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Orka - Deep Flame, 19

Denli - Deep Flame, 18

Prologue/ Chapter One


A year ago Orka had been kicked out of his pack for no reason by their pig-headed alpha. Out of shame he swam to the Twilight zone and survived on hunting for hours and air pockets.

He could still remember the pack: The Alpha and the rest (All of them blind servants of the Alpha) and Denli. Orka had always liked Denli and suspected the feeling was mutual for a long time. He kind of gave up hope upon being banished.

This year. This year was the time to break free. The time for a new life and the bloody ending of an old one.

This is the story of... The Demon of The Water!

Chapter Two


"Urrgh," I groaned. Every morning was living Helheim for me - the bitter taste of deep-sea fish in my mouth every day killed me. This particular day I was feeling extremely annoyed at my banishment last year.

I slid out of the cave and into the water to begin my hours of hunting. In a few hours time I had managed to catch about three of the wandering fish when something big moved behind me. Blending into the shadows, I hid and watched. A seashocker had come down, obviously to catch some deep-sea fish. 'They must be crazy if they wanted this tasteless, sorry excuse for food.' I thought. I watched it nick a couple of fish and then began to swim back up near the surface. A dark feeling washed over me. "If this two headed monstrosity can come and go as it pleases, why shouldn't you?". I internally agreed with this thought and silently glided behind the seashocker, following it up.


When we reached the sunlight zone, I made it known to the shocker that I appreciated his help. I raked my claws down his back. "Thanks." I said. The dark feeling once again came over me and I stabbed him HARD with my claws. One head murmered something about 'fishsticks' and the other just whimpered and they floated away.

"Now is the time, for REVENGE!!"

Chapter Three


I powered through the water like a bullet, looking for the place where my old pack always hung out. When I reached the reef, I stopped and poked my head above the surface. I closed my eyes and sniffed. I was trying to pick up the smell.

After a few minutes, I caught the scent. Diving back under, I prepared to swim on the trace of the smell. Tearing through the water, I neared my destination.

Surfacing, I found the beach had been utterly destroyed. It was previously a Hunter base, but now it was overturned crates, driftwood and limp hunter bodies. I picked up a bag and stuffed sand into it, then carried it on my tail as a padded on through the forest, tracking the pack's scent.

I saw them. Hanging about in a small lake eating their food and joking about. I narrowed my eyes with anger. Then I caught sight of Denli through the trees. She seemed to be looking at her food, a few strips of jerky and a fishbone. "Grrrr..."

Chapter Four

I was sooooo hungry. The Alpha and the rest barely left any food for me and I was always starving. I was mulling over whether or not to eat the hunter's jerky. It would only make me hungrier afterwards, but then I might as well have died. I was about to eat when one of the others shouted "Hey, look it's the outcast!". I looked up and saw someone I hadn't seen in a year. Orka. I suddenly felt hot when he stepped out.

He was met with jeering and laughter from the others. Then I noticed something. His usually dark, black eyes were glowing a bright, luminous red.



I couldn't stop myself. I snapped. The sight of them having all that food, barely sharing it with Denli. It made me furious. But what did my head in was the jeering and the "OUTCAST! HAHAHA!" and the "EXILE!!". What I came to label as 'The Demon' took over. My eyes began to glow. It had taken over.

The Demon (Warning: GORE)

We grabbed the nearest Deep Flame by the neck and flung it into a tree, a branch speared it through the chest. The others stopped laughing and became silent. "KIIIILLLL!!!" the Alpha screamed. We smiled to ourselves. One of them was about to spit fire at Us. We flung the sand from the bag at it and instead of fire, out came coughs. The Deep Flame looked confused before We sliced it's chest open. The next one We pinned down and snapped it's neck, flinging the corpse at the next one.

Soon they were almost all dead, except the alpha. He came at Us. We hit him with Our tail and held him by his throat. "Demon..." he rasped. We grinned, "Correct and flattered," We replied. Opening Our mouth wide, the alpha closed his eyes and winced as We burnt him. Burning and burning until he was nothing more than scorched earth and charred bones.


I watched him murder all those Deep Flames, my former packmates from the edge of the pool. It's water was now stained red. I crawled out. This wasn't the Orka I had known those years ago. He looked up from the bones of the Alpha and at me. I scampered back until I was cornered as he moved towards me he picked up one of the uneaten chicken wings and came up to me. The red glow started to become fainter. "Eat," he whispered, dropping the wing at my feet. I wasn't really trusting him, but I was famished and if I was going to die, I wasn't going to die hungry. I lowered my head and closed my eyes, savouring every bite.

When I was done, I opened my eyes and saw Orka sniffing the bloodied water. He looked up, the glow completely gone. "What are you still doing here?" I asked, "Or are you going to kill me now?". "I'm not going to kill you," he replied, "Never was."

"Why?". Then he gave me an answer that startled me. "Because I love you,". I would have loved to hear that a long while ago I'll tell you. But now I was just confused. Then he asked, "Do you love me?". I had to think about this one. After all, I had liked him my entire life, his banishment had been a mental dagger to my heart. But I had just witnessed him murder about thirty of my own kind, my own pack. My brain said "He's to dangerous, run!" but my heart told me what I needed and wanted to hear, "Your 'pack' barely fed you and treated you like garbage. He just spared you and gave you food, then confessed his love to you. The thing you always wanted to hear,". So, my answer came out true and honest:

"Yes. I do."