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How would they come to be?

Toothless was the last existing night fury, and long after he passed, night fury genes were completely bred out of existence. 

In a modern day, Light Furies would have had ages to reproduce and adapt.

Light furies are a white color, though in the hidden world this trait would not protect them from potential predators (Other dragons).

So as light furies reproduce, light furies with extra melanin (darker coloring) might become favored as they disquise themselves more easily, effortlessely, even. So in the mating process, their offspring are also darker.

So as these darker Light Furies are breeding with each other, more and more are created. They seperate themselves as a subspecies, different from normal Light Furies, and relocate themselves to live in another area within the Hidden World that better fits their presence.

As the new subspecies continues to adapt, the 'sail' on their backs would harden into fused spines and gain more Night Fury like features as requirements of the new habitat, to help protect themselves from predators. Their four sets of wings become more 'pointy,' and they gain more 'nubs' on their head.

This new subspecies now looks very similar to original Night Furies, though differences still are obvious. The spines are larger, they sill have a Light Fury's fin along their legs, and they can use a 'cloaking' ability via their Plasma Blasts.

This subspecies is still a member of the Strike Class, and in the Fanfiction "A Fading Star will Rise Again," humans mistake them as Night Furies, though genetically the dragons are not really related to the original species. They are a smaller population, though there are quite a few that exist and they continue to reproduce.


These Strike-class dragons are smaller than the average Night Fury used to be, as they were derived from Light Furies, a smaller species. Their coloring can vary from dragon to dragon, from brown-ish to blue-ish as well as black. The 'new' Night Fury has a shorter snout than the original Night Fury, as the Light Furies had shorter snouts. The number of Ear Plates, or Nubs on their head can vary from four to eight. Many dragons of this species have spines along their sides as well as their back, an extra adaptation to protect from sneaking predators.


Because this subspecies adapted away from Light Furies, their personality changed as well. They are more Dog or Wolf-Like than Cat-Like. They will do anything for a treat, they sound less like a Light Fury and more like a Night Fury, and they are more active. 

'New' Night Furies are natural leaders, and extremely loyal to family and friends. They will do anything to protect their pack. 

Because of their leadership abilities, these dragons make great Alphas. They are incredible fighters, as they are stealthy and quick. 


This species, like any Light Fury, has a 'Plasma Blast.' If they fly through the blast, they have the ability to 'Cloak,' meaning they can turn temporarily invisible. The fused spines along a 'new' Night Fury's back and sides are retractable. At will, a 'new' night fury can pull in their spines, allowing a smoother figure. 

In a lightning storm, they can also summon an 'energy' ball of lightning and use it as an extra blast. Can only be used once in a battle as it is exhausting and tires out the dragon. 


Since the 'new' Night Fury lives in a dark, unlit area of The Hidden World, these dragons are weak in the sunlight. The sunlight drains their energy faster, causing them to be somewhat slower in flight. Their shot limit also goes from 6 to 5.  This dragon also much prefers the cold to the heat, so if exposed to higher temperatures, they overheat quickly and need more rest. This may result in slower flying, or even the inability to fly at extreme temperatures.


Opposite from the weaknesses of this subspecies, the cold and dark give these dragons extreme advantages. In the dark, stealth is easier for them as they blend in to their surroundings. The cold keeps them going longer without rest.

The most beneficial area of battle would be in the sky during a thunder/lightning storm. Due to the low temperature and dark clouds, they receive the strengths mentioned above. But if there is lightning, as Strike class dragons, they can summon lightning and use it as an extra, extremely powerful, blast. This is exhausting for a dragon to do, though, so after using this ability they will be weaker until well rested.

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