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  • I live in portland OR
  • I was born on November 22
  • My occupation is drawing dragons and watching RTTE over and over again and drawing, LOTS AND LOTS OF DRAWING. mostly my Woolly Howl OC Elka
  • I am female, yet I'll be fine with being called any gender
  • Bio hi, I'm Eva I love httyd and I have many Ocs. I love writing stories and drawing creating, in general, is my thing. I'm also a content mod on everything music wiki. and Httyd half breeds wiki. and am a chat mod on the Httyd Fanon Wiki. I can also do dragon Oc commissions if u leave a message on my wall!
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[[Shadows Rise, Hearts Fade, a Nadder's Tail Begins]]
[[Shadows Rise, Hearts Fade, a Nadder's Tail Begins]]
status: in progress.
this is a co-op effort between EverGreen13 me, Esteria the Night Fury, and me.
this is a co-op effort between EverGreen13 me, Esteria the Night Fury, and me.

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My favorite things

  • okay first things first, I LOOOOOVVEE WOOLLY HOWLS if u couldn't already tell me screaming about it is probably a good clue. I love woolly howls so much that it might kind of make me insane ;) ya see I'm pretty smart, and I have come up with a bunch of theories about powers that woolly's could potentially have based on environment and climate
  • my fanfic here is called Hearts of shadow if u decide to read it pls try to overlook the spelling.

About me

I consider myself to have above-average intelligence (for a seventh-grader) my interests include math, biology, art and, Phys Ed (though I don't consider myself 'sporty' I enjoy staying fit). my favorite foods hmmm.... if I had to choose it'd be either pho (this is a Vietnamese word so it shud have accents on it but I'm American and don't know how to do that) or pizza. I love all things mythical because it takes me away from the boring normal reality of my life. my personality would be the stubbornness of Stoick, the ego of Snotlout, the adrenaline-seeking-ness of the twins, and the humor and quirkiness of Hiccup. I love doing fun things like zip-lining (i have done that It was awesome!), skiing (I'm really good at it), roller-coaster-ing (especially the fast and upside down one's), some more chill activities I enjoy include hiking, ceramics, singing, woodworking, blacksmithing, baking, any type of art, ignoring homework, and chatting with my friends. all in all, I'm a pretty fun person and enjoy life as much as I possibly can.


Hearts of shadow

status: work in progress.

when the Light fury invites Elka to come to the hidden world no one is prepared for what happens next, Elka is informed by a mysterious being that a dark secret lurks in the shadows and just around every corner, a secret that should've remained hidden.

No good at goodbyes (hearts of shadow break off)

status:in progress

about the battle with Grimmle.

Shadows Rise, Hearts Fade, a Nadder's Tail Begins

status: in progress.

this is a co-op effort between EverGreen13 me, Esteria the Night Fury, and me.

a cross over between all three of our stories with no relevance to ur story timelines

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