Hi people!!!!!!!! I created this page because I wanted to tell you what happened during those five years I don't add in the story "Thieves." Plus I said that someone else will meet hiccup and the others,but I can't fit that in the story so I am putting it here. :)

Return to Berk

"No" Ondotte said. "Why not?" Thyra asked. "Let's just say I was almost ripped to shreds by a night fury here." Ondotte said. "Well we are going" Glum said,his blonde hair in his eyes. Then Glum and Thyra jumped off the boat and

swam to the shore. Ondotte sighed.

Glum and Thyra looked around. Thyra winced when she saw Kol. "So" he said "let me get this strait, a thief stole your most valuable sword" he said. "Yes" the chief was huge with a reddish beard,he had a helmet,like every body else,or at least almost everybody. There was a girl with blonde hair and boy with brown hair that didn't have them. "See anything good?" Glum asked. "Nope" "well,then I guess we better go" "Who are you?" A ruff voice asked. Glum and Thyra froze,they turned around slowly. A girl with long blonde hair, blue eyes, a helmet with long horns,and dirty clothes was looking at them.

"Well, what are you doing here?" She said again. "Oh" Glum said "We were just taking a look at your beautiful island." "Oh," the girl smiled "why didn't you say so." She held out her hand and Glum took it, the girl then kicked his groin. He made a low grunt and dropped to his knees. "Do I LOOK like an idiot?" She asked. "Sorry" Glum managed to say. The girl looked at Thyra for the first time. "Hi" Thyra said shyly.