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Greetings! Salutations! Welcome!*checks dictionary for synonyms for hello* Ah yes! Giggle Lizards! Hello ladies and butter monkeys, dragons and goblins! The names Ark-I mean Arch-I mean-DANG IT-what was my name again? Oh yeah! Arachnid! My name is Arachnid! You can call me Arach for short if you want to! I am a user on this wiki (yes Arach, this is a wiki) who loves making creations and making others laugh!

Now unlike everyone else on this wiki, I am a terrible writer and drawer *Friends point their weapons at me* Alright! Alright! Fine! Its decently good! I'd post some of my art here but its too embarrassing to put here, especially most of my 12 year old drawings, yeesh.

Writing is my number one passion and I no doubt LOVE to write, unfortunately I am always self concious about it and never write much on here, the only story I have tried writing on here is The Second Kingdom, and let me tell you, THAT THING IS COMPLETE (Insert Swear Word Here). I mean sure, many others may think its actually good, but I don't! Its a perfect example of bad writing! Now, where was I? Oh yes! I like everyone here (I think), love HTTYD! Yet if you rather not talk about HTTYD, I also love Minecraft, Wings of Fire, Writing and Drawing Tips, Monster Hunters, Ark, Godzilla, and much more!

I love doing collabs! I am always willing to join one! Especially if its just between me and you and nobody else (I like working together with a single user! Helps me learn more about them!) and I don't mean that in a creepy way! I can do art trades! But I don't recommend it because like 80% of the time I don't return the offer because my stupid brain is just that way. Outside of the internet you will find me as a 5'8 introverted blonde boy, usually found on the internet, interactive with online friends I probably will never meet...sad :,)

Anyway! That about wraps it all up about me! Don't be afraid to interact with me! I promise I don't bite, or sting, or drop atomic death bombs on your head. Its probably one of the highlights of my days when someone messages me just to chat! Even if its just to hate on me! I don't mind! Hope to see ya soon! Glad you wasted five minutes of your life reading this all! Toodles n Noodles!

'To do List:

  • Organize this place.
  • Figure out how to darn shade.
  • Write a decent fanfiction.
credit to TEABAG, the artist
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I really, really, enjoy writing and sharing my creativity with the world. Yet I am very lousy drawing on a computer so if you want a drawing on a computer, prepare for the worst (worse then Tonneres snoring at night). I also do enjoy letting others right so I have a few requests if you want to draw something!

I am currently trying to write a comic fanfic of How to Train Your Dragon but I have no idea what I should write about. Got any ideas? Message me!

One more thing, I LOVE DRAWING, if you ever one of my cringy drawings don't be afraid to ask!

Ow-hey-stop-I wasn't-sit! Good Skrill! *Sigh* Alright. I got to take Tonnere flying. If you have any questions or anything don't be shy to message me! Seeya guys!

Finding This Wiki

When I was very young our friends had to go on vacation and our family stayed at their house to keep it in shape as they were out. My sister had a blast there, watching stingrays, sharks, and once an octopus (seen by my dad) swimming in the river in their dock-for-a-backyard. Though one night my mom found this movie called How to Train Your Dragon and decided to have us watch it that night. At that point I had only seen trailers of it so I had no idea what it was about (because I was a clueless seven year old) but I also had no idea what this movie had in store for me. As soon as I finished, I found my true love, dragons. From that day forward I drew and talked about nothing but dragons, I watched the Boneknapper episode at least ten times in a row and I had an absolute blast.

Then skip 1-2 years later when the HTTYD 2 came out. Idk why but i didn't think much of it. Then one day when my mom was out and I was with my friend JR (who was six years older then me) and his mother, they decided to take me and my sister out to see the second movie. I was a bit nervous cuz as a little kid I hated seeing new movies, it just freaked me out for some reason. But once again by the time I finished it. I LOVED EVERYTHING ABOUT IT! The music for the preview I saw a few hundred times was epic, I loved the fight scenes, and the new dragons. Everything, and once more I loved dragons even more. I started reading the WOF series and even planned on making my own story that i will release soon!

Now lets fast forward a few years and me and my sister heard rumors of a third movie. Of course I was so hyped! We didn't know if it was going to happen but later our dad showed us the poster! It was true! I was so excited! I got to see a VR of the upcoming movie with my friends and had a blast! And my dad was friends with one of the people working on HTTYD and they gave us free tickets to see the third movie early! Of course I accepted! The movie was epic in every single inch, the Deathgripper was ten times as beautiful as I thought, Grimmel is everything I expected for a final antagonist (Strange though the fact he brung night fury's to extinction is barely even mentioned).

Now lets get to the present day. Me a kid who just started Middle School in the middle of a lockdown. I was bouncing along fandom, editing, chatting, but the wiki's I was at were getting very boring. I had no things to do. But then an idea popped in my head. Theres a how to train your dragon fandom wiki...does that mean theirs a fanon one to? I googled it and OH MY ***** GOSH THEIR IS ONE GOD BLESS THIS WIKI I AM GOING TO LOVE THIS WIKI TO THE PURE DEATH!!