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"The Second Kingdom" Characters

Keep in mind these are the important characters in the story, I won't list the characters that have only one or two lines

Pyrian -A normal male ScorchWing juvenile, scales as orange as the sunset dotted with the color of blood, his tail has two weird flaps and his face is unusually round face and beautiful topaz colored eyes.

Areian- An old male adult Scorchwing with dark, rusty orange scales, grey horns that are beginning to flake off, wise old green eyes and sharp talons.

Pisteen- A young deep green Changewing with golden eyes, red stripes along her back that resemble veins, tips of pink surround her eyes and her horns are unsually copper in color.

Shio -A purple and green female Broadwing Deep Flame that has a sassy personality and a hidden ability, exiled from her back as a hatchling.


Before you read this book will include a lot of violence (Not detailed), mentions of drunkness, drinking, people or dragons being tortured, unfriendly humor, akaward scenes, bullying, pigeons (Yes those little rascals, be on watch), as well as some slight swearing (Crap). If this disturbs please try reading a bit before stepping back to see if you can handle it well. 

Also I may want to add that my writing skills are not the greatest. But that's just my opinion. 

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Pyrian was a normal dragon with a normal life on the island of Leviticus, far from the war occuring between dragons and humans. However thousands of questions that Pyrian had since the loss of his parents had been flying through his mind that were left unanswered. How did his parents die? Why did he look so funny? Was there anyone in his family left alive? It was only until a few days ago Pyrian discovered a secret, something that changed his life forever and something that once he took a step in, we couldn't turn back.


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Prologue (This part was changed mutiple times from HTTYD to not being HTTYD back to HTTYD so if a part doesn't make sense thats why)

35 years ago...

Spike adjusted his dragon horn helmet as the boat grazed the shores of the giant mountain, the rower wiped the sweat of his hands. Spike's hands grasped around his wooden telescope, engraved with the gold from a dragon's nest. He extended it as far as it could go until he saw a red shape descend into the cave right near the spear-like edge of the mountain.

“That ScorchWing and its mate are still there.” he said as the first drops of rain smacked into his face.

“Have there eggs hatched?” said the chubby man, Gore. 

“I can’t see everything!” Spike snapped, he felt the flaming rage pulse out through his body. Gore swallowed and started to fiddle with the spear in his hand, 

“Sorry sir, I didn’t-” Spike clenched his fist, trying not to scream at him “Apologize to me again and I’ll hook you to the top of the mountain as bait.” Gore swallowed another sorry and nodded nervously, adjusting his dragon skull helmet. 

“So what are the orders from the commander?” A Rower who Spike didn’t know what his name was and didn’t really care asked, “Stealing another one of their tribrid eggs?” A flash of lightning lit up Spike's face as he grinned.

 “No, were killing their parents.” As much as stealing eggs and seeing the look on the furious dragons faces was fun, actually smashing a spear into a dragon's skull and using it for armor and weapons was awesome. Well, at least for Spike.

 “S-sir, you must be mistaken, how can three of us take on two of those...things!” Spike grabbed a curved dagger, he could almost hear it whispering, Kill...Kill...Kill, 

“The commander does not make mistakes first of all.” Spike said as his feet sank into the sand, “And second of all its two people, you and me.” Gore paused and stared at him with fearful eyes,

“Y-you and m-m-me?” he said in a voice like a thin tree being cut down. 

“I just said that you idiot.” Spike hissed, anger rising up his chest once more.

 “R-right sir.” Gore said, “B-but how will only you and me be able to take on two dragons? It takes three times that many to take on that many.” Spike sharpened the dagger with a sharp flint rock.

“Element of surprise. Hit those beasts each in the chest with your spears when they least expect it.” Gore nodded, his face made Spike think that if the nervous dragon hunter ever made that face to the commander he’d be thrown to the sharks.

 “Lets go.” he grunted. They started up the spiral pathway that the dragons probably made for their wyrmlings when they hatched, 

Well if they hatched. Spike thought with a smirk. He took one of the spears from Gore since they were as heavy as cannonball. The sounds of dragons growling and chirruping became louder and louder until finally Spike saw them. 

The male was a large Scorchwing, orange horns and powerful wings, the rest of the body was as red as a dragon's guts in the sea. The female on the other hand was black as the void and purple like amethyst. 

She didn’t have any traits to resemble any of the first six classes. Stoker, Boulder, Tracker, Sharp, Tidal, and Strike. So they figured she’d be a hybrid and left her in the Mystery class for now. And their, right in the middle of the two mates, were two small little dragonets. 

“Dragon feathers!” Spike hissed, “The remaining eggs hatched, the Commander clearly didn’t want any tribrid dragons working for their parents side.” Gore fumbled with his weapon. 

“Ready to fire when you are sir.” he said. 

Spike grinned, Ever since I saw one of these ugly beasts I wanted to cut its eyeballs out with a sword, carve my name into its chest, now it's time. He raised his head to see the creatures happily watching their young. They had no idea what was coming for them.  

“We need to be quieter.” He said. Gore nodded and looked slightly nervous at the dragons. “If you are too scared, how about you just come back to the commander empty handed?”  Gore turned pale and looked sick. 


He shoved all his strength into the weapon and it sailed through the air. The female saw it and shrieked a warning before the sharp part of the spear slammed straight into her chest. The dragonets cried out in fear and the male locked eyes on Spike just before Gore’s spear sliced through its neck like it was butter. Both adults slumped on the ground, and Spike ducked as blood sprayed everywhere. A drop spattered onto his cheek and he tried to wipe it off but it dragon blood stained skin and it left a permanent mark on him. Most of the expert hunters back at base had the marks all over them. 

“Good work Gore.” he said rushing into the dragon cave, he ripped the spear out of the female and cleaned the bits of dragon insides off his spear, then he slid the bloody weapon under the dragons hide and jerked up, on of the scales, that looked like a large, thin, drop of blood popped of the body and slid smoothly onto Spikes palm. It was cool and sleek, surprisingly slippery. 

I can make armor out of this. No more iron armor, he had now slayed a dragon, the only thing closest to killing an elemental god. The toughest skin in the realm. He could already imagine wearing a hybrid dragon scales chestplate, everyone would know he was a strong, ruthless, dragon killing creature. Like he always wanted. Gore didn’t seem excited at all. He was trying to pull out his spear and was worriedly looking at the sky. 

“What are you fearing now?” Spike snapped. Gore was beginning to get on his nerves, why was he so nervous all the time? Didn’t he notice how he just slayed his first dragon? 

“The female cried out before death sir.” Gore said, “Other dragons could have heard that and came to investigate.”

“Don’t be silly.” Spike said, but as he spoke he began to realize, The female did roar very loud, dragons from a few islands away could have heard it and come to help or see what happened. 

“Alright,” he said, putting the last of the dragon scales he collected into his pocket. He turned his eyes to the helpless, terrified wyrmlings. One looked ready to fight and was glaring at Spike deeply, but Spike could see that he was terrified, his tail was twitching and his legs were bent to sprint. Not that there was anywhere he could escape. The other one looked not even close to either of its parents. While the first one had its father's face and its mother's wings. The other one has a circular face, large wings, with no membranes, and green eyes. He looked like he was seconds from dying in fright. Spike felt a rise of triumph. Nothing was here to stop them. These little reptiles could be their own. 

“Take them.” He said to Gore who was still nervously looking towards the sky, he knelt down and reached out, his hands outstretched towards the nervous one. “You’ll be a great pet for the Commander, what dragon can possibly defeat two hybrid dragons?” His fingers were so close to the wyrmling, less than an inch from brushing it. But a fierce, loud, sound cannoned through the cave. The echoes bouncing off the walls like crazy. “Oh no.” Gore said, his voice softer than a tuft of wolf fur. Two large shapes landed at the entrance. One red and one white. 

“We’ve killed smaller dragons before and practiced 7 hours every day. We can handle this.” Spike said, standing in front of the young. Gore looked unsure but nodded. The red dragon landed first, it was a dark orange and thousands of sparks were flaring from its horns. It reared up on its hind legs and unsheathed its claws.

“Another ScorchWing.” Spike said, “ Try and get it into the sea.” he gripped his spear firmly which left a mark on his hand. His heart pounded as the White one landed. 

Gore turned pale, “W-what is that?!” The new dragon looked somewhat close to the female but white. It had golden under scales and a fierce expression.

“Whatever it is it's a dragon that will die.” Spike said firmly, his palms were sweating.

The white dragon roared and charged at Gore who yelled and spirited away. The dragon curved to avoid the wall and launched at the nervous human. Gore turned and pushed his weapon at the dragon's face. It dodged swiftly by ducking its head and grabbed Gore in its talons. Spike knew he should help but right now, he was dealing with his own problems. The Scorchwing stamped its talon, raking it across the stone floor. Remember your training.

ScorchWings are no easy opponent. Spike thought, his heart pounded. The dragon circled him, waiting for the perfect moment to strike. ScorchWings can’t swim, their main weakness is their front and underside. He saw a twitch in the dragons muscles, then it came, the ScorchWing leaped at him, claws out, it would have caught him and crushed him under its weight if he didn’t roll, he jabbed at its tail and it landed in an awkward position. Yeah that's right you mindless reptile, Spike grinned, your weak. The ScorchWing turned back snarling, it opened its mouth revealing its teeth, thousands of little knives glinting. Its throat began to glow orange. I fought dragons way easier than this. He threw himself onto its back and plunged his spear into its back with all his might. The white dragon had flown outside with a screaming Gore in its front talons. Using its powerful muscles, it hurled the man through the air smashing him into the dark waters below. 

Spike stared for a moment at the place his friend was just at before he was snatched. For a second he couldn’t believe it. Then he realized he was standing on top of a dragon!

What are you staring at?! A voice in his mind snarled. Spike yanked his spear out of the dragon’s scaly back and blood started spilling out. 

The ScorchWing let out a long desperate roar and attempted to knock Spike off but the hunter was prepared. He dug his spear into the wound and lurched forward. The tail missed and the ScorchWing bellowed in agony, its legs started to twitch, trying to support the rest of the body.

“I’ll kill you-” Spike growled, “You stand no chance against me, you worthless reptile. I-” In an instant, the white dragon was back, its entire body slammed into Spike with the force of a god. Spikes vision blurred and his heart quickened as he toppled off the ScorchWing. He saw the white dragon not land correctly and rolled over. 

Now’s my chance-Spike tried to get up, but he was too slow. Mid-roll the white dragon dug its talons into the ground and stopped. In a flash it sprang at Spike at an incredible speed.

“Well Dragon Dung!” Spike yelled as teeth dug into his throat. The dragon began to shake its head vigorously. Tiny needles of pain crept up Spikes body. His neck felt like it was being sliced open. 

The dragon stopped and slammed Spikes head into the wall. Its scales glittered in a distracted way, but Spike didn’t know if it was just his vision or the ray of moonlight on the dragon's reflective scales.

The light began to fade. Spike couldn’t keep his eyes open. Blood leaked from his neck. He knew that once he fell asleep, he wouldn’t wake up.

The White Dragon licked the blood from his teeth before curling his lips in disgust. 

“Yugh, I’ll never get used to the taste of humans.”

“Well you’d better be prepared.” The Scorchwing said, “Sooner or later the humans will be the only thing we can taste in our tongues.” 

Unknown to the humans, dragons were quite intelligent. For example, they had names, the Scorchwing dragon's name was Areian and the glittery white one was Gahira.

“Are there any others?” Gahira asked, his spit in a small pool under him stained with blood.

Areian let out a faint sniff, “A few are on the shore,” he reported.

Gahira stopped spitting and advanced towards the cave entrance, “Then I’ll rip them apart.” He extended his wings to their full height and was about to take flight when Areian held up a talon and said “Wait.”
The white dragon not looking at him as if considering attacking anyway. Then he folded his wings, “Alright go ahead and give me a lecture on why we shouldn’t murder these guys before they go back to their leader and send an entire army after us while we sit and wait calmly for them to slaughter us.”

“Gahira you know as well as I do that killing more humans will not end in peace. But you're right sooner or later they will report to their master. So we must act fast.”

The sound of mortified squealing drew the two dragons' attention.

Both wyrmlings nudged their father's body, trying to wake him up.

“I wish we could be young ones.” Areian said, he reached out and brushed the males side. 

“Grystine was a good dragon. He didn’t deserve this.” 

“So was Roha.” Gahira said, “I guess we should give them a proper burial.”
Nodding, Areian summoned the fire from inside him and set Grystine ablaze, from tail to head.

One of the wyrmlings, the one that looked like its mother but was a rusty red, squeaked and leaped at his father.

At the last moment Areian reached out and grabbed the baby in his claws. 

“I’m sorry little one.” He said, “But this is what we do to our dead ones. Let their sins burn and their spirit can fly freely to be with their lost loved ones.

The wyrmling didn’t seem to understand him and threw back its head to let out a heartbreaking wail. 

The other one made less of a fuss as Gahira alighted his mother in white flames. He just sat there with an expression of seriousness, yet his wings were trembling with disbelief.

The two adult dragons sat before the two bodies for a long while. Not a word was said (except for the constating crying coming from the wyrmling in Areians talons). After the bodies turned into ashes the two finally spoke.

“We better go home soon.” Gahira said, “But we can’t just leave these two alone or they’d starve.” 

“Agreed.” Areian said. The wyrmling in his claws stopped crying and instead had fallen asleep. 

“Gahira?” The Scorchwing said. The white dragon, who was hovering over the cliff with the black wyrmling on his shoulder. Holding on firmly with a surprised expression on his face.

“A-as much as it hurts me to say this.” Areian said slowly, “But I think that it is time I leave the kingdom.”
“What?” Gahira yelped, faltering a bit, “But the kingdom was where you’ve lived your entire life!”
“And while I’m there it will be a danger.” Areian pointed out, “If I come with you and we get attacked we have the chance of both wyrmlings getting killed or captured! It would be better if I hide somewhere else.”
For a long moment Gahira opened his mouth, then closed it. 

“I’m going to miss you friend.” The white dragon spoke finally.

“Wow, you actually aren't going to argue with me?” Areian jokes.

“Why should I? You make a good point.” Gahira said, amused. 

He landed on the edge of the mountain and began to carve something on the stoney floor.

“There's an medium-class island east from here called Leviticus. It's full of Scorchwings so you’ll be able to enter right.” 

Areian looked up at his fire and who had been with him since he hatched.

“Will we ever meet again?”
“Someday.” The white dragon sighed, “If you ever need to come back. Follow the currents, they should lead you to the kingdom.”

“Thank you Gahira.” Areian said, making a small bow with his head, “You have been a good friend.”
“Thank you Areian.” 

And then, he was only a small white speck in the night sky.

Goodbye old friend. May the light of Pyrian guide you to safety.

He felt movement in his talons and looked down to see the small red wyrmling was staring at the stars with his large orange eyes.

“That's Pyrian.” Areian explained pointing at a large red star like flame in the sky. 

“It may be small but it lights up the night like a second sun in the night.”

He glanced back at the young, knowing the young probably didn’t understand him, “You're quite lucky to be born on this night, the Pyrian star only appears once every five years.”

But surprisingly the hatchling looked as if he completely understood. 

“Pahyian?” It squeaked.

“Pyrain.” Areian repeated. 

“Prree-an?” The young pronounced, frowning when it said it wrong.

“Do you like that name?” Areian asked, “Because that's your new name. Pyrian.”​​​​

Chapter 1

The dim flame of a small candle flicked and danced, its glowing light illuminated the words on the long scroll that was spread out on the wooden table. Dragon Gifts was its name. 

It probably wasn’t the best idea to have a fire next to something so flammable, but Pyrian was used to this. He did this every night.

There was a sound of a closing door along with talonsteps. There was a heavy flop and cooked chicken filled his nose.

Without even glancing, he continued to read.

Dragons years ago had the ability to see in the dark. Yet when the Pyrian Star was born, that ability wasn’t needed. And it was soon lost…

Finally a voice spoke and broke Pyrians concentration.

“Are you still reading?” His sister asked, but Pyrian was pretty sure she already knew the answer.

“Yes.” he responded.

His sister's name was Pisteen (The Old Dragon Language for Forest), she was a Changewing. Which meant she could spit steaming acid and change color. She was an emerald green with flecks of pink around her eyes and her horns were a kind of yellowish-copper. She was adopted as an egg by Areian when he found it lying on the forest side of Leviticus.

Pisteen picked up the chicken she dropped and began to cut it in two for them both to share.

“You know that Areian doesn’t know why you look so much different from a normal ScorchWing right?” Pisteen asked.

Pyrian paused before turning away from his scroll. He bent down and took a bite of the chicken that barely tasted much of anything.

“Yeah,” he mumbled, 

“I know he said that both of my parents were Scorchwings and I was their only egg. But I feel like he must know something.” he swallowed, “I’m going to go continue my reading.”

Pyrian did not look like a normal Scorchwing at all. He had the body shape of one, but his tail ended in two fins. His horns were quite short, his wings short of curved into an arch unlike a normal Scorchwing that's wings were straight. His head was round instead of being triangular.

“Can’t you read tomorrow?” Pisteen asked, “You’ll be exhausted if you don’t.”

Knowing that if he said no he’d never hear the end of it, Pyrian sighed and rolled up his scroll.


With a look of satisfaction, Pisteen took an enormous leap and landed on one of the beams of the house.

“Where’s Areian?” he inquired.

“Out on a late border patrol.” His sister replied.

Areian felt like a godfather to Pyrian. The older ScorchWing that had adopted Pyria when he was an egg. Pyrian was the only one of his family that was alive. His parents were dead when Areian found him/

Pyrian blew out the candle and darkness filled the room, the only light was the second sun, Pyrian, which was giving dim beams that stretched throughout the island.

According to the ScorchWings settlers, the island they lived on used to be home to a clan of humans who lived in peace with dragons. Yet they one day fled, with no evidence why. All that they knew was that today, in the present, humans were at war with dragons.

They may have been only half the size of dragons but they were as smart as dragons were. With their tiny size and massive population. They were a tough enemy to fight.

But the island Pyrian lived in was never attacked, dragons could spot ships for miles and the cliffs of the island were too rough and fragile to scale.

Pyrian thought that the island was large enough to about one million dragons but he was shocked to discover that the island only appeared as a tiny speck on the map of the world.

Pyrian looked out the small square “window” to look out on the massive blanket of water.

“Pisteen? Can you imagine that there are so many dragons we’ll never meet out there?” He said, sticking his head as far as it could go through the window near his bed.

“You’ve said that every night since you were three.” she said in a bored voice, but Pyrian could tell she was amused. 

“And you always said the same thing.” Pyrian said, he increased his tone to mimic his sister's voice, “Yes, and many of those dragons are asleep and not being told random facts while they're trying to snooze away.”
Pisteen snorted and tilted on her perch to whack him with her tail affectionately.

“Well it's true.” she laughed.

Pyrian stepped into his bed which was a large stone bowl with hot coals in it. He patted it to see if it was warm and then spat out a small ball of fire into the bowl before lying down.

“Did you know-” Pyrian started before his sister cut him off.

“Don’t you dare start talking again.” she said, “Remember last month when you lectured me all about different dragon genetics until sunrise?”

“Yeah that's true. But I promise I won’t do that again! I do not want to be scolded for “not caring properly for my body” again.”

Pisteen looked skeptical but she nodded.

Pleased, Pyrian continued, “So I was reading a scroll today-”

“Like usual.” Pisteen interrupted.

“And I came across this part that said each tribe has about two hundred million of their kind.”
“That means that there are 1 billion dragons in the world in total.” Pisteen added. She was good at math.

“Right, but then later, I read a different scroll, it said that there are three billion dragons in the entire world.”

“Well how old was that scroll? Pisteen asked.

“About fifty years old.” Pyrian said, “The paper was crackle and the handles almost broke when I put my claws on them.”

“Well the war against the humans started twenty year ago. So that scroll was many years before it. Meaning not many dragons died at that time.”

Pyrian was unconvinced. His godfather, Areian scolded him once the older ScorchWing realized what he was reading. Pyrian didn’t know why. Something about it “Being too fragile” and “Too old and complicated to read” which if you asked Pyrian those didn’t make sense.

“Yeah, you may be right.” He remarked.

There was a yawning sound from the ceiling.

“Well I’m going to sleep now.” Pisteen stated, she rolled over so her yellow-green back faced Pyrian.

“Try not to talk in your sleep again.”
“Like I ever do.” Pyrian murmured, settling his head onto the warm coals. 

The minute Pyrian opened his eyes he was no longer in his bed. Instead he was surrounded by darkness. He couldn’t see anything in front of him except his own talons. 

Where am I? Pyrian wondered squinting into the dark.

Pyyyrrriannn… Someone called out.

Heart slamming, Pyrian whipped his head around.

“Who’s there?” he demanded.

There was no response. 

A very uncomfortable feeling crept over Pyrians scales. He didn’t like this, waiting for something to jump out and scare the guts out of him. 

He folded his wings closer to his body as the voice called out again


“Show yourself!” Pyrian hissed, he shot a spurt of flame but it didn’t even light up the area. It just disappeared the moment it reached the air. 

Pyrian stood his ground for a few moments. Everything was silent. He began to wonder if he had too much wax in his ears and just heard those voices in his head.

But then, with the sound of a hundred wing claps, a massive crack split in through the dark room. 

Pyrian could barely react before the crack split open and engulfed him in white light.

He saw two hands, reaching out towards him, he felt tinier then the smallest mouse. There was a terrible laugh that crackled throughout Pyrians ears. It sent chills down his spine. 

Then the image disappeared, and the shadowy darkness came in once more.

There was silence, as if something was waiting for him to speak. 

Then right in front of him two green eyes appeared, Pyrian stumbled back shocked.

Something about those eyes were vaguely familiar. But he couldn’t understand why.

A purple glimmer appeared under the eyes. Multiple sharp teeth surrounding it.

Pyrian knew what was happening. He wanted to move away. But as he lifted a talon. Something wrenched it back into the ground. Leaving him unable to move.

As the purple light grey brighter and brighter. And Pyrian stood there in fear. A voice, seeming elderly and powerful muttered. It was so soft, Pyrian almost missed it.

“Tai oreon alrincon. Airlie tai betalon.”

Then the shot came, purple flames engulfed Pyrian. His scales were screaming in pain as he began to sink into the core. He opened his mouth to scream but only got a mouthful of ash. 

Just as it seemed that his life was gone. The purple flames faded out. Pyrians eyes jolted open. He was back on his bed.


His nervous heart was beating and his sluggish brain couldn’t keep up.

That...what a nightmare...what did he say...need to read…

He sat up slowly and tiredly, he felt as if his bones were made of wood. He fumbled down the stairs and bumped his wing on the wooden wall.

There was a small click and a grunt came from Areian’s bed.

Stop bumbling around! Pyrian thought frustratedly, but his body did not agree with him. 

As soon as he reached the bottom, he tripped and smacked his head on the carpet in the middle of the room.

Unknown to him, there was another faint click when he hit the rug.

He wanted to fall asleep right then. But he had to figure out what that voice was saying.

He was sure there was a book downstairs about the ancient dragon language.

He mustered up his strength and hobbled to the bookshelf in the corner of the room.

He checked the top shelf.

Tail sickness, Skies Wings, Gold And Other Valuable Minerals...no.

Then the middle shelf.

Abandoned Heir, Eragon, Httyd 2, What is Love...no that's not it.

Finally he checked the very bottom shelf that was full of musty old books that ripped as soon as you turned the page. Pyrian rarely read them. They were almost useless anyway. But he was sure there was a book on the old dragon language somewhere.

But at last he spotted a black book with metallic orange engravings.

Guide to The Ancient Language.

Pyrian reached out a tired claw and gripped the spine of the book, he tugged lightly so he couldn’t accidentally rip off the book cover and receive a lecture from Areian. But the book did not budge.

It must really be in there Pyrian thought. 

He pulled with both claws. It didn’t even budge.

How far is this thing? Pyrian started to get irritated. He dug his claw into the spine of the book and pulled harder.

His front talon gripping the book landed on the “o” of the book's title. 


Pyrian let go of the book breathing hard.

Why can’t I pull it out? Is this magic?
That's ridiculous, magic isn’t real.

Then a noise caught Pyrians ears, like some sort of mechanism was being triggered. The noise first came from the stairs, then down to the rug.

The noise practically slithered below Pyrians feet into the bookshelf.


The shelf suddenly started to shake, Pyrian stared awestruck as it moved forwards like a door, revealing a massive entrance.

Chapter 2

Ok, so maybe magic is real.

Am I going crazy? Pyrian wondered rubbing his eyes, Maybe this is a hallucination.

He reached out a talon that passed through the entrance.

Nope, definitely not hallucinating.

Pyrian did the one thing that came to his mind. He walked down the stairs. 

It seemed like an endless walk to nowhere he couldn’t even see the ground. There was no room for him to fly so there was no way he could get down faster, unless he wanted to fall, which he definitely did not want to do.

He didn’t trip or stumble down the stairs like he did before. His eyes and senses were wide awake.

Did Areian know about this place? He never has kept any secrets from us. Or has he?
Multiple times Pyrian had this feeling he didn’t believe his godfather. 

Sometimes he would say something and Pyrian had this prickly feeling that Areian wasn’t telling the truth.

Now that he was down here, he felt that feeling again, like everything in his entire life was a lie.

He continued down the seemingly endless spiral of stairs. Questions came within every step.

What's at the bottom? Is there a bottom? Should I go back? How will Areian react?

After what seemed to be an eternity, a floor appeared.

Finally. Pyrian thought his legs were beginning to hurt after walking for so long. He finally reached the bottom of the stairs to see another entrance.

Hopefully this one doesn’t have any more staircases. Pyrian thought.

Though as he entered, a tiny glow of a candlelight.

Pyrian found himself in a huge room full of paper, ink bottles, and quills.

What was this? Pyrian wondered.

Some of the papers were made a couple decades ago. And some were flaking on the edges.

There was a table scattered with many papers, Pyrian noticed black lines on it.

Someone has written on these. 

He gently picked up one of the notes in his claws. The writing was very thin and hard to read and it was written in the old dragon language. Yet at the bottom it seemed to be signed with a name.


Pyrian had only heard of that name once, Areian mentioned it to him and Pisteen when they were younger. A hatchling tale who lived in a world where dragons first lived that existed thousands of years ago.

Is Gahira real? Maybe I am not reading this right…

Where did his godfather find something like this? Did he used to write to Areian?

Impossible, Gahira existed hundreds of years ago.

Yet when Pyrian took a look at the other notes, most of them were written by Areian.

More questions began bubbling up in Pyrians head. 

How was this all possible? How could his godfather be possibly talking to an ancient dragon?

All the notes were in the ancient language so it was impossible for Pyrian to undiscover. 

But apparently, if Pyrian was right, godfather Areian knew the old language. Or at least he used to. 

All the notes had a date at the beginning. And according to one of the notes written by Areian, which seemed to be unfinished, it was written eighteen years ago.

Back when I was two. Pyrian shuddered, A year after my family's death.

It in fact, was written in words Pyrian could understand.

Dear, Gahira.  3/16/20018

I think it is time that we stop talking to each other. I can’t keep doing this, raising two hatchlings and keeping our messages a secret. The civilians here are suspicious of why I keep myself inside all the time. I am afraid this may be the last note I will ever write to you. I will never forget you. Stay safe. Protect the kingdom well.

Signed, Areian.

Pyrian stared at the note, dumbfounded. Areian was friends with Gahira? What was the kingdom he was talking about? Why did Areian never send it?

Pyrian was so confused and focused on the note that he jumped when a voice spoke.

“So, you finally found it.”

Areian was standing at the entrance, his coppery orange scales reflected on the light. He looked older than ever, despite being about eighty years old.

Pyrian stared at him, startled, wha would Areian do? Pyrian was sure he probably was not supposed to be here.

Yet Areian looked perfectly calm, his kind brown eyes watching Pyrian.

Instantly all the questions were tumbling out of Pyrian.

“Gahiras alive? Who was he? What's the kingdom? Why didn’t you send this message? What-?”

“Pyrian.” Areian held up a claw to stop him, “I think it's about time I tell you about the second kingdom.”

Pyrian wanted to ask, “What's the second kingdom?” but he kept it to himself.

“Long ago, twenty years ago,” Areian started, “I did not live on Leviticus. I lived in the second kingdom.”

Pyrians stomach did a flip. His godfather's original home was in the second kingdom?

“I was friends with Gahira, a Light Fury-”

“A Light Fury?” Pyrian blurted, “What is that?”

“A tribe from the second kingdom.” Areian responded, “If you have been listening to your geology class, you know that Leviticus is connected to thousands of islands that used to be one.”

Pyrian nodded but honestly, he didn’t ever listen to Professor Charcoal lecture him. (Blah,Blah,Blah, wars and humans, blah, blah, blah).

“Though.” Areian continued, “There is a second kingdom, a world full of dragons. Not just our kind, but many new others.”

Pyrian listened closely, hoping Areian would tell him of these dragons. (New dragon tribes! One’s Pyrian never seen before!)

Yet Areian continued, “The second kingdom is a beautiful world under the sea, full of dragons and peace.”

“How do you know all this?” Pyrian asked, “Have you been there before?”

“More than that Pyrian.” Areian said, he turned and began to fiddle with a small rolled up scroll, “I lived there.”

“You-what?” Pyrian could not believe what he was hearing, his godfather, used to live in this wonderful continent?”

“The Second Kingdom was a beautiful place.
Areian said with a tone of sadness, “Guarded by a powerful storm nearly impossible to get through. I lived there under the rule of their alpha.”

“Then why did you leave?” Pyrian asked, “Why didn’t you stay and have me grow up here?”

“Because humans found a way into the Second Kingdom.” Areian replied, “They began to kill many dragons. Including your mother and father.”

The lines all began to connect. Pyrian began to understand.

“So you brung me here to keep me safe.” Pyrian said slowly, “Since humans can never get here.”

“Thats right.” Areian answered, “Gahira showed me where Levitcus was and I took you there.”

“What was Gahira doing there at my parents nest?” Pyrian asked.

“I was afraid you’d ask that.” Areian, “Gahira helped me take out the hunters that were trying to capture you. Then we separated, I took you, and Gahira...took your brother.”

Your brother.

Those words hung in the air for a few seconds. Pyrian had to rewind what Areian just said. Finally the words settled in his head. 

“My brother…?” Pyrian repeated, “I...have a brother.”

“Yes, son, for thirty years I have kept this kingdom and your brother's existence, yet I believe it is time you knew.”

Ok, Pyrian may have not been hallucinating, maybe he was dreaming. How could his godfather keep his brother and another kingdom secret from Pyrian for so long?
“Why-didn’t you tell me before?” Pyrian asked, he was beginning to wonder if he was asking too many questions.

“You had a dream, one about a voice speaking the old dragon language correct?”
“Yes-how did-?”
“That's for another time Pyrian.” Areian said, “If you translate the sentence the voice said, it will spell out “The time has come, follow the currents.”

All this info left Pyrian speechless. Areian knew so many things Pyrian would've never thought he’d learn.

The thought of having a brother disappeared from Pyrians mind was replaced with a question.

“Is there-” Pyrian started, but his voice caught in a choke.

“Let it out Pyrian.” Areian said calmly, his tail was gently flicking the dust on the floor of the room.

“Is their-” Pyrian started, his voice didn’t seem to work as his heart started to sink in sadness, “Is there anything you have about my parents.”

Areian watched him for a moment, his copper and weary eyes staring back into Pyrians.

“I knew you parents very well back when I was in the Second Kingdom.” Areian said, “I suppose you would like to know their names.”
“Yes please.” Pyrian said, he was trying to speak as little as possible, the thought of his parents always made him feel horrible.

“Roha was your father's name.” Areian said, “That's the old language for “Red” and your mother, she was “Grystine” which means “Crystal.”

“What-what were they like?” Pyrian questioned.

“I remember them so well.” Areian said, Pyrian thought he could see the glistening of a tear in Areians eye.

“Roha was so loyal and humble. He joked around to cheer others up and always shared his prey. He was a great fighter when the humans first started to attack. Despite this he only had me as a friend. Nobody noticed him much except for me and Grystine.

Grystine was as kind as she was beautiful. Many dragons fell for her as soon as they laid eyes on her. She was very smart and watched over young dragons while their parents went to war. Yet like your father she was very lonely. Nobody talked to her at all.” Areian stopped to let out a short snort of amusement, “I guess you can tell how they fell in love.”

This was exactly how Pyrian thought his parents were.

“When Grystina announced she had eggs, me and Roha were overjoyed. They found a great place to raise their family, away from the Hidden World and the war. I expected that they would have a nice happy family.”

“But they didn’t.” Pyrian said, “They died, and I- (and my brother, he added in his mind.) were the only ones left.”

“I never told you how they died did I?” Areian asked.

“No, I don’t believe you did.” Pyrian remarked, racking his brain.

“Humans son.”

“What?” Pyrian spoke with disbelief, “How could those tiny things kill my parents?” 

“Took them by surprise. Threw spears into their chest by the looks of it. Grystine let out a call for help that me and Gahira heard. But when we came, they were dead, we killed the humans that attacked them and we took you two.”

Pyrian never knew what it was like to hate something, after 45 years he hasn’t hated anything except probably teaching (who cares about the respiratory system of a Fire Ant? Why do I need to know how to multiply fractions? Nobody cares about how five years ago humans and dragons were at peace, it didn’t even change anything because five years later they are at war!)

Yet this time, Pyrian finally understood the feeling of hate, when he realized that humans were responsible for his parents deaths. He felt this endless fury towards them, he wanted to kill every single one of them. Bite of their heads, rip off their limbs, set them ablaze. 

“One more thing.” Areian added, breaking Pyrians thoughts on humans, “I have noticed your curiosity for many years now, and there are many things I have told you. Many things I kept a secret, and many things...I have lied about.”

“Lied about?” Pyrian echoed, “What do you mean.”

“I know why your tail is so different.”
That caught Pyrian off guard, he stumbled back a few steps and bumped into a nearby table, sending multiple notes flying, twisting in the air like little birds before settling on the ground.

“You do?”

“Yes, I know that everytime I have told you I don’t know what is wrong with your tail, that was a lie.”
He is my godfather. Why would he lie to me? His son…

“You see Roha and Grystine there, well, they had something that was considered forbidden in the second kingdom.”

Pyrian could tell what Areian was going to say, once he had asked his godfather this question, but Areian said he was full Scorchwing. But know that Pyrian realized what some of which Areian had said was a lie…

“The reason because you have a weird tail.” Areian said, “Is because Grystine was not a ScorchWing. Your half night fury.

Pyrian heard of Night Fury’s before in a book. He thought they were extinct or possibly just some made-up dragon species. But no, they were real, one of his parents was one of them.

“Night Fury’s have a fin tail like yours to help fly. Without it their wings are practically gone, they cannot fly.”

Pyrian turned and stared at his tail, all these years he thought it was a deformation at birth.

Now finally the answer was in front of him. He was a hybrid.

It felt so weird he thought the answer to his questions were never going to be solved. But instead. They were sitting right in front of him.

“Two different kinds of dragons falling in love was forbidden in the hidden world.” Areian remarked, “Any who broke this rule were put to death, yet Roha and Grystine loved each other too much. They ran away to a remote island so the aloha couldn’t find them. 

“I wish you told me this sooner.” Pyrian said he felt a bit angry at his godfather for lying to him his entire life.

“You weren’t ready.” Areian said, “But now you are.”

All this new info, his brother, his parents, revealed a new goal in Pyrians mind. 

His brother was in the Second Kingdom, so was Areians old friend Gahira, it was the homeworld of his mother and father.

He didn’t know why but he felt this sudden twinge. Something about this new world was pulling on him, calling him.

I need to be there. He thought, I need to go to this kingdom, find my brother, and whatever else is calling me towards this place.

He turned to his godfather, “Areian? I don’t suppose you have a map to this second kingdom of yours do you?”

Areian looked up at him and the tiniest hints of a smile were creeping up around the old dragons face.

“As a matter of fact,” he said standing up, shaking the dust off his wings, he turned to the piles of notes and practically swam through all the papers. He picked up papers and tossed them aside until he got to a long sheet of paper, a small huff, he burned the note , then tore it open and a yellowish-brown sheet of paper fell out from inside the paper he destroyed.

Areian turned back to Pyrian.

“I do.”

Chapter 3

“Leaving?” Pisteen cried, “Where?”

“To The Second Kingdom.” Pyrian said, the map in his claws, “Where my parents used to live.”

He decided not to tell his sister about his brother because he got the feeling she was already very confused.

“Where are you getting all this? One of those old books?”

“Areian told me.” Pyrian responded, picking up a leathery bag, “He said it was time I knew.”

“So he’s been keeping secrets from us. All along?” Pisteen asked, eyes widened in surprise.

“Yes,” Pyrian answered, “He used to live there with my parents. He knew that I had a funny looking tail because my mother was a Night Fury.”


“I thought I was the one who asked an endless amount of questions.” he said wryly.

“It's just that. Pyrian, you're 35 years old, all your life you’ve been lied to about everything. Why aren’t you angry at him?”

That was the question Pyrian was asking himself. He should have been furious with his godfather. He wanted to be angry. But he wasn’t.

“I guess he just knew that he had to tell me when I had that dream.”

“What dream-?” Pisteen started.

“Areian will explain it to you later.” Pyrian assured her.

At least I think he will. 

He packed up his bag with the leftover chicken and a few piles of fish.

“Do you really have to go?” Pisteen asked, her scales changing to a deep blue mixed with rings of bright yellow.

“I have to.” Pyrian insisted.

It felt like his destiny to be there and find his brother.

He started towards the door when Pisteen suddenly pulled him back in a hug.

“Don’t die out there.” she begged.

“Count on it.” Pyrian said, smiling.

Then he stepped out the door into the shining light of the morning sun.

Areian greeted him.

“Spread out your map.” he said.

Pyrian did, and the musty smell of old paper filled in nostrils.

“Haven’t seen this map in a long time.” Areian said, “Alright, see this island here?” he asked pointing, “That's Leviticus right there.”

He dipped a claw in the bottle of ink next to him and scratched out the name on the drawn out island.

“Once you start flying you should get to this small island, not very large but has plenty of shelter and drinkable water.”

Areian once again dipped his claw in ink and scratched a line between Leviticus and the island.

“After that you should travel to a larger island, have more shelter and water then the last one. Then head straight and you should find what you're looking for.”

Sounds easy enough. Pyrian thought, “How do I know what the Second Kingdom looks like?”
“I think you’ll know it when you see it.” Pyrian responded with a smile.

Pyrian nodded and took a few moments to memorize the trail he was supposed to go.

“Do you think I can do this?” Pyrian asked.

A sudden wave of worry and doubt washed over him.

What if I don’t survive? What if my brother died too? What if I get lost and can never find my way back?

Areian put his paw on Pyrians shoulder.

“Son, I knew you would be ready the moment you hatched.”

A little flame of determination lit up inside of Pyrian whispering in his head, You were born to reunite with your brother and find the homeworld of your parents. Nothing will stop you from reaching your goal. Failing is impossible. You can do this.

Pyrian smiled, “I can do this.”

“And Pyrian.” Areian said before Pyrian could set off, “Remember that humans and dragons have been at war for the past five years. Dragons you meet might not be as friendly as you think.”

“But I am a dragon as well!” Pyrian pointed out, why would they be aggressive to Pyrian who would no doubt want to rip the head off a human?

“I’m just saying Pyrian.” Areian said, “Be careful.” 

“Sure.” Pyrian said, but he didn’t really hear what his godfather said. 

Instead he was trying to picture what the Second Kingdom looked like.

Was a giant volcano plentiful with dragons and prey? Or was it a large ravine where dragons lived in the tunnels and feeding on bats?

He was so focused he was scared half to death when someone called out his name.

A grey ScorchWing, had landed down on the ground next to Pyrian and was bounding towards him.

“Hi Ashwing.” Pyrian greeted the younger dragon, “What are you doing?”

“What are you doing?” Ashwing asked, he tilted his head at the satchel hanging on Pyrians back, “It looks like you're going somewhere.”

“I am.” Pyrian responded.

Curiosity filled Ashwings eyes, “Cool! Where are you heading to?”

Pyrians' brains instantly went blank, knowing Ashwing the young ScorchWing would probably tell the entire village that Pyrian was heading to the Second Kingdom. And then they would get suspicious of how Pyrian knew about this.

“I-uh-I’m going to, uh, a tiny island!” Pyrian bluffed, “Not much prey and drinkable water, barely any shelter, yeah, Areian wants me to go there because, um, he wants me to...to...test my survival skills!”

It was sort of true, Pyrian was going to a small island, but according to Areian there was plenty of food and shelter for him to survive.

“You sounded hesitant.” Ashwing said, suspiciously, “Are you telling the truth.”

“Yes I am!” Pyrian lied, “I-I’m just uh-nervous!”

“But you never get scared!” Ashwing pointed out, “Remember that time you helped Flareclaw get down from Bladetip?”

The small dragon had a point, he had backed Pyrian into a corner. 

There was no way Pyrian could make up a lie for that.

Areian suddenly swooped up behind Pyrian like magic, “It is true Ashwing.” he said in the most convincing voice Pyrian had ever heard. No wonder Pyrian never figured out the truth about his tail and brother.

“I am taking Pyrian out to test his skills against the force of nature.”

“Oh,” Ashwing looked up at Pyrian worriedly, “How long will he be gone.”

“A month or so, perhaps years,” Areian answered, staring at Pyrian with his ancient eyes.

Years? Pyrian thought, startled, Is that how long it will take?

At first Pyrian wanted to find his brother and help defeat the humans. But now that he heard this he wasn’t so sure he really wanted to leave. Going to this kingdom full of strange dragons he has never seen and never being able to meet his family and friends for years? It didn’t seem worth it.

Don’t doubt yourself. The voice in his mind told him, You will see them again someday.

“So...this will be the last time I see you in like...years?” Ashwing asked, voice faltering.

“Yes.” Pyrian said, “When I see you again you’ll be as tall as me.”

“No I’ll be taller!” Ashwing exclaimed, “I’ll be nine hundred fifty twenty ten times taller than you.”
“Of course you will.” Areian said, a slight tone of amusement in his voice, “Now go back to playing, Pyrian has a lot to do before he sets off on his journey.”

“Ok!” Ashwing beamed, his sadness seemingly completely washed away, “Bye Pyrian have a nice trip!”

“What do you mean I have a lot to do?” Pyrian asked.

Areian shrugged, “Gather some herbs, hunt down some dinner, get a drink…”

“A drink? I’m old enough?” Pyrian asked, startled a bit by the mention.

“Pyrian, of course you're old enough.” Areian said, “I just didn’t tell you that you were allowed to drink last year because of a few...incidents…”

“Define incidents?” Pyrian said jokingly.

“Let's just say I drank more than I could handle.” Areian said, “Come, the bar is in the Great Hall.”

The Great Hall on Leviticus was this massive cave in the island's mountain, Bladetip, that was usually full of stores, tables, and of course bars.

According to Areian the place was made by humans that lived there long ago, and that the Great Hall was what the humans called it and it was mainly where the alpha of the humans had meetings.

Pyrian onced asked Areian if there was a ruler on Leviticus, Areian responded saying that there was no ruler in charge, however, there were groups of dragons who lived on Leviticus who made sure nobody was doing anything inappropriate.

The Great Hall was packed with dragons today, it seemed as if the entire village was there. 

It was so noisy Pyrian could barely even think straight from all the sounds.

Coins clattering on tables, dragons chatting and roaring in laughter, merchants shouting out to advertise their stores (“Fresh Arctic Char! From the freezing Ice lands right to your mouth!” “Mashed Dragon Nip for half the price, get them while you still can!” “Catch this criminal and we’ll reward you handsomely!”)

Areian however seemed completely immune to the noise that sounded like a thousand Thunderdrums roaring at the top of their lungs.

He walked towards his destination with no sign of noticing the noise, occasionally waving at a passing merchant or dragon.

“Where are we going?” Pyrian asked loudly.

Areian responded but his voice was swept by the sounds of dragons roaring in delight as they won a game of Maces and Talons.

They departed to a quieter area of the hall and Pyrian finally saw where Areian was heading.

A small bar, not as big as any of the other tents or stores, multiple troughs filled with multiple colored liquids. Surrounding the troughs as a table that formed in a ring.

“Welcome back Areian.” Said a voice that sounded like a Deathsong hatchling squealing.

The voice came from inside the table ring, a purple Thunderpede, staring at them with her olive black eyes, cleaning a wooden mug. Which surprised Pyrian because mainly Scorchwings lived on Leviticus, sometimes a Changewings or two, other times you can see Nadders, once Pyrian even saw a Typhoomerang living near the shores. But never a Thunderpede.

“Fistin.” Areian responded, nodding his head in a way of greeting, “Bring someone along with me today.”

A prickle of uncomfort came over Pyrian as Fistin turned to stare at him.

“Your Areians son aren’t ye?” she grunted.

Pyrian nodded, but he felt like he was lying, sure Areian was his godfather but not his actual father.

“Welcome to the Barbaric Bar, the smallest bar but serves the best drinks in the village. Have a seat.”

Pyrian uncomfortably found a wooden chair next to Areians spot and took a seat.

Weird scents that smelled of polluted water, saliva, and dragon blood filled his nostrils and he let out a gag.

“Something wrong sonny?” Fistin grunted, casting him a mildly offended look.

“No, it's just I can’t handle so many smells at once.” Pyrian bluffed.

Fistin shrugged, “Lie to me all ye won’t Pee Yurian, this is what I smell everyday, after A few months you'll get used to it.”

“It's Pyrian actually.” Areian corrected her, “And he’s not staying for long.”
“Oh really?” Fistin’s scaly brows raised, “How long?”

“I-I’m not sure.” Pyrian chimed in, getting that doubtful feeling again.

“Well I'd love to chat but I got other customers I need to serve.” Fistin said, seeming as if she didn’t care about where Pyrian was going, “What are ye orders?”

She was right, a few noisy Scorchwing teens were on the other side of the table ring, tapping their claws on the polished wood table looking impatient.

“The usual.” Areian replied quickly, “Two Flightmare fizz.”

Fistin nodded and then thumped towards the Scorchwings to get their orders.

“I don’t recommend trying to lie to Fistin.” Areian pointed out, “She can sniff them out like they are a bush of roses.”

“Or maybe I am just a bad liar.” Pyrian suggested, it made sense, he never got away with anything.

Areian let out a bark of laughter so loud the dragons a few meters behind him eating salmon jumped in surprise.

“Pyrian she can see through even my lies it's not because you are a bad liar.” 

“I guess.” Pyrian said, he flicked his tail back and forth in an energetic pattern.

“You alright son?” 

“I can’t wait to find my brother!” Pyrian exclaimed, but then lowered his voice when a couple dragons gave him confused looks as they passed by, “Once I find the second kingdom and find my brother there will be so many things I would like to do with him! I may not know what he looks like but that doesn’t matter.”

Areian took a glance at Fistin who was still taking the Scorchwings orders, then he turned back to Pyrian.

“You know why the war began?” he asked in a quiet voice.

Pyrian nodded, remembering a book he read on it, “Dragons and humans used to be at peace, but when they separated, humans forgot about their bond with dragons, and began to hunt them.”

“Right,” Areian said, “But were all humans wanting to fight?”

“No.” Pyrian said, feeling like he was being quizzed, “A few tribes refused to join the war.”

“Correct, and what can we learn from this?”

Areian must have seen Pyrians blank look because he answered his own question, “While many people and dragons choose to throw away their loyalty and friendship, others will not, and will keep it like they are a chest full of gold.”

“What are you saying?” Pyrian asked, usually he understood what Areian meant but this time I was completely clueless, the bar's horrible smell must be getting to him.

“Humans and dragons, they are different in many ways. Humans can be friends with humans and dragons can be friends with dragons. Humans and dragons can be friends.” Areian said, “However the opposite can be true. Humans can hate other humans. Dragons can hate other dragons. Dragons can hate other humans.”

“What are you trying to say?” Pyrian asked.

“It's not about blood that shows loyalty. It's an act.” Areian answered, he was staring at Pyrian with a blank face, which made Pyrian’s feel uncomfortable and a bit freaked out.

“What? Areian, your speaking like a prophet. I can’t understand what your trying to say.”

The older dragon sighed, “You’ll figure it out eventually.”

Pyrian opened his mouth to respond but Fistin interrupted them, dropping two wooden mugs in front of them full of glowing blue liquid.

“Enjoy.” She grunted, “That will be one silvian.”

As Areian tossed the bartender, Silvian Pyrian inspected his drink.

It smelled of river water.

“So this is…alcohol?” he asked, inspecting the drink.

“You bet it is.” Areian said with a grin, he clasped the mug in his hand and with a large gulp swallowed the entire thing.

The liquid inside was very thick, like salvia. Pyrians stomach was churning just at the thought of drinking it.

“Wh-what was this called again?” 

“Flightmare fizz!” Areian said licking his mouth with satisfaction, “Made from the same algae a Flightmare eats.

Well that sounds delicious! Pyrian thought sarcastically.

He didn’t want to drink it, he really didn’t, but this was his last day on Leviticus in probably years, he didn’t want to disappoint Areian.

With a nervous swallow, Pyrian clasped his claws around his own mug, and tilted it up so the “Flightmare Fizz” drained into his mouth.

As soon as it hit his mouth an energetic and strange flavor overcame him.

It tasted very gross and very delicious at the same time, he both wanted to throw it away and take another drink.

He got this weird feeling, he didn’t know how to describe it. But it felt calming. 

He caught both Fistin and Areian looking at him, waiting for an answer.

“Its-its weird.” Pyrian admitted, “I mean I feel weird but-yeah-its good and-uh-yeah its nice.”

What's up with you. You forgot how to speak? A voice in his head grumbled.

“I think it's time I go.” he added quickly,  “It will take me all day to travel and I want to get to my destination by midnight.”

“That is correct Pyrian.” Areian said with a smile, “Thanks for serving us Fistin.”

“Come back anytime.” Fistin grunted.

I’m not sure if I even am coming back. 

“So, what did you think?” Areian asked as they exited the Great Hall.

“It was...weird.” Pyrian answered. His stomach felt twisty, his legs were a bit wobbly, his brain felt like jelly and he felt like he hadn’t slept for days. Was this what drunkenness was like?

“I figured you’d say that.” Areian said, “I felt the same way my first time.”

He felt a weird feeling that someone was watching him.

Someones, to be exact.

“Uh, Areian?” Pyrian whispered, “Is it just me or is everyone watching me?”

It was him, multiple dragons were watching him, elders, hatchlings, teens, everyone.

A Scorchwing about twice the age of Areian stepped in front of the two.

Pyrian recognized it as Blistertail, an elderly Scorchwing who supposedly had been on Leviticus since when the first dragons landed on it.

“Let the gods give you a safe journey to your destination.” he wheezed in his old voice.

“Er...thank you.” Pyrian said, making a short bow with his head.

“Ashwing must have told the village that you were leaving.” Areian said.

His godfather was right. Within a minute dragons of all kinds began crowding around Pyrian, wishing him a safe travel, Pyrian never had so many dragons focused on him before. It was a bit overwhelming.

“Please come back in one piece.” Scarletmail, a beautiful female Scorchwing told him.

“Don’t worry about that funny tail of yours!” said one of Pyrians friends, Smogscale, “Once you come back nobody will judge you for it!”

Pisteen materialized in front of him once he managed to find his way to the edge of the island with a swarm of dragons around him.

“Be safe.” she said, giving him a hug.

“You should be safe!” Pyrian said, “There is a war happening out there!”
“This island is far away from any humans.” Areian assured him, “We’ll be safe.”

I hope so. Pyrian thought.

He spread his wings and flapped them once. Twice. Until his body lifted off into the air.

He did a spin in midair and casted one last glance at his sister and godfather.

The last memory he’d have of them for years. Or possibly...forever.

Then, with a map in his talons, he headed towards the first island. Ready to find the Second Kingdom.

Chapter 4

It was the first time Pyrian felt completely alone. No dragons were near him for miles as he soared through the skies.
It felt strange, to have nobody to talk to, Pyrian was always used to having company but now, only the clouds were with him along with the large blanket of water below him.

Sometimes he saw the waves of a dolphin or Sea Shocker but that was it however.

He paused, hovering in air to recheck the map, the journey to the first island was longer than he expected, he’d been flying for almost two hours by now. Surprisingly his wings didn’t ache at all, he wondered if that was because of his Night Fury side.

The island seems to be close to the DeepFlame Ocean, I wonder why it's called that.

His stomach growled to remind him of how hungry he was.

Pyrian wanted to eat badly, however he knew that flying and eating wasn’t a good idea and would cause him to throw up. He learned that the hard way when he was younger when his sister challenged him to a race.

My sister...he thought, if only she was here.

It felt like decades since he had heard her voice, he almost expected her to suddenly fly out of one of the clouds and tackle him. But she didn’t, and that only made Pyrian feel even lonelier.

It was still hard to believe that it was only last night he discovered the existence of the Second Kingdom and his brother. They actually existed, Areian lived there himself. However he barely even gave a description of what the Second Kingdom and his brother even looked like.

All Areian said about the kingdom was “You’ll know it when you see it.”

What did that mean?

It occurred to Pyrian he didn’t even know what his brother even looked like! Not even the slightest.

I should have asked Areian before I left. He thought dimly, How can I find my brother if I don’t even know what he looks like?

He was so focused on that problem he almost flew over his destination.

The island was surprisingly larger than it looked on the map, about a third of the size of Leviticus.

Not a big island but big enough to fit twenty nadders and still have enough size.

Pyrian landed on the soft sand of the island's beach and immediately began to devour the fish he stored in his bag.

It was so relieving to not have a hungry stomach after you have been having it for about two hours.

I’m still very far away from the Second Kingdom. Pyrian thought it probably would take all they just to get there.

He folded his wings and laid down in a small rocky cave that looked like a small dragon den to rest.

Maybe I can fall asleep for just a few minutes…

As he closed his eyes it was only seconds later before he fell into a dreamless sleep.

Pyrian reawoke from his nap with a sneeze as sand tickled his nose.

Wha…? Where am I? Sand?

He got up slowly and looked around at the beach, suddenly remembering what he was doing.

What's the time? How long have I been sleeping? He wondered peering up at the sun, Two hours?! I’ve been asleep for two hours now?

Instantly he began to panic, Where is my satchel? I need it before I get in the air.

He circled the spot he slept about five times then began to dig in the sand.

All my food for the journey is in there! Along with the map!

He checked the sand he was digging in for any satchel. Nothing.

Pyrian took a step back drawing in a sharp breath, I lost it, Pyrian you idiot! How will you get to the hidden world now on an empty stomach?

As he drew in a breath a particular scent brushed his snout.

Fish…? That can't be right, no kind of fish swims this close to an island's shore. Unless…

He caught the scent once more and began to follow it, the smell led him out of the small den he slept in and around the back.

At one point something squished under his talons and he lifted it to find a salmon skeleton with only its head uneaten below.

There was salmon in my satchel, whatever did this have to have!

It only took him a few steps until it wasn’t only his nose that caught up to something. So did his ears.

Something was eating. 

He caught a new scent, one he never smelled before like seaweed and scales mixed together.

It could be a crocodile, his mind suggested.

Larger. A shark? Doesn’t have scales. Then what in the world could it...could it…

All of Pyrians thoughts came to a complete stop.

In front of him stood a large heap of scales. Purple in color with the tips green like changewing acid. Pyrian couldn’t see the things head. Its large wings were hiding its face.

Of all the dragon species Pyrian knew, he had no clue what kind of dragon this one was. Was it even a dragon? 

Its tail looked like a whale’s only much smaller and clearer. It sort of looked like Pyrians own tail.

Whatever it is, it has my satchel and my map. I need those back!

“Hey!” he yelled.

The creature or dragon froze, then slowly a triangular head rose from behind its wings and revealed cartilage flaps behind its head.

Then it opened its mouth, but all that came out was.


That was enough for Pyrian to realize that this dragon was female.

Ignoring how much his heart was pounding, Pyrian said in his fiercest tone.

“Give me back my satchel.”

The creature cocked her head, “What’s a satchel?”

“A leather object that stores things.” Pyrian answered, “Give it. Now.”

The dragon lowered their head behind their wings once more and came out with something in their mouth.

“Is this it?”

She turned and revealed a scaly green underbelly behind her wings and dropped the object at her feet.

It was the satchel only it was tattered and ripped open like some sort of wild animal shredded it open.

Pyrian nudged open the bag and reached into it.

There was nothing inside.

“Did you eat all the fish?” Pyrian asked her.

“Kinda.” The creature answered sheepishly.

“Those were my fish!” Pyrian hissed whirling around to her, teeth bared.

“I’m sorry!” The creature responded flapping her massive wings exasperated, “Its hard for a Deep Flame to catch food when she was abandoned from her pack?”
“Deep Flame?” Pyrian echoed.

“What? You haven’t heard of one before?” 

Pyrian shook his head.

“Tidal Class. Live in packs. Can breathe fire underwater. Does that ring a bell?” 


The “Deep Flame” sighed, “Have you been living under a rock all these years? Everyone knows what we are.”

“I don’t.” Pyrian responded, “I’ve been on an island my entire life and never seen anything like you before.”

“That explains it.” The dragon muttered under her breath, “I’m Shio, its the old language for tide. I was kicked out of my pack when I was only a few years old. Barely even remember my parents.”

“Your lucky to even remember them.” Pyrian said, “My name is Pyrian, my parents were killed seconds after I was born by dragon hunters.”

“Humans.” Shio growled, “Heartless creatures. Don’t they know we have a life worth living for?”

Can’t agree with you more. Pyrian agreed silently.

“Hey, in the satchel, did you happen to find a map?”
“Whats a map?”
Pyrian let out a frustrated sigh, “Don’t you know what a map is?”

“Don’t you know what a Deep Flame is?” Shio responded sourly.

“Its a paper with drawings to look like part of the world.” Pyrian explained, “With lots of islands and arrows.”

“Hmmm, I do remember eating a fish that didn’t look like a fish. It tasted all papery and weird.”
Pyrian face palmed, “You ATE IT?!”
“Look when you don’t know how to hunt, you can get pretty desperate.” Shio said.

How am I supposed to get to the Second Kingdom without the map?

Shio’s scaly eyebrows suddenly raised, “The Second Kingdom? You need to go to the Second Kingdom?”

Pyrian looked up startled, “How did you know.”

“Oh,” Shio took a few steps back, “Shoot, nobody is supposed to know.”

“Know about what?” Pyrian asked suspiciously.

Shio looked as if she considered keeping her mouth shut, but then she spoke.

“I can read minds.”

Read minds? Pyrian stared at her in shock, Is that a normal Deep Flame ability?

“No its not.” Shio answered, plucking the question out from his train of thoughts, “I don’t know any others of my kind that have the same ability as I do.”

How can things get any worse? Pyrian hissed in his thoughts, I am stuck on a tiny island, no food, no map, and now I am with a Deep Flame and which I have no idea what those are and probably have stingers under their claws that can kill me who can also read minds!

He could tell Shio had seen his thoughts once more because she suddenly spoke in a very annoyed tone of voice.

“Listen fish eyes.” she growled, “The Second Kingdom is my home ever since I was abandoned. I can take you there if you’d like.”

The wave of relief that overcame Pyrian was almost overwhelming. His journey wasn’t going to end here, flying blindly without guidance.

“Yes.” Pyrian said nodding, “Take me there, please.”
“Under one condition.” Shio said.

Of course.

“Exactly.” Shio said, “Enough with the whining and complaining in your head. Your a Broadwing for goodness sake, act your age.”

“Thats like asking the bee’s to make something other then honey.” Pyrian growled, “Dragons think ugly things all the time, get used to it.”

“The only thing I will be getting used to is raking my claws across your face if you don’t stop.” Shio responded.

Pyrian rolled his eyes, “Fine, I’ll do my best.”

“Good.” Shio responded, “Now lets go, follow me.”

And without another word she dove into the ocean. 

Chapter 5

Kingdom was more torturous then Pyrian expected. Not only was he extremely hungry, but he had to listen to Shio’s yammering, something probably worse then hunger if you asked Pyrian.

“So why are you heading off to the Second Kingdom?”


“To find your lost brother?” Shio interrupted, “Do you know what he looks like?”

“Don’t know? Huh, well I am sure he looks just like you!”

“Can you stop doing that?” Pyrian hissed, watching her leap into the air for a moment before diving back down.

“Doing what? Reading your mind?” Shio asked.

“Yes!” Pyrian growled, “Isn’t there a way to like, turn it off?”

Shio laughed and submerged again before popping her head back up to the surface, “If there was a way I certainly wouldn’t tell you!”

“You’d better tell me or I’d bite you.”

Pyrian was already in a bad mood having an empty stomach, Shio’s teasing didn’t help.”

“I can’t just fly forever!” Pyrian told her, “Scorchwings can only fly for a couple of hours before they need to rest!”

“Well your in luck.” Shio responded.

“What do you mean?”

“Look up.”

Pyrian was lucky he didn’t fly full speed into the giant wall of rock, he manuvered upwards just in time before he broke his snout.

“Wh-what is that!?” he yelped.

“Are stop.” Shio responded, “The Island of HueMon.”

“It looks like a giant mountain of stones!” Pyrian said.

“Nah, its just a really high, really tall island!” Shio said, “Come on a little farther and we will reach the shores!”

“Great,” Pyrian muttered glancing at the massive wall expecting it to suddenly come crashing down on top of him.

The swirled around the island until they found a large gap in the island where a rocky beach was revealed.

Pyrian tried to carefully land and not hit and sharp rocks but it was hard when your stomach is praticially vibrating your entire body. 

We can rest here for a bit if you want.” Shio offered.

“More then a bit…” Pyrian said, “Maybe a few hours.”

He flopped onto the floor feeling as weak as a fish on land.

Why did he think traveling was going to be easy?

“I can try to catch something for you.” Shio requested, “But I am not a very good hunter.”
“Sure.” Pyrian said, “I just need to lie down for a couple...decades…”

“Alright.” Shio said with a smile, “If you lay down like that the humans here will barely notice you.”
Humans? Pyrian thought in alarm.

“Yup!” Shio grinned, “Just lie there very still and passing by humans will just thing your an oversized sea cucumber and carry on.”

“Hold on.” Pyrian said before the Deep Flame could dive into the ocean, “Humans and dragons are at war! What if they see us and decide to attack?”
A pause.

“Whats a war?” Shio asked. She must of read the thought going through Pyrians head because a moment later she pursed her mouth and dove back into the sea.

Pyrian laid there in the rocky sand, listening to the ocean waves, he once got up to drink from a pool of freshwater.

He could barely move and part of his body, his eyes were beginning to droop once more.

Don’t fall asleep! His mind ordered.

But it was too late.

Darkness. That was all Pyrian saw. His eyes were open wide awake but all he could see was the night sky.

Its night?! He thought in alarm,  Oh no! I overslept!

He flared out his wings, Where is Shio?

Pyrian looked around, eyes wide.

His heart was beating fast then a Night Fury could fly.

Shio was gone.

Thankfully he heard a thump behind him, like a sack of wet fish dropped on the floor.

“Shio your back,” Pyrian started, relief washed over him.

But that relief evaporated as soon as it had came.

Shio wasn’t there, but something else was.

A dragon, ten times taller then any dragon specie Pyrian had ever seen, with pure white eyes glowing brighter then the star Pyrian was named after.

Pyrian couldn’t even process what he was seeing.

“So,” The Mountain-of-a-Dragon rumbled, louder then then thunder, “You are Pyrian correct?”

Pyrian tried to respond, he tried, but all that came out was a pathetic yurp!

“Hmmm,” The dragon muttered, that sounded like an entire cave collapsing, “Strange, I thought you’d be well...beefier, taller, strange.”

WHAT!? IS!? THAT!? Pyrian’s mind screamed.

He never felt so scared in his entire life. Soon he managed to catch his voice.

“Wh-what are you?!”
The dragons mountain sized head lowered to Pyrian, looking ten times scarier and larger then before, the dragons nostrils were so huge you could fit three Monstrous Nightmares in them.

“That, Pyrian, you will have to learn yourself.”

“H-how do y-you know m-my name?” Pyrian stuttered, feeling smaller then a newborn Fireworm.

“Never read the prophecy have you?” The Dragon boomed.

“What prophecy?” Pyrian squeaked.

“I was a GOD among dragons!” The larger dragon roared, ignoring his question and also practically making Pyrian go deaf.

“I used to be SO POWERFUL!! EVERY DRAGON AND HUMAN FEARED ME!! Until YOU, YOU HATCHED, the moment a SINGLE crack appeared in your egg. I lost EVERYTHING! ALL MY POWER!!”

I made him lose his powers? Pyrian thought startled.

 “But I didn’t mean to!” he protested, “Can’t you just get your powers back?”

“NO!” The dragon snarled,  “When you hatched you casted out my spirit and scattered it among the entire archipelago. Now, because of YOU, I need my minions to track down those pieces, so I can relive as a god once more, and kill all those who  have forgotten me!”

At the word “kill” an icy chill traced down Pyrian’s spine.

But at the same time, bravery warmed his heart.

“I won’t let you do that!” Pyrian cried out.

“I am afraid it will be too late for that.” The dragon said.


“I am afraid one of my followers have found you. Goodbye Pyrian!”

In an instant the dragon drove his claw into Pyrians head, and he instantly felt a bolt of pain explode from it.

Suddenly the dream world tore away from him like wet paper.

He found himself once again, lying on the rocky said.

Pyrian put a talon to his forehead and felt blood leak from it.

“PYRIAN!” Shio’s voice cried.

In an instant Pyrian at the last second ducked to avoid a giant shape that nearly knocked his head off.

He got up just to see the shape dash into the forest above him.

“Crap!” Shio growled, lashing her tail, “I nearly had my claws on him.”
“Who was that?” Pyrian asked, “Was that the dragons follower?”
“They threw sand in my eyes when I came out of the ocean.” Shio responded irritable, “I hate sand. What follower?”

“Wow that is a scary dragon!” Shio interrupted him, “Good thing it was only a nightmare right?”
Pyrian narrowed his eyes.

Shio widened her eyes, “Jeez! Who taught you that kind of language.”
“Shut up.” Pyrian growled, “I just woke up to find out a giant super freaky dragon is attacking me, can we just eat and not talk about it?”
Shio picked up the fish in the sand next to her and flung it, just barely missing him in the face.

“There.” she snapped, “Your lucky I actually caught something!”

Ignoring her, Pyrian bent over and devoured the tuna she caught in three bites, spitting out the sand that he got in his mouth.

It didn’t completely fill up his appetite but he knew it had to do.

“Thanks for saving me back there.” he muttered, but he knew he sounded like he didnt care.

“Yeah, sure.” Shio responded briskly, she had her back turned to his and her head was raised in a stubborn like way.

“How can I even trust you?” Pyrian thought aloud, “I barely even know you! I don’t even know if you know where the Second Kingdom is!”

“The Second Kingdom was my home.” Shio growled, “I used to live there if you didn’t know.”

“Until you were kicked out of your pack.” Pyrian pointed out.
“Don’t remind me.” Shio grumbled.

Anger rising up his chest like a flood Pyrian roared back, “I can understand why now! All you do is read dragons minds and learn everything about them even whent hey don’t want to!”

In fury he began to think upevery dirty word he knew and imagined throwing it at her face like a spear.
Shio turned her head around to face his, her pink eyes sparking with anger, “Shut up!” she snapped.

“You shut up!” Pyrian responded, he didn’t care that he was deliberately was arguing with the only chance he had with getting to the Second Kingdom and finding his brother.

“No!” Shio answered, voice rising, “I’m serious! JUST SHUT UP!!”

“Make me!”

Without warning Shio bashed into Pyrians side, knocking the air out of him along with knocking him into the sand.

Pyrian gasped for breath attempting to lash out his claws to rake the Deep Flame’s stomach but his arms were too short.

Shio was bigger and stronger then him, with both of her wing claws she held Pyrians mouth shut.

I won’t let you win! Pyrian though fiercely, he lashed out his claws again and sunk them deep into Shio’s arms.

In only a few seconds his talons broke through and blood began to well out of her arm.

Your hurting her! He could here his mind shriek. As Shio let out a roar of agony.

Pyrian didn’t care, he didn’t even know this dragon until only a few hours ago, he could hurt her, he could kill her if he wanted to.

Pyrain, this is not who you are!.

Pyrian froze,his claw dripping with blood he didn’t recognize that voice, but something about it seemed calm and wise, like Areian.

Let her go. The voice ordered, Violence is not the key to your problems.

Don’t listen to it. Pyrian told himself, your imagining things.

However at the same time he withdrew his claws.

Pyrian saw blood on his claws and instantly his heart filled with horror.

I did that, I hurt her, I tried to hurt her.

He couldn’t imagine himself ever doing that to a dragon, any dragon.

“I-” he started but choked and had to start again, “I-I’m so sorry Shio.”
The Deep Flame opened her mouth to respond but before she could speak a shout came from behind them.

It was in a language Pyrian couldn’t understand, but he knew that only meant one thing.

“Vikings!” Shio cried, “They found us!”

At first Pyrian thought of flying away, if the humans captured Shio we would be their next target. 

But then he remembered one of Areians


“A different dragons life is more valuable then your own. Help them first before you help yourself.”

By Thor Areian, if I die because of this I’m blaming it on you.

With a short prayer to the gods, Pyrian folded his wings, tensed his muscles, and with a powerful shove with his legs he leaped over the sea of vikings and landed perfectly next to Shio.

“Don’t worry” Pyrian cried, “I’m going to get you out of there.”

He couldn’t hear Shio’s response as a loud battle cry had muffled it.

A mace whisked past him, just missing his head.

The vikings weren’t going to give up the Deep Flame so easily.

He dodged an axe by hopping aside and grabbed a Viking’s arm in his teeth, hurling them aside with all his strength.

His heart was racing and blood was pounding in his ears, Pyrian knew he couldn’t hold them off for much longer.

He turned whipping another viking in the face with his tail has he desperately began to cut Shio’s ropes.

When her right wing rope successfully fell over a pain sharply appeared on his tail.

A viking managed to grab a hold of it and dug his spear deeply into it, pinning Pyrian to the ground.

He managed to get in a perfect angle so that it was impossible for Pyrian to be able to shoot or turn around to bite him

Its only a matter of time before…

Without wanting to think what could possibly happen in a few seconds, Pyrian turned back to Shio and started to cut her ropes as quickly as possible.

Blood seemed to be trailing from every inch of his body, he could feel the vikings pounding their weapons on his scales over and over.

Pyrian began to feel like the world was spinning, he wobbled forward and fell to the floor, unable to get up.

He could feel his entire body screaming for him to get up, he tried, but he could barely move a wing.

However, at that very moment, when Pyrian felt weaker then a boneless chicken a miracle occurred.

Shio’s mouth twitched and with her open claw, she took the rope and ripped it off her mouth.

The pain all around Pyrian stopped, the vikings must of noticed the angry Deep Flame.

And angry she was.

Pyrian was almost terrified of her.

Shio was glowing from had to tail in an emerald color, with every breath he exhaled a sort of vapor color.

Then with a huge inhale she opened her mouth to release a massive cloud of violet flames. Grazing the helmets of some of the vikings.

“What…?” Pyrian asked but couldn’t find the strength to finish the sentence.

Without a response Shio grasped Pyrians sides firmly, and lifted off into the air.

The ground was thousands of feet away from Pyrian as the sea suddenly came into view.

“That,” Shio said, gasping between words, “Was the craziest thing you ever done. Well, not that I have anything else to compare it to. But your crazy! You know that?”

She gave him a little shake and he yelped, heart jumping in fright.

Chapter 6

Pyrian never seen a human up close before, let alone a viking. He did know they were fleshy like creatures that wore clothes of animal skins and sometimes dragon scales. There was about thirty or fifty of them.

They also killed my parents. He reminded himself.

Do not kill them Pyrian, The mysterious voice said.

“Well why not? Its one step forward to ending the war” Pyrian whispered under his breath, “And who are you even anyway?”
No response.

Guess its for me do decide what to do.

A viking alone was an easy win, but a whole pack of them could be quite deadly for a dragon.

But its not just me...Pyrian reminded himself.

“On my word we attack.” Pyrian said.

Shio’s eyes widened, “Have you seen how many of them there are? Theres no way we can take them all on!”

He could feel the anger and thirst for revenge coiling up around his heart like viper. 

“Vikings killed my parents.” he growled, through gritted teeth, “Now its time for us to kill them...now!”

Without a single warning Pyrian fired a ball of crackling flames, striking a viking squarely in the chest, knocking him over.

The viking didn’t get up.

If that gave the Vikings a message Pyrian didn’t know what didn’t.

He let out a bellowing war and sprang at the crowd.

With a huge uproar the vikings automatically began to charge towards Pyrian spears raised, maces out.

They looked terrifying for one second.

And only that one second.

Summoning the fire and fury inside of him Pyrian released two more flames, both knocking a huge amount of Vikings back and even disintegrating them.

There was a yell and a sudden burst of pain came from his waist.

A male viking had bashed his axe into Pyrians side.

Dark dragon blood dripped from the spot the axe hit.

No you don’t! Pyrian growled, he lashed out his tail, hitting the man in the legs, catching him off balance. When the viking fell over Pyrian unsheathed his claws and sliced it across the guys neck.

He could barely even get a chance to rest when a sea of arrows flew towards him. Just in time he manage to shield his wings over his body to protect himself. It felt as if a million needles were raining on him and he had to grit his teeth in pain to keep himself from whimpering.

After the raining stopped he folded his wings in the corner of his eye spotted a human charging at him, mace in hand.

With one claw he bashed the viking in the side with a claw and then fired another ball of flames at another row of vikings charging at him. 

It seemed to Pyrian that their was way more then thirty humans, it was more like one thousand! They just kept coming.

For a second Pyrian began to doubt his sudden attack on the vikings. How could he and Shio possibly defeat all these people, armed with weapons?

There was a roar and Pyrian right after sending a viking flying with his wing to see what was happening.

Instantly his heart fell into and endless void of fear, “Shio!” he cried out.

The older dragon was being targeted by three vikings at once. They were using some sort of next to bind up her wings and mouth so she couldn’t fly or fight

At first Pyrian thought of flying away, if the humans captured Shio we would be their next target. 

But then he remembered one of Areians


“A different dragons life is more valuable then your own. Help them first before you help yourself.”

By Thor Areian, if I die because of this I’m blaming it on you.

With a short prayer to the gods, Pyrian folded his wings, tensed his muscles, and with a powerful shove with his legs he leaped over the sea of vikings and landed perfectly next to Shio.

“Don’t worry” Pyrian cried, “I’m going to get you out of there.”

He couldn’t hear Shio’s response as a loud battle cry had muffled it.

A mace whisked past him, just missing his head.

The vikings weren’t going to give up the Deep Flame so easily.

He dodged an axe by hopping aside and grabbed a Viking’s arm in his teeth, hurling them aside with all his strength.

His heart was racing and blood was pounding in his ears, Pyrian knew he couldn’t hold them off for much longer.

He turned whipping another viking in the face with his tail has he desperately began to cut Shio’s ropes.

When her right wing rope successfully fell over a pain sharply appeared on his tail.

A viking managed to grab a hold of it and dug his spear deeply into it, pinning Pyrian to the ground.

He managed to get in a perfect angle so that it was impossible for Pyrian to be able to shoot or turn around to bite him

Its only a matter of time before…

Without wanting to think what could possibly happen in a few seconds, Pyrian turned back to Shio and started to cut her ropes as quickly as possible.

Blood seemed to be trailing from every inch of his body, he could feel the vikings pounding their weapons on his scales over and over.

Pyrian began to feel like the world was spinning, he wobbled forward and fell to the floor, unable to get up.

He could feel his entire body screaming for him to get up, he tried, but he could barely move a wing.

However, at that very moment, when Pyrian felt weaker then a boneless chicken a miracle occurred.

Shio’s mouth twitched and with her open claw, she took the rope and ripped it off her mouth.

The pain all around Pyrian stopped, the vikings must of noticed the angry Deep Flame.

And angry she was.

Pyrian was almost terrified of her.

Shio was glowing from had to tail in an emerald color, with every breath he exhaled a sort of vapor color.

Then with a huge inhale she opened her mouth to release a massive cloud of violet flames. Grazing the helmets of some of the vikings.

“What…?” Pyrian asked but couldn’t find the strength to finish the sentence.

Without a response Shio grasped Pyrians sides firmly, and lifted off into the air.

The ground was thousands of feet away from Pyrian as the sea suddenly came into view.

“That,” Shio said, gasping between words, “Was the craziest thing you ever done. Well, not that I have anything else to compare it to. But your crazy! You know that?”

She gave him a little shake and he yelped, heart jumping in fright.

“What were you thinking?” she said, “Fighting an entire tribe of vikings at once?”

She’s right. Pyrian realized, What the heck was I thinking? Those vikings didn’t even do anything to us!

He recalled the voice in his head, whatever it was, trying to tell him not to fight them.

But Pyrian didn’t listen.

A wave of stupidity over came him. He could of died!

Maybe next time you should try listening to me? The voice suggested.

Fine, but who the heck are you? 

It went silent and Pyrian sighed angrily, why was it that the voice always disappeared when he asked that one question.

Why was that?

You can call me T, The voice spoke once more, it let out a small chuckle, Its been a while since anyone has used it.

Alright T, can you at least give me a reason for why I shouldnt of attacked those Viking creeps?

I can’t talk to you for long, T said, It takes a lot of energy to speak, I will speak with you when I get the chance.

“Alright.” Pyrian grumbled.

“Ok, then,” Shio answered.

Pyrian realized she must of said something he didn’t hear.

The grip on his wings disappeared and Pyrian crashed into the ocean.

He let out a roar of shock and ended up swallowing a mouthful of saltwater.

He felt as if scorpions were stabbing his eyes, he twisted and turned helplessly in the water.

Seconds later talons gripped his shoulders and his head erupted from the surface.

He inhaled the precious air. And spat the water flowing into his mouth.

“You said you were ready!” Shio exclaimed, who was holding him up so he couldn’t drown.

Shaking himself hard, Pyrian answered, “I was saying “Alright” to something else.”

“What do you mean “something else?”

Crap, Pyrian thought in frustration, Should I tell her?

Theres nothing Shio can exactly do about. T pointed out, I am not evil Pyrian, I can promise you that.

T did have a point, and while Pyrian did have a bit of trust in the dragon (Was it a dragon? T never said anything about being one did he?) but could he really trust telling Shio with it?

He could already imagine her constantly complaining about him not telling her earlier.

If I want to gain her trusts I always have to tell the truth. Pyrian thought.

Plus, your a terrible lier. T added.

How do you even know that? Pyrian asked startled.

No response, as usual.

Just tell her Pyrian. He told himself.

“Shio before I’m going to tell you something crazy.”

Shio shrugged, “If its crazier then a Submaripper riding a Shellfire then bring it.”

“I am not sure its that crazy then-”

Shio shoved a wave of seawater at him which started up the my-eyes-are-beig-gored-by-a-spear feeling again.

“I’m joking Pyrian,” She said, “You can tell me anything.”

“Uh-great-ok.” Pyrian responded, rubbing his stinging eyes, “So, I wanted to tell you that.”

He stopped suddenly when all of a sudden Shio’s head disappeared from the surface.

“Hey!” He exclaimed, “You can’t hear me when you are underwater!”

Shio didn’t respond, she kept going deeper and deeper.

Pyrian hated water, it was so cold and weird, but at least he was taught as a hatchling how to swim in case he fell into the ocean.

He was so confused on Shio’s sudden disppearane he didn’t notice the large shado looming over him.

That was until something splashed right to him.

A rope, a long and thick rope, and connected to th rope was the largest mountain of wood Pyrian ever seen.

It was a ship, he only seen them from a distance before, but those were little ships, this one was the Red Death of all boats. Pyrain figured it was large enough to fit one of every dragon specie and still have enough room!

Humans were on the boat, watching the rope sinking deeper into the ocean, they hadn’t noticed Pyrian who was utterly petrified.

Without a sound he swam over and grippeed hard on the hard wood of the boat, pulling himself out of the water which drenched him from head to tail.

He couldn’t get a good view from his stinging and blurry eyes but he realized that the rope was now moving up towards the boatinstead of heading deep down.

Pyrians heart nearly stopped when all of a sudden a huge object, arose from the ocean, it was a net, and inside was something huge, about Pyrians size.

If the object didn’t scare Pyrian out of the living already what happened next did.

The net didn’t hold just any object, it was carrying something purple and aqua.


Chapter 7

Don’t go after her. The voice told him as Pyrian clenched the walls of the boat harder, Their are more humans out there then you can take.

But there has to be a way! Pyrian thought, panic struck, If I leave her they’ll kill her!

Kill her? T echoed, Pyrian, these hunters don’t kill dragons they catch.

Then what do they do with them? Pyrian asked, watching helplessly as heavily armored humans hauled Shio into a cage she could barely even fit in.

Nobody knows Pyrian, T said, We had dragons see these ships multiple times, all the dragons there were alive, suffering and miserable but alive.

Isn’t their anything I can do? Pyrian asked, heart sinking in sorrow for the poor prisoners.

Not without getting caught, T said, this is why you need to go to the Second Kingdom Pyrian, dragons there need you!

I only came to see my brother, Pyrian said, I never wanted to get involved in saving dragons and fighting in a war!

You will understand one day, now head west, to the entrance of our kingdom.

With nothing else to do, Pyrian spread his wings, checking to see if they were dry enough for flight. Then, releasing his grip on the boat he shot into the air.

Pyrian glanced down at the massive ship to see anyone had seen him.

He caught Shio, despite being in the cage, watching him with her large pink eyes open.

I’m sorry. Pyrian thought, wishing he could say it allowed, but I have no other choice.

And with an empty and aching heart he turned and flew away.

It was a cold and silent flight, if Pyrian was flying alone with nothing but the clouds to keep him company a few hours ago, he would of loved it, but now, he already missed Shio’s yammering, whenever the ocean opened up below him he almost expected to find her swimming below him.

His chest was tight and it was hard to breathe without making a shaky breath.

Calm yourself Pyrian, T told him soothingly, You’ll find and free her one day.

And how do you know that? Pyrian demanded, a short growl escaping his throat, In fact, why am I even listening to you? If I wasn’t so focused on your stupid voice I wouldn’t of dropped into the ocean! And Shio wouldn’t of saved me and got distracted and got caught!

 Don’t point talons at others, T  told him, no matter if you were in the water or air you would never of noticed the Dragon Hunter boat, it was made to be silent during its sail!

No! Pyrian hissed, he was too stressed and furious about the Deep Flames loss to stand hearing T’s voice, Just shut up ok?! I just want to be alone now!

The long lasting silence made Phyrian figure T has listened to him, but his voice came suddenly.

Keep heading west Pyrian, past the Cloud’s Core, you will find what you were seeking.

The Clouds Core? Whats that supposed to be?

No response.

Why must he always shut up when I ask the most important questions?

Pyrian soared through the clouds, circling around them, flipping in the air, occasionally checking the sun to see if he was going the right direction.

It was sunset and the sun was brushing the surface of the water below.

It seemed as if their was nothing in sight for miles.

But then, the sunlight on Pyrians back disappeared, and everything became dark.

Pyrian turned to see what was blocking out the warmth.

And saw the biggest creature imaginable.

He fought back a yelp of terror and folded his wings quickly into a dive, twisting so he could glide behind one of the clouds.

What the-? What was-? Was that-? T-?

But T had no response.

It took him a long time to process what happened and to stop his panicking heart.

A long roar echoed throughout the sky, Pyrian cautiously peeked over the side.

Behind the cloud he was hiding behind was a massive dragon, wings hundreds of feet long, long ear appendages, strange glowings markings marked its wings, strangely reminding Pyrian of barnacles on the wooden dock of Leviticus (Don’t think about that! Pyrian told himself, as his heart sank.), and it made the strangest noises.

Sort of like an eerie screech, like a rusty horn being blown. Echoing throughout the skies.

Pyrian had never seen anything this beautiful and terrifying in his life. The new dragon’s scales were jet black, his wings and underbelly were a sort of dark grey like a storm cloud, and red splotches dotted his wings like blood from an attack, he seemed to have been fighting for a long time as scars marked his body.

What kind of dragons are those? I never seen anything like them before! Pyrian thought in shock.

It was only seconds later when two more of the same dragon species flew out from the clouds, not as scarred as the black and red one but looking just as fierce.

Their voices were like powerful currents of wind, loud enough for Pyrian to hear.

“You called?” rumbled the dragon with blue spots.

“Unidentified dragon.” The black and red one growled, “Male,orange-red in color, like a Sand Wraith.”

Pyrian shuddered, the black dragon had seen him?

“What do you recommend we do sir?” The smallest dragon of the group asked.

“Your Echoers.” The Red-Black one growled, “Use your noses, when you find him take him to the Second Kingdom for the alpha to decide his fate.”

The Second Kingdom? Pyrians ears perked, These...what did they say they were called? Echoers? Are they from the Second Kingdom?

He glanced nervously over the cloud to see the red Echoer setting off in the direction Pyrian was going while the others split off in other directions.

Maybe that Echoer will lead me to the Second Kingdom! Pyrian realized.

Without a second doubt, he turned and began to follow the Echoer who look like a Tinytooth ShadowWing from afar.

Checking behind his back to see if the other two Echoers weren’t following him before pursuing his target. He was a pretty safe distance away from the Echoer so he was sure the Echoer wouldn’t notice him.

But if he does, then what? Do I run away or try to talk to him?

Pyrian was pretty sure that either way he would get caught, after all the dragons wings were twice the size of the dragon itself so it was a very high chance that if he tried to run the Echoer would easily catch up to him.

He stayed as low to the ocean as he could, hoping that the Echoer would keep high to the sky and not notice.

But the further he flew the more rough the water seemed to get

Multiple times he found himself almost got swallowed by the ocean when giant, dark, claw like waves appeared out of nowhere and tried to grab him out from the sky.

Is this really where the Second Kingdom is? Pyrian wondered, dodging another shadowy wave.

He squinted at the air as dark clouds began to block the sky.

The Echoer was barely even visible up there, his dark color matched with the stormclouds completely.

The Echoer was flying seemingly with ease in the storm.

Meanwhile Pyrian was struggling to fight against the fierce winds and rain blowing into his face like little arrows.

For a long time Pyrian began to wonder if we was even heading in the right direction, where was the Echoer even going?

But the answer soon came to him unexpectedly.

Through the ran Pyrian saw it.

He could barely even describe how it looked, it looked like a tornado entirely made out of clouds, blue lightning erupted from it like thin, sharp dragon talons, clawing the sky.

What is this thing!? Pyrian thought as he neared the monstrous tornado like structure.

Keep heading west Pyrian, He remembered T said, past the Cloud’s Core, you will find what you were seeking.

Thats the Cloud’s Core? I have to go through that thing?!

Their was no way Pyrian could possibly survive flying through that!

He’d have all his limbs torn off the second he entered it!

But when he looked up he saw the black Echoer, nearly invisible in the clouds, dive straight into the Cloud Core.

Their is no other choice, Pyrian told himself, you have to try. This is the only way to have all your questions answered?I guess even if that means I will resemble the dragon version of a pancake by the end of it. Why didn’t Pyrian mention this giant heck of a storm on the map?

Taking a long and shaky breath, with a might flap of his wings he dove into the Cloud’s Core.

The minute he burst into the core the rain began to pelt him harder then before, hard enough that it actually felt like stones being thrown in his face.

The wind was blowing wildly, as if it was a living thing trying to rip him in two.

Pyrians wings felt on fire, he could barely breath as his mouth filled with gallons of water whenever he opened it.

You can do this Pyrian! He told himself, Just keep pushing!

A flash of white lightning shot in front of Pyrian, lightning up the entire area for a second before it disappeared, making the storm go back into the shadows.

Where’s the Echoer? Pyrian thought trying to open his eyes without them getting hit sharply with a raindrop, another flash of lightning lit up the skies but it didn’t reveal any sign of the dragon Pyrian was tracking.

Come on dragon! Please be somewhere!

But the Echoer made no appearance.

If he can’t lead the way they I need to find out which was is west.

Using all the strength in his body, Pyrian launched himself higher into the storm, the lightning sparked more commonly, at one point one just barely missed Pyrians tail. He could feel intense heat coming off it as he passed.

He looked up at the surface of the core to see a bright glow coming from the top.

The sun is setting so that means the way its pointing its west.

Pyrian memorized the way the sun was pointing and turned in its direction and flew in its direction.

It almost seemed like the storm did not want Pyrian to reach his destination because as soon as he headed west, the winds began to blast into his fiercer then ever.

It seemed as for every powerful flap of his wings Pyrian took, he was pushed back.

Just...a little bit...further. He told himself as his wings felt as if they were seconds from blown off.

He could see it, the light, just a few feet away, he was almost there, he was so close.

But a terrifying roar rang out in his ears, he could see the bright light, he knew what was about to happen, but their was nothing he could do to stop it.

The lightning smashed straight into the part where Pyrian's wing met his shoulder, as painful as a thousand Red Deaths biting down on him, Pyrian let out a cry of pain.

He began to fall, fall, fall, until the icy cold waters met his body.

Pyrian panicked, he struggled, flailed, lungs screaming for air, but when he opened his mouth it filled with water.

The flashing light above disappeared, as Pyrian sunk deeper and deeper.

Until everything he could see, was black.

A cold wind brushed Pyrians scales as he opened his eyes, like something flying past them. But he couldn’t see anything, he felt almost as if he was blind.

“H-hello?” Pyrian called out.

Is this Valhalla?

He felt the cold brush again, this time to his face.

Instinctively Pyrian let out a small spurt of fire to light up the area, but the flame didn’t even light up an inch of the area.

That feeling of being watched krept up Pyrian’s spine.

I don’t understand, what is this place? What am I-?

At that same moment two bright shapes tore through the darkness like sand, each glowing brighter then the sun itself.

They were just any shapes, they were eyes.

“What the-!?” Pyrian yelped, back pedaling into the void behind him, “What are you?”

The eyes, however, did not respond, instead a third shape appeared, a mouth, with jagged black fangs along its gums, all and which were in crooked ways, and curved, ready to dig into his scales to feast.

“THE LIGHT WILL MEET IS DEMISE!!” It howled in a voice like claws scrapping on a board, “BEWARE AS THE SHADOWS ARISE!!”

When it finished it let out a bellowing screech and almost felt as if claws were breaking through Pyrians skull.

“What does that even mean?!” He shrieked as blood thundered in his ear drums and blades of pain pierced into his head.

The thing did not hear him but its shrieks began to get louder and louder until it was at the point Pyrian felt as if his whole body was being shredded into two.

He let out a scream.

Immediately Pyrians eyes flew open, he scrambled upward on the stone and water filled his mouth.

With a sudden cough he threw up at least a gallon of water from his mouth.

Where did that...come from? He wondered, then with a pause he looked up.

And the horrible nightmare became suddenly nothing in Pyrians mind.

His jaw dropped.

Pyrian was lying on a large (and sharp) rock, big enough to support his body.

He found himself in a massive hole, water falling from every inch of it.

Almost as if the hole was in the center of the ocean.

Pyrian recalled what Areian said, “You’ll know its The Second Kingdom when you see it.”

Now standing, surrounded by walls of waterfalls.

Pyrian knew it.

This had to be the Second Kingdom. But where to next?

Scanning the area, Pyrian noticed that the only other way to go was down, there was no actual sign of any hole, the mist and foam of the water was covering it up.

If there isn’t an entrance to the Second Kingdom from there I’ll eat my hat-not that I have one anyway…

He unfolded his wings and instantly felt sharp daggers pierce into his right wing.

Sucking through his teeth Pyrian turned to find the place where his right wing met his shoulder was practically torn open, blood slowly dripping from it.

The lightning strike! Pyrian remembered a bright light striking his wing before he plummeted into the raging ocean.

The ocean...it should have killed me, but instead it led me right to my destination.

Areian did say that the dream Pyrian had the night before said in the Old Language to “Follow The Currents”.

But what caused that dream? I’ll get answers soon, but how can I get down there without the capability of flight?

He looked back on his injured wing and tried to fold it out slowly.

Pyrian felt the sharp pain again but it was less painful then before.

Maybe I can glide…?

It was a very risky chance, if his wings couldn’t handle the glide he would surely plummet to the ground and surely die and likely become a resembalence of what happens when dumb dragons try to fly with an injured wing.

I made it this far, I can’t turn back now. He told himself, I’m this close to all my answers.

Staring down at the cloud of mist bellow, he took a few steps, and then shoving all his might into his legs jumped off the cliff.

Pyrians stomach plummeted as the air began to race against his scales, then seconds later, the fierce wind currents became gentle hands that kept him from falling.

Thank goodness. Pyrian thought to himself.

Opening the fins on his tail he began to spiral downwards into the fog. As soon as he entered head first, Pyrian instantly regretted diving in, he could barely even see a foot in front of himself so he was always in the danger of flying straight into a wall with no way to catch himself and not to mention it sort of smelled like that time Pisteen accidentally fell in boar dung.

(Pisteen I wonder how she is doing...)

Angling his wings so he could glide in a circle, Pyrian kept a sharp ear out for the sound of any rushing water so he could avoid hitting the wall.


Some of these things may confuse you luckily we got dis dictionary here :D

Second Kingdom- The dragon name for The Hidden World.

Pyrian- A star that appears once every few years and lights up the night like a second sun.

Old Language- A language dragons spoke before they became friends with the humans and learned an easier way to communicate with them.


  • The island Leviticus is named after one of the books of the Bible.
  • The scene where Spike says "DragonFeathers" is a reference to one of the characters in Skylanders who says the same thing when annoyed.
  • Its real name is "The Forgotten Kingdom" but I perfer "The Second Kingdom" more.
  • The island Pyrian lives on is actually Old Berk and the house he lives in is Hiccups House!
  • This story takes place five years after the events of HTTYD 3.
  • The Second Kingdom was actually originally going to be a WOF-HTTYD crossover.
  • Pisteen was actually a made up dragon made by Arachnids sister, she was originally named Pistachio.
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