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Hi! Welcome to my page!

Check out my fanart page, Dragon5GMA's Fanart, here on the HTTYD Fanon Wiki!

Go to my Derpy Critters website, Derpy Critters, to see the whole Derpy Dragon Series!

My "name" is Dragon5GMA. As you can hopefully tell, I am a big fan of How to Train Your Dragon. I have been a fan of the franchise ever since I was 7 years old, when the first movie came out.

I love to draw, both digitally and traditionally. I haven't taken actual art classes, but I'm fine with just learning as I go. I mainly just use my Ipad Mini for all my digital drawings since I don't have an actual drawing table, but it's not like that's going to stop me.

For those who don't like to read here are some:

Random Facts About Me

Gender: Female
Age: 17
Hobbies: Drawing and Rollerblading
Favorite Colors: Purple and Black
Language: English
Favorite HTTYD Dragon: Deadly Nadder
Favorite HTTYD Character: Astrid Hofferson

I love drawing HTTYD fanart and have been expanding to different medias ever since joining the HTTYD Wiki Fandom in 2018. I have had two Fanart Series created for HTTYD. One is the "How to Zentangle Your Dragon" Series (Currently Discontinued) and the "Derpy Dragon" Series (Still Going).
My goal is to have drawn a Derpy Dragon of every canon dragon (excluding Rescue Riders) by the time I graduate High School!

Art Requests

You can send me requests on my message wall(s), but I am not currently really taking many requests (especially for Derpy Dragons) at the moment as I have commissions and the canon Derpy Dragon Series to work on for myself.

Where You can to Find Me

Instagram (@derpy_critters)
Instagram (@Dragon5GMA)
Tumblr (@Dragon5GMA)