Crystal Fury Hofferson

aka Stephanie (Biggest Astrid Fan)

  • I live in London, UK
  • I was born on January 30
  • My occupation is Watching HTTYD, RTTE, ROB, DOB, basically all the HTTYD stuff. I like reading WoF. I also am a huge music fan, so more then likely I'd be listening to music too.
  • I am A Woman
  • Bio Hello! This is my bio! How shall I start this?? Hmm, that's a good question. Well I shall start like this:

    I LOVE HTTYD! IT IS MY LIFE! My favorite character is Astrid and Lightfury! My favorite ship ever is HICCSTRID! Duh! It's like the cutest ship in the world! Well at least to me it it's. 😉 Also I would appreciate it if nobody would say rude things about Hiccstrid in front of me. I'd get sad...... that's a thing that would upset me for sure. A huge part of my life is also Hiccstrid!!! I can't live without it, lol! Anyways, what else about me? Hmm....

    I like music too, shall I share some of my favorites??? Sure! Let's get to it then!

    i feel bad for you - Hollyn
    Happier - Marshmello
    Havana - Camila Cabello
    This Could Change Everything - Francesca Battistelli
    Control - Tenth Avenue North
    One Last Time - Ariana Grande
    Chained To The Rythem - Katy Perry
    Anddddd, muchhh muchhh moree! I could list them all, but oh welp. I have to many favorites. I'll have to make a list somewhere with them all. So you can tell I'm a music fan, probably? I LOVE music! It's another huge part of my life! I even started my own music wiki called Everything Music Wiki!!

    Okay, let me tell you some facts:

    I'm a Christian
    I love to read WoF
    I also enjoy watching HTTYD
    I love to make my own stories, especially HTTYD Fanfics'
    I have a HUGE collection of HTTYD stuff
    I enjoy the outdoors
    I also like swimming
    I always have a lot of school work, lol
    I more then likely would be talking to friends, listening to music, doing schoolwork, reading, looking at Hiccstrid pics, even HTTYD pics, helping out on FANDOM, working on my fanfics, or.....well basically a lot!
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Welcome To My Profile!!


These two are just to cute!

Welcome! I am Crystal Fury Hofferson!! I am a HUGE How To Train Your Dragon fan! I have watched all three movies, all the TV series, read all the books, and have a huge collection of HTTYD merchandise! I love the franchise so much! My favorite character is Astrid. I think she very beautiful and strong. My favorite ship is Hiccstrid ❤️. They are just perfect together. My favorite dragon has to be Light Fury.

When I came across this wiki, I knew I had to join! I love making my own fanfictions and reading others. I have so many ideas I'd love to share with you! Check them out down below. ↓

My Fanfics

One Thing Remains

Status: Work In Progress

Three Dragon Riders: Carlasona, Miggy, and Tiffany, discover a ancient map, of a secret island somewhere in the archipelago. With a bunch of books and ancient papers, it is know to be hard to find, so they take it as a challenge. When searching for the island, they come across other dragon riders, that could help them along the way. But mysterys lurk along the way, which makes it much harder. A story by @Crystal Fury Hofferson, which takes place after Race To The Edge and before How To Train Your Dragon 2. Coming soon!

Astrid and Heather's Secret Mission

Status: Finished

When Astrid and Heather notice something very strange at an island they come across themselves, they decide to check it out. However, they can't tell the others, due to the fact that they've already got a bunch of stuff on their hands. That would just stress them more. So Astrid and Heather work together to figure out the mystery, until the others find them suspicious, they have a much harder time keeping it a secret.


Status: Finished

On the Edge, Fishlegs announces about the arrival of the kids he teaches are coming the next day. However, he is needed back at Berk, so he ask the other riders who would volunteer to teach them while he's gone. None of the riders don't want to or are busy as well, which leaves Hiccup and Astrid. As much as they didn't want the job, they volunteer to do to help Fishlegs out. Turns out, it's much harder for them as they thought. Then, a tragic thing happens, dragon hunters kidnap the students. Hiccup and Astrid must work together to save them, which in the end, teaches the students a very important lesson.


Dragons: A Forbidden Legend

Status: Idea

When the dragon riders reilzed the reilic they traded (in Babysat) has a secret code, they decide to take it back. From refusal that they clearly don't want the riders to have it back, they stumble upon a cave, full of secrets. They noticed the codes missing, and find out, the only way to enter the abandon village, is with those relics. The riders then know why the hunters wont give in. They decide to find a way around, and reach the village before the hunters do, and before the village is lost from legend forever.

Unknown Name Right Now

Status: Idea

When Astrid meets her old friends from when she was real young, she feels different, being it's been so long since she have seen them. She wants to catch up on everything that's been going on, and they want to. (Still brainstorming)

Unknown Name Right Now

Status: Idea

Hiccup and the gang are about to deliver scrap metal to the Armor Wing, however, that trip gets cancelled becauseAstrid falls sick. (Still brainstorming)

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