• Hi Arach! I was just being a stalker and reading your profile, and I noticed that you have no badges. Sooo I thought I'd offer you mine, if it's not too weird xD

    Due to your kindness and your ability to tolerate me, the wiki's resident oddball, I hereby dub you

    Este's Colleague!

    Whoop! Congrats! This badge signifies my trust in you, and you have now earned my loyalty. I'm always up for conversations, and I will be there to yell at you if you ever doubt yourself! I will also provide my services as defender of anything you create, because I know that everything you create is truly epic. If anyone dares offend you in any way, consider them dealt with!

    Have a wonderful day, my friend! I'll talk to you next time you need it.

    Display this badge on your user page by entering {{Esteria's Colleague!}} into the source code!

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    • Aww thanks so much Esteria! I wish I had a badge i could give to you!

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    • Of course! 

      Also, I really enjoy making badges- so if you'd like I could add making a badge for you to my to-do list... I'd just need your color choices and what the badge would say and such if you'd want me to make one :)

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    • Oh I am so prepared! 


      Arachnids Freind Fo life

      If you show me darkness, I'll show you light, if you offer me evil, I give you goodness, if you treat me with disrespect, I treat you with loyalty, if you give me your best shot, I'll give you a freind for life

      This badge goes to any person who is my bro in Fandom. That means one of the following has happened 1. Has treated my like a freind 2. Have played with me in a roleplay 3. Know me in real life 4. Helped me with something I had a hard time on or 4. Recieved a digital high-five from me. Thank you so much for showing me your awesomeness. I for see that we will be good friends for life. I mean I am a good freind right? RIGHT?! You also now have the rights to call me Arach

      Color: Red and Black!

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    • Also minor question

      Does Kyanite have a title?

      Like how Flashstings title is "The Deciever" and The Watchers Title is "The Watching Devil"?

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    • Hmm, I hadn't thought about that... she doesn't yet, but I'll be thinking. You got any ideas for me?

      Soryr for the late response by the way, I'm supposed to be offline but I snuck on :P 

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    • Very Sly :)

      Hmm, maybe the One Who Is Distinctive?

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    • A FANDOM user
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