They're baaack...


I am still writing this. Really. I do have a plan for this. It's just taking a really long time to get my other stories on other wikis done. Keep watching.


The woods were quiet. The only things that could be heard were the chirp of crickets.

It was quite peaceful, if you could stand being in the dark. Until you noticed that the crickets had stopped chirping.

A creature stepped into a patch of moonlight. If you were there, you could probably see the wings, and the teeth, and the fearsome claws. As soon as it appeared, it vanished.

And, one by one, the noises of the forest returned.

Chapter 1: The Dig

Stavanger, Norway

"Ah, great. System's crashed."

Nick Horley sighed. The laptop had crashed yet again. Figures.

He was standing by a fence. Nearby there was an archaeological dig going on, something with a Viking settlement. He was trying to get more information on Wikipedia on the place, and naturally the computer was being stingy.

"So much for the Internet, then," his friend Kyle said. "Getting pretty boring now."

"You never know what the helmets may hold, Kyle."

Seemingly right on cue, there was shouting. Nick looked over, to see what the people had found. He wasn't ready for it.

Dragon skel
They were bones. But not ordinary bones.

They were bones of a 15-foot long creature. With a long tail. And teeth. And large wings.

On the plane home, just about everyone was talking about this new discovery.

The computer was finally working again, so Nick got back on.

The discovery had already been published online; it was the most amazing find of the century. A real dragon.

There were some other artifacts found with it. A few helmets, a sword, and this old chest which contained a book. They were trying to get that book translated, but the most intriguing find was a piece of parchment. It read:

Frykten tennene kommer. Ta opp armene. Ingen er trygge.

The two boys were particularly adamant.

"I always loved dragons when I was a kid," Nick said. "It's almost like a dream."

"It's the text that interests me," Kyle said. "I shot it up the laptop translator earlier, and it's something about 'fear teeth'."

"Could just be a nasty dragon race," Nick winked.

"Yeah, yeah."


The Making of...

First, why'd I switch the time to current? Well, the dragons always appealed to me more than anything else, so I'm focusing on them rather than Vikings really.

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