Esteria the night fury

aka Este, E, or le Grammar Nazi

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  • I live in a hole under a rock
  • I was born on October 23
  • My occupation is Content/discussion/chat moderator on the HTTYD Fanon Wiki, cyclist, roller skater, actress, adrenaline junkie, and a wannabe author/artist
  • I am an oblivious, nonsensical, geeky American girl, staring off into space while trying to sort through the nonsense that fills my mind.
  • Bio Hey there! I'm Este, a passionate dragon-loving geek. I love How to Train your Dragon, Harry Potter, Wings of Fire, Keeper of the Lost Cities, and so much more! I love to write and draw, but I am not confident in my own abilities. I am in the process of self-publishing an original book of mine, which is freaky but I'm doing it for my brother! He's a diabetic, and every year I try to fund-raise up to $10,000 dollars for JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation) in search of a cure!

    I love having random conversations, so feel free to shoot me a message whenever you're bored! I'm here for you anytime, if you ever need to talk!
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Esteria the night fury

Este • she/her • adrenaline junkie • nerd • oblivious and stubborn

Howdy <insert name here>! Allow me to introduce myself,

I’m Esteria, but you can call me Este or E. I’m an all-American, geeky, nonsensical, oblivious dragon fanatic.

Some things you should know about me, I am a major adrenaline junkie and have jumped off several waterfalls, and I proudly ride any roller coaster I can. I enjoy white-water rafting, roller/ice skating/blading, cycling, running, swimming, traveling, and a whole lot more!

I live in the United States mainland, but I’ve been to Hawaii, Costa Rica, England, France, Germany, Austria, and Italy! I love exploring, and hands-on learning is the only way I’ll retain information, unless you’re talking dragons.

I am a M A J O R nerd when it comes to certain passions of mine, such as orca whales, really any bird, myths and legends, genetics and heredity, and of course, dragons!

I am also a wannabe author/artist, I’ve been drawing and writing since I was very young. I have several public stories on WattPad and Fandom Wikias, and one original series that is currently going through the self-publishing process for! (Fudge, I am nervous.)

Though I have been practicing for years as a self taught artist, I *clap* can’t *clap* draw! *clap clap*

I am a naturally random person, so please feel free to leave me random messages. I am insane and completely and totally nonsensical, be warned!

Oh yes, I am also a major bookworm. I must’ve read an entire library by now! The books are always better than the movies, minus the one exception, which is HTTYD. (Yes I just said that, deal with it :P)

I am a proud Ravenclaw with a dragon patronus, and definitely a member of the RainWing tribe. I am a dragon rider, Esteria being my dragon partner!

If you've read this far, then I might as well say this. I love talking to people about problems, mental issues, family issues, friend issues, anything. I've dreamed of being a therapist all my life, and I've gone through a bit myself, so I do everything I can to be understanding. Let me do that for you, if I can. If you need to talk to someone, you can always count on me. To talk privately, email me or send me a hangouts message at

Aight, Este is being stubborn and won’t let me continue to talk your ears off, so I’d better take her out for a ride.

Esteria the night fury, over and out!

Heyy you're still here. Allow me to throw some of my crap at your beautiful face.

Esteria the 'New' Night Fury

A Fading Star will Rise Again

Nothing Comes Between a Girl and her Dragon

True Stars Never Fade

What the Darkness Kills

'New' Night Fury

I collab! Why people collab with me, I don't know. They tolerate me somehow...

Obsidian Souls

Shadows Rise, Hearts Fade, a Nadder's Tail Begins

Due to your kindness and your ability to tolerate me, the wiki's resident oddball, I hereby dub you

Este's Colleague!

Whoop! Congrats! This badge signifies my trust in you, and you have now earned my loyalty. I'm always up for conversations, and I will be there to yell at you if you ever doubt yourself! I will also provide my services as defender of anything you create, because I know that everything you create is truly epic. If anyone dares offend you in any way, consider them dealt with!

Have a wonderful day, my friend! I'll talk to you next time you need it.

Display this badge on your user page by entering {{Esteria's Colleague!}} into the source code!

^ use. this. badge. ^

Nightria Fan-Club Membership Badge


Credit to Fengmei Qin123

This badge dubs you an official member of the Nightria fanclub! In order to earn this honour, you must;

1. Have read/be reading A Fading Star will Rise Again

2. Ship Nightfall x Esteria with every fiber of your being

3. Loyally stan their relationship

4. Be able to cope with the awkwardness that ensues whenever they have a romantic moment

5. Despise Edderia

Display your proud shipping by entering {{Nightria for Life}} into the source code on your user page!

Tomato Haters
Tomato dragon bydeep

Credit to DeepFlame3

This badge signifies that you hate the nasty red fruit with a passion- but also that you are a part of this group! Welcome! We will happily listen to you if you ever feel the need to rant about something, and we love getting and giving constructive criticism. We can hate on evil characters, and be overly dramatic about one thing or another.

Display your proud hatred by entering {{Tomato Haters}} into the source code on your user page!

Eva's Frendo

This badge should be taken all kinds of seriously. you, user who has befriended the wild Eva now has this badge. meaning you have put up with:

my bad grammar.

my constantly throwing art in your face.

my insane rants about things.

my strange issues that don't affect you in the slightest but for some reason you care about.

my OC's that may or may not be ugly and/or annoying.

and last but not least my weird humor.

you have been dubbed with the prestigious title of 'Eva's Friendo' the highest non-military honor you can receive other than the Nobel prize.

to prove ur friendship with Eva put {{Eva's Frendo}} in the source editor of your user page.

--nightfury4eva 20:04, June 9, 2020 (UTC)
Qinny's Ally!!!
Heyo there. I'm Fengmei Qin, but I'd be happy if you called me Qinny as well, after all, it is my nick name. Anyways, all things aside, if you have this badge on your page then it means that I, Qinny will vow to be your ally and friend until the very end. Now that we're here, I guess I'll bring you around my stables sometime later.

But, aurevoir for now.

Send me a terror mail if you need help and I'll be there faster than you can say yak-dung.

Qinny exeunt!


Deep's Buddy Badge

If you have this badge on your profile, then good for you. This means that I will talk whenever you feel like talking and I'll defend you to ze END OF ALL THINGS (cause I'm nice like that).

Put this on your user page by entering {{Deep's Buddy}} into the source code

Badge coding by Este

Celka shipper

this user LOVES the ship Celka and every time they're cute together they scream internally in a good way. to gain this badge this user:


  • internally screamed when Nya and Nyx were put into Hearts of Shadow
  • belives that Celka is the purest thing ever
  • thinks that Eva was mean to hurt the ship

is this user's obsession with the ship healthy? probably not, but this ship is too good to not obsess over and if they had a real ship they'd name it Celka and send it out into the ocean to find the Hidden world.

show off your obsession with pride by entering {{Celka shipper}}into the source editor

What? You continue to tolerate me?

Welcome to another tab of me being weird. Here, you ask to see if I do commissions and such things? Hah, I will happily draw for you, but remember;

I *clap* can't *clap* do it with me now DRAW!! *clap clap*

Ohh, I do code. I is a proud CSS and HTML nerd. I still cannot code like some users, but hey I did dis. I will happily code for you! Let me know if you want code on this blog post, gimme ze details, and I'll add you to my to-do list!

Please, please, please do not copy/paste any of my code.

To-Do List:

  • LightFury271's Icewhip and Ember Akasie pages
  • ForestFire911's adoptables and Razor Scale pages
  • SensableSensible's Bladefury, Sharper Edges, Dessert Fury, Shadowgrippers (coming soon), Edge, Darkscale, Denali, and Rainforest pages (woof)
  • LightFury271's Blue Isle Dragon Rider's Badge
  • ArachnidtheHivewingSkywing's Friend Badge

I LOVE doing collaboration stories, so if you want help writing a fan-fiction and you'd need an oddball of a co-author, I'd happily come help you out! Just.. be warned.. I make no sense :P

You somehow read my e n t i r e profile? Wow, you must have some brain capacity. That, or you were just looking for something to make fun of. Hope you enjoyed.

Have a great day! Or at least, try to survive it, you got me?

Stay safe guys!

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