Esteria the night fury

aka Esteria/Este

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  • I live in a world where dragons are real!
  • I was born on October 23
  • My occupation is Cyclist, Roller Skater, Pencil Artist-in-training, Dragon Rider, and a Creative Writing Author!
  • I am Female
  • Bio Hello! My alias is Esteria, but I like to go by Este. I love How To Train your Dragon and Wings of Fire, and I am also a big Harry Potter fan! I love drawing, skating, cycling, baking, sewing, and a lot more! I also dedicate everything I can to JDRF, a foundation searching for a cure for Type One Diabetes. I LOVE creative writing, and I've written/co-authored several fan-fictions, as well as writing an original story called Aventurine Wings.
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Hello there! Allow me to introduce myself,

My alias is Esteria, but you can call me Este. I am a passionate cyclist and roller skater, which are my versions of flying with Esteria. I'm also an actress, and I looove role playing. I am also a bit of an adrenaline junkie, I am obsessed with roller coasters and traveling the world.

My Dragon

My dragon, Esteria, is a new Night Fury. She is the OC that I've spent basically my whole life developing to the point she's at today. I adore her, and yes I believe she is "real." Maybe not scientifically existing, but y'know believing in a little magic is nice sometimes. 

Esteria's FanFictions

I am the author of A Fading Star will Rise Again, a HTTYD fan-fiction set in a modern timeline. Esteria is also featured in @Miaou9's fan-fiction, A New Hope, @SensableSensible's fan-fiction, Sharper Edges, the crossover by myself and @LightFury271, Stars Never Die, and the crossover story, Shadows Rise, Hearts Fade, a Nadder's Tail Begins.

Role Playing

As mentioned earlier, I love to role play. If you'd be interested in joining a role play with me, or you'd like to start a role play, let me know!

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