Fengmei Qin123

aka aka Qinny or Smuglax( it's another name)

Discussions Moderator
  • I live in Za Warudo, Barbaric Archipelago, Prof Hollow's research lab
  • My occupation is Dragon Rider/ Researcher
  • Bio Oh hey you're here. Now comes the question: dO yoU prEfEr TeA oR wAtEr?
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Toothless Quinny

Hellur I drew dis

Hello there, I'm Fengmei Qin123, but you can call me Qinny. I am a part of the World Wide Dragon Research Foundation, and I am currently learning and studying under the aid of Professor Hollow. My most faithful partner dragon is Dusq, my Triple Stryke. We do many things such as studying and recording new species of dragons, as more and more could be discovered each day.

My occupation is to be the assitant of Prof Hollow, and to aid him on dangerous tasks and adventures. I normally help Hollow with tracking and taming new dragon species. I am also a dragon sketcher, which means I help draw unseen and unrecordable dragons based off of descriptions from others.

I currently reside within the Barbaric Archipelago, along with Professor Hollow's research lab, but I do occasionally visit this wiki, as I am also a discussions moderator.

I'm very happy to see the many different species and ideas everyone on here has discovered, as it adds a lot to our overall understanding of dragons. I wish all of you well in the future.

As for now, I will be taking my leave. If you have any questions, need help, or just want to chat, leave a message on my message wall.

So long, dragon riders.

Favorite song for you to enjoy: (has swear words)

Due to your kindness and your ability to tolerate me, the wiki's resident oddball, I hereby dub you

Este's Colleague!

Whoop! Congrats! This badge signifies my trust in you, and you have now earned my loyalty. I'm always up for conversations, and I will be there to yell at you if you ever doubt yourself! I will also provide my services as defender of anything you create, because I know that everything you create is truly epic. If anyone dares offend you in any way, consider them dealt with!

Have a wonderful day, my friend! I'll talk to you next time you need it.

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