps. You have been warned."

- An experienced dragon hunter telling one of his succesors to be wary of The Bloody Maiden


"She had those inncocent brown eyes. Sparkly and ever so bright, like two shining pearls. And that smile... the smile you both love and fear. She was an angel with a shotgun..."

-Mal describing The Bloody Maiden

The Bloody Maiden has the appearance of a fairly young woman along her 20- 30s. Though her height is unrecorded, she is generally seen as very tall. In fact, sometimes she can tower over most men. She has a thin and spindly frame, with delicate limbs and skin so pale most decribe her to be as white as paper. Many would describe her as extremely attractive, due to having a feminine and innocent look that she uses to hide her true colors.

She is often seen using light make up, such as a white powder that she uses to mask her face in a pale coloration. Though a lot of times you won't get to see her face at all, since it would be covered in a bone-white mask. Often times she would appear with a snow white face and blood red lipstick. It is noted that she frequently uses fragrant perfumes, in order to mask the raw scent of blood that lingers around her at all times.

The Maiden dons many sets of clothing. Though she is most often seen wearing a scarlet ball gown, in a style similar to those from the Victorian Era. The gown has many ruffles and edges, looking to be made by a very skilled frabrician. The gown is also embedded with these white beads, that are actually the teeth from different kinds of dragons, sculpted and molded until they are of a perfect shape.

Her waist is tightly wrapped with a corset, and on the exterior the wasit of her dress is decorated with a loose and dainty sash. The silky sash is tied into the shape of a bow.

It is noted that her dress is often stained with blood, but the scarlet coloration makes it hard to spot and see. Due to these blood stains, she has been given the name, "The Bloody Maiden."

Other than the ball gown she wears to give people a good impression, she also has hidden clothing. These hidden clothing are usually scraps of bloody dragon skin she had gathered from fresh kills. Usually she would kill dragons from different species and skin them whole. The rest of the flesh is either thrown away or eaten.

Usually the scales would still have pieces of flesh stuck to them. Why she doesn't bother to remove them is unknown. After wearing or using these amalgamations of suits, they would start to rot and become putrid, which is a starting signal for her to discard the skins and make a new one.

These skins vary from size to shape, and they are always changing. The Bloody Maiden never makes a set of suits that she could keep forever, and only focuses on using them until they cannot be used any longer. The only piece of a dragon that she keeps permanently was the skull of an unidentified dragon.

She usually likes to keep it around her head and shoulder area, obscuring her entire face, making her the more mysterious.


The Bloody Maiden is like a venemous snake hidden underneath the fragile flower. She sports the pure appearance of a sweet and lovely girl whilst covering her trail of crimes undetected. Her words are sugarcoated and sweet at first but once they get the hang of you they are no different to poison. She is incredibly manipulative, able to use her charisma to get what she wants from others with little to no ease. Usually, once she has no more use for a person she will betray them however she likes, knowing that she would not have any consequences for doing so.

On top of being manipulative and possesive, The Maiden is sly and cunning as a fox. She is able to use her wits to outsmart her opponents in many situations. One of these include tricking Master Ryddle, one of the most infamous and feared dragon trappers in all of history. She was not only able to trick him, but also able to murder him. How she murdered him was unknown, and Ryddle's body was never found.

Her sadistic and morbid behavior contributes to her drive to killing dragons. The truth is, dragons have never done anything to harm The Bloody Maiden. She does not hunt them for revenge or out of anger, she hunts for the pure joy she recieves when she steals the life of an innocent soul. 


Dragons used to hunt humans...but now, she hunts them.


This is what causes most to fear her. Her unpredictable behavior make many wary of her capabilities.

Also despite having a calm and sophisticated appearance, the Bloody Maiden is sometimes reported to have a terrifying temper. Hunters decribe her wrath as hellfire, and her vengeance proves unbreakable. It is told that whatever you do, it is best not to talk down on her appearance, as she would get mad if you insult her.

Though, most believe that her personality could lead to her downfall.

Early Life & Backstory

The Bloody Maiden was born into a sophisticated high class family somewhere around Europe in a small town. Ever since she was a a little girl, her family put high standards and pressures on her, trying to shape ger into something they want, but ultimately wrecks the individuality of The Maiden.

Due to these high standards, she was forced to take many classes, and get good grades at school, in fear of disappointing her own peers. She took, cooking, sewing, English, and many other activities that were considered, "feminine."

She feared making mistakes, as she has learned that hard way that it is seen as shameful and a huge humiliation to fail at anything. She was nearly worked to death from the early morning all the way to the deep night. Her forced feelings of pretending to be happy and cheerful brought her pain and misery.

Until one day she could no longer control her hell's wrath, and brutally murdered her neighbour's small dog by strangling it to death in its sleep. Her killing instincts grew as her kills kept on getting more and more dangerous. And now, that was just the start of her legacy, that still continues to this day.

For many years, she hid this murdering tendencies away from her family, and everyone kept on viewing her as the perfect and most well raised girl in their town. After that, she started her extensive study on the creatures she had always admired, dragons.

She has since then moved away from her hometown. And that was when her fearful reputation began to spread.

There was nearly no news of her for around 2 years, until one day major gossip has broken out among the dragon trappers. There was a rumour going around that a beautiful maiden was wandering around in the woods and drinking the blood from injured dragons, that were caught in their traps. Most depicted her as a young woman wearing some sort of red garment, a red hood, red dress, red robes, and etc. There were many different variations of the stories, but most centered around a weird lady who killed and murdered dragons even more skillfully than experienced warlords.

However, it was only told as a rumour, and many believed that they were just stupid tales some random hunters made up to pass the time.

Unfortunately for them, that so called stupid tale turned out to be true. After a major dragon hunter from the North known as Krularr had her based infiltrated by some mysterious woman with a scarlet dress. Many were instantly shocked, as they knew that Krularr's base was nearly indestructable, with guards at every tip and corner. As well as hired guards, every nook and cranny were laced with deadly traps.

Krularr, upon hearing the news, was furious, and sent her troops out to try and kill the infiltrator. But to no avail, they have searched every room and chamber, and have found not a single suspicious person. Krularr panicked, and she ordered every guard to continue searching, until she found out that her precious Book of Dragons was missing.

She was fuming, and swore revenge on whoever took her book, which she had stolen from one of the most famous dragon researchers that has yet to be named.

A few days later, for some reason, her entire base was decimated  by a massive explosion. Thousands of trappers died, including Krularr herself. While the other warlords were searching through the charred rubbish piles, they noticed something that will be remembered for the rest of history.

At the center of the piles of debris, there stood a slender and tall pole. On the pole, there was a red piece of fabric flapping to the cold, grey winds. And on the piece of fabric, letters were stitched on with a dark thread.

It read; " I'm back."

This event threw the whole economy of dragon trappers into chaos. Many were still scratching their heads and wondering how The Bloody Maiden had even managed to kill Krularr. Fear and more stories of The Bloody Maiden had spread all across Europe. Some even suggested that she had supernatural powers. Within a single week, she has already built herself a fearsome reputation.



Being raised in a sophisticated family, The Bloody Maiden has had some of the best access to education in her younger years. Though she has since given up on that education, her high intellect remains, as she is able to clearly assess and outsmart her way to victory. She is quick to devise plans on the spot and many fear her capabilities, since she was somehow able to outsmart and kill Master Ryddle, who was considered one of the smartest hunters the world has ever seen.

She is very calculated when it comes to planning her kills. Every little movement and action of a dragon species is recorded and studied by her. She knew every little twitch, every little hint of fear and hesitation. It was like a book on the back of her hand. So far, she has been studying all kinds of dragons, their weaknesses, and the best way to bring them down without harming herself in the process.

This habit of analyzing her victims could also be used on humans, and to do this she has to silently stalk her enemies from afar.


The Bloody Maiden is described as extremely charismatic, and she uses this to manipulate and trick others into her bidding. Her charisma mostly comes from her looks, which is also expressed to be very innocent and pretty. With her maiden-like looks and sweet voice, she gives off the impression that she is harmless, when in fact she is a cold-blooded serial killer on the inside.

She has fooled many people already, all in an effort to either entertain her or to use them for her own gain. And when they are of no more use to her, she will abandon/dispose of them.

Skilled Murder

The Bloody Maiden was named after the blood stains on her clothes and skirt. Her name not only deprives from her stained clothing, but also her brutal and sadistic tendencies, which she has acquired after she discovered her obsession with dragons.

Her killing spree first started when she was a girl. She had been weighed down by the high expectations of her family, and she had little to no space to express her emotions. Those trapped emotions broke her down and put her into a fit of silent rage. Soon after, she would often sneak out at midnight to kill small animals.

Her first kill was her neighbour's pet dog, which she ruthlessly strangled to death in its sleep. After she had killed the innocent creature, she had realized how, "fun," it was and craved for more slaughter. That was the beginning of her violent behavior.

Soon, she began killing more and more creatures, and moved onto dragons, which she happily skinned whole and served to her family. Her family had never questioned how she got the meat, and all those years she was highly effective of covering her tracks and erasing all evidence. So, she remained undetected by everyone, and they all had thought of her as a dignified and normal girl.

Then, after she had started her own study on dragons, she began to murder people who got in her way, including those of other dragon hunters. All of her victims' bodies were never found, and they actually have no solid proof that she had actually killed them. However, she was always the primary suspect whenever a major warlord or dragon trapper dies.

This seemingly perfect ability to kill people without leaving a trace is what makes her potentially dangerous to those around her.


It is unknown if The Bloody Maiden has any emotions or mutual feelings for others. A lot of people speculate that she does not in fact have any emotions at all. This can cause her to have a general lack of empathy and care for others, mostly seen in her selfish and impulsive behavior of killing anyone that gets in her way.

Though, it's safe to say that if The Bloody Maiden does not have any true feelings she must be very good at acting. This is shown when she was able to make herself appear kind and likeable to everyone around her. She is able to fake tears and other emotions very well, and it is very difficult if not impossible to tell if she actually meant it.

Sewing & Needlework

The Maiden is very talented when it comes to sewing and stitching. Her work is very delicate and precise, and she does all the work by herself, all by hand. She has acquired this ability from her past, her family making her take classes on sewing and clothes making.

She uses this skill to make her own clothes, notably the infamous scarlet gown many associate her with. In some way, she has made that outfit her icon, her symbol. She also uses her sewing and needlework to stitch together flaps of flesh from the loose skins she has collected from dead dragons. She uses many variations of threads, but the most frequent are completely solid black, reinforced with extra durable fibre to ensure that the stitched project does not fall apart.

The most terrifying part of her stitching ability is her willingness to stitch other humans. Though she doesn't take the skin of humans often, she does use it at times, whether for entertainment or curiousity.

She likes to torture her victims before killing them, and one of her cruel methods is to cut gashes all over their body, and stitch them all up while they are still alive. This is all done without the use of painkillers or anything else to numb the effect. Her victims feel all the pain before they bleed out and die. In order to prevent them from screaming, she will stitch their mouths with firm fishing lines.

Cooking & Culinary Skills

Though this ability does not contribute much to her dangerous side, the Maiden is skilled in cooking and making different types of dishes. She, though not the most professional chef, can make a wide variety of food. Her most favorite dish is probably stewed or braised meats, heated up in a pot and stirred up with a few vegetables and bone soup.

Other than that, she can also bake pie, cakes, or sweet cookies. She prefers baking cookies, since they don't take too long. Her least favorite to make are probably pies, but in order to impress or get the good opinion of people she does it anyways. Though, it's safe to say that it's best you don't eat her food, since well...she might pull the poison card if you're not careful. (Well duh, that was kinda unnecessary but you get the point)


The Bloody Maiden does have a few weaknesses, however majority of them are unknown to others.


The Bloody Maiden is said to have a bad temper, despite looking graceful and sophisticated on the outside. They say that whatever you do, do not insult The Maiden's looks, or else you will end up dead. However, this anger is something that most can take advantage of, and if you need a distraction, perhaps this could be your ticket out.

It is known that she take a great pride to her own looks, so arrogance and ego could possibly be her own downfall.


The Bloody Maiden loves riddles and games. She loves them to the point that she will keep you alive longer just to guess your riddles. Because, as well as killing people, she does like the occasional challenge. This love for riddles is one of her weak points, what started out as a tiny game turned into something that would eventually cost her precious time.

If you ask her to play a game or answer riddles, it is very unlikely that she will decline your request. Though be careful, The Maiden is very infamous for her tongue stumping riddles herself.


Her desires are what drives her to kill dragons. However, this undying ambition is what might cause her trouble. As you see, unlike a normal person, The Bloody Maiden would do anything in her power to accomplish her goals, even at the cost of others and sometimes herself. This drive can potentially be used against her, as seen when she was willing to do anything just to get Krular's Book of Dragons, leading her to risk her own life and infiltrate her base.

This is like a bait of some sorts. While it makes her terrifying, it drives her out of her hiding hole, effectively sticking her neck out for the killing.


The Bloody Maiden is fully aware that she is not very strong when being surrounded by a lot of people, which is why she prefers to single them out and take them down one by one. Though, if she is surrounded or cornered by people who are physically stronger than her, she would have to think of another way out.

Though, she wouldn't be stupid enough to just let herself get harmed. It's just that on a physical level, she wouldn't do well against more heavily armed/powerful opponents.

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