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Όχι εγώ, αλλά ο Χριστός μέσα μου

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Welcome to my side of Berk (or Blue Isle)! My name is Ember. I see you have come to my page! If you must know, yes, I have many dragons, no, I am not the same Ember as the character (although, she is my character). I am an artist and an author and hope to be publishing my first book soon (like within the next two years)! I love coding! I love natural sciences (specifically biology and paleontology). I'm planning on either becoming a paleontologist or a voice actress. I'm also an admin on this wiki so, if you need help with anything, just message me on my message wall.

For those who must ask, yes, I am a Christian. And I'm proud of it. I am also a Young Earth Creationist If you have questions about what I believe or my faith, feel completely free to ask me! I will answer any question to the best of my abilities.

Art Trades: Open
Art Requests: Open
Coding Requests: Open
(have no idea if this is a thing or not but...) Coding Trades: Open


Due to your kindness and your ability to tolerate me, the wiki's resident oddball, I hereby dub you

Este's Colleague!

This badge signifies my trust in you, and you have now earned my loyalty. I'm always up for conversations, and I will be there to cheer you on if you ever doubt yourself! I will also provide my services as defender of anything you create, because I know that everything you create is truly epic. If anyone dares offend you in any way, consider them dealt with!

Have a wonderful day, my friend! I'll talk to you next time you need it.

Display this badge on your user page by entering {{Esteria's Colleague!}} into the source code!

FONL (Friend of Nightlight's)
This badge signifies that you are a friend of me, Nightlight. This means that I will always stick by you, but it also means that you have to put up with:

1) My nerdy obsession with dragon facts.
2) My (very annoying) obsession with the Fury Family.
3) My chatter (as in, I am a chatterbox)
But hey! If you ever need someone to brighten up your day, to geek out over dragons, or to just talk with, just talk to me (I don't bite)

Show that you are a friend of mine by entering {{FONL (Friend of Nightlight's)}} into your source code!
Tomato Haters

Credit to DeepFlame3

This badge signifies that you hate the nasty red fruit with a passion- but also that you are a part of this group! Welcome! We will happily listen to you if you ever feel the need to rant about something, and we love getting and giving constructive criticism. We can hate on evil characters, and be overly dramatic about one thing or another.

Display your proud hatred by entering {{Tomato Haters}} into the source code on your user page!

Nightria Fan-Club Membership Badge

Credit to Fengmei Qin123

This badge dubs you an official member of the Nightria fanclub! In order to earn this honour, you must;

1. Have read/be reading A Fading Star will Rise Again

2. Ship Nightfall x Esteria with every fiber of your being

3. Loyally stan their relationship

4. Be able to cope with the awkwardness that ensues whenever they have a romantic moment

5. Despise Edderia

Display your proud shipping by entering {{Nightria for Life}} into the source code on your user page!

Deep's Buddy Badge

If you have this badge on your profile, then good for you. This means that I will talk whenever you feel like talking and I'll defend you to ze END OF ALL THINGS (cause I'm nice like that).

Put this on your user page by entering {{Deep's Buddy}} into the source code

Badge coding by Este

Eva's Frendo


This badge should be taken all kinds of seriously. you, user who has befriended the wild Eva now has this badge. meaning you have put up with:

my bad grammar.

my constantly throwing art in your face.

my insane rants about things.

my strange issues that don't affect you in the slightest but for some reason you care about.

my OC's that may or may not be ugly and/or annoying.

and last but not least my weird humor.

you have been dubbed with the prestigious title of 'Eva's Friendo' the highest non-military honor you can receive other than the Nobel prize.

to prove ur friendship with Eva put {{Eva's Frendo}} in the source editor of your user page.

--nightfury4eva 20:04, June 9, 2020 (UTC)

Celka shipper

this user LOVES the ship Celka and every time they're cute together they scream internally in a good way. to gain this badge this user:


  • internally screamed when Nya and Nyx were put into Hearts of Shadow
  • belives that Celka is the purest thing ever
  • thinks that Eva was mean to hurt the ship

is this user's obsession with the ship healthy? probably not, but this ship is too good to not obsess over and if they had a real ship they'd name it Celka and send it out into the ocean to find the Hidden world.

show off your obsession with pride by entering {{Celka shipper}}into the source editor


Qinny's Ally

Sup. This mess of an attempt to code is brought to you by the one and only Qinny(Luckily it got fixed by Othiel, thanks!). If this abomination is on your page, I feel sorry for you. Huh? You think I should at least say something more meaningful with a pretty background like this? Heh, that's unfortunate. Anyways, I am your friend now so you gotta keep those shields up, or else I'm going to bombard you with crappy one liners, terrible puns, and horrible ocs.

[EdgeNadder's Friend]
This badge signifies that you are now the friend of EdgeNadder, another local lunatic wikian. But beware: this badge comes with strings attached. You must now put up with many messages, notifs, and possible sarcastic humor. I will also bombard you with OCs, fanfics, occasional digital art, and a lot more. Anyway: If you have this badge, it means I will be your online companion, for as long as I am on the wiki (yes, there is no getting rid of me now >:D)

If you are my online friend and you compliment me, I will not be self-deprecating about it! (that's a huge development)
Anyway, you shall now have to put up with everything listed above as well as my tendency for random geeking out about dragons, occasional chatter, puns, and too many other things to list.

Also, if you would like, add {{EdgeNadder's Friends}} to your profile if I have given this to you.

With destructive tendencies, Nadder/Edge. Coding credits to Naizzu Azalea!

Mystic’s Friend

You have this badge on your page, neat! We're friends! I will happy stand by your side as we go into battle, as you've earned my trust.

Be warned: I ask a lot of questions- If you accept this badge, you're agreeing to tolerate me and my millions of curiosities. :)

I'm always open for a chat should you ever need it! :D

Until next time, friend.

- Mysticrainbowfrost

To proclaim your friend ship, put {{Mystic's Friend}} on your userpage! Also, thank you Ember, for making this page, Othiel, for helping me out, and thank you Naizzu, for helping me with the text and the code.

You can put this one on your page!

Light's Friend

Congratulations! By putting this badge on your page, you signify that you've earned my (LightFury271's) loyalty and protection (which is awesome). It also means that if you ever need someone to talk to, my message wall is always open! And if you ever want to geek out over science, dragons, or anything else, that you have someone to geek out with!

To put this badge on your page, type {{Light's Friend}} in the source code.