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Tie is a character that appears in the story Hearts of shadow, owned by eva also beware spoilers ahead.

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Tie has a white body with grey-blue scales covering her head, back, neck, wings, and paw. her eyes are a combination of the same grey-blue and royal blue. that same royal blue is found in the large scales around her head, neck, and wings. she has deep green webbing between her claws as well as a deep green fin down her back and her tails are green as well.


Tie hatched during the rule of queen Nyra, sadly that was a pretty dark time for the hidden world. she grew up not being able to go outside. she was allways told 'stay here and keep quite, dad and I are going outside, if someone comes here that you don't know run! okay?' she'd allways nod and sit in the same place for hours.

when she was fifteen she was able to come with her parents on hunting trips. They'd allways swim through the water, never fly according to them flying made you a target. they raised her very well, maybe a bit too well...when she was eightteen they told her to leave the Hidden World, to live on the surface where the queen couldn't hurt her.

she left the next day, flying up the water fall and diving into the ocean. she was finaly safe...or was she? her parents failed to mention what she could and couldn't eat on the surface beacuse they actually havent been there. she lived up there for about six years until one day she was off looking for food, she spotted this weird looking creature she'd never seen before. it had many limbs and it moved through the water like a jet.

her curiosity peaked and she chased after it manageing to catch the multi-limbed creature. the creature was an octopus, one of the many animals that could actually kill a Green-Scale if it wanted too.

it sprayed it's thick ink at her (animal fact: an Octopus's ink is somewhat toxic) she spat it out and realized she was struggleing to breath through her gills, she found that her gills were clogged with the ink, but at that point it was too late, she drowned. kind of ironic for a Tidal class dragon to drown.

this is not where her story ends though, she became an Echo, a sort of dragon ghost. she moved back to the Hidden world and just kind of wandered aimlessly for the longest time. she met a male Woolly Howl named Flint apparently he was the son of Nyra (who had killed herself a long time ago at this point).

they became a courted pair and wandered around aimlessly together. a while later they met Flint's little sister Elka, who was supposed to save the Hidden World from Neberu. they stood by her side and helped her out when she needed it.

she helped ELka pull herself together and with the help of the Hidden World they were able to win the battle against Neberu and its shadow legion.


Tie is VERY loving. she's protective of those she loves but generally doesn't like conflict, even if she's not a part of it. she prefers to stay out of arguments and fights especially when she can stop them around her. she doesn't really like meeting other dragons, she's much more of an introvert but she'll put up with others if it means helping one of her friends or family.



Tie fires liquid glass, it cools upon reaching her target coating their scales or skin in searing hot glass.


Tie can see vey well especially in low light. her eyes are specially adapted to see in the dark water. however she usues a specail lense under water so she can't see as well on land. she sees very deiiferently on land, she doesn't see quite as well but she didn't realize that untill she was like fifteen.


Tie is fairly strong, but not useing her muscles for most of her life has weakened her and has made it harder for her to hunt and fight.


Similarly to strength, her stamina is fairly good, it's lower then it should be due to underuse.

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