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The Letter B is a humourous story by Manga Maniac, who just referred to himself in third-person. Please do not edit the story, apart from if you are Manga Maniac. Which, to be honest, I highly doubt you are. You may, however, edit if there's something wrong with the categorization and whatever. Do not fix my spelling, as that is part of the story, and since I'm using British spelling you might end up correcting something that was already correct and messing up the whole story's actual language. And that would be bad.

Scary disclaimer done, let's get on with the story.




Chapter 1

Ramty Eus fell from the one-hundred foot tower, the wind rushing through his thoughts. Among his thoughts, there were many curses as he fell to his certain death. Fortunately, he landed on a dragon before he could hit the floor. Falling on a dragon wasn't much better than hitting the floor, but since it had interrupted his fall pretty high up, it had only left him hurt bottom as he landed in a perfect sitting position.

The dragon roared as it realized there was a human on its back where there had previously been nothing. The dragon swerved to the right and knocked Ramty off him easily. Ramty went flying sideways until he hit a giant fluffy bird dragon, which softened the blow, and then proceeded to fall a bit before landing in water, which was just close enough to him from down below not to hit him like concrete, and only knocked him slightly unconscious.

Ramty regained consciousness as a the water below him exploded and his soared into an air and the wind pushed him sideways.

He arrived at his destination. All as planned, he thought, his mind blatantly lying.

Chapter 2

Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III, the Hope and Heir to the Tribe of the Hairy Hooligans, was very cold. He had not had breakfast, it was 4:00am in the morning and he was land skiing down a mountain with Gobber the Belch shouting "FASTER, YOU HORRIBLE MAGGOTS!". All in all just an average day for a Viking Hero.

Hiccup Horrendous Haddock, is the hero of this story, though you'd never of thought it. He was a bit short and had a completely unmemorable face. Hiccup was average and the kind of unremarkable, skinny boy who was easy to overlook. In his pocket the lay a small dragon, moving restlessly.

"Toothless c-c-c-cold. Toothless h-h-hungry." said the dragon, in Dragonese. Dragonese, a tongue that the only Viking who could understand it was Hiccup, was the ancient tongue of the dragons.

Hiccup sighed. "You already had your breakfast, Toothless."

"Toothless h-h-HUNGRY!"

Hiccup sighed.