aka Reb/Beccy

  • I live in Aussie-Narnia-Berk
  • I was born on October 22
  • My occupation is Training,drawing and searching for dragons
  • I am Female

Hi I am Rebecca Porritt, you may call me Reb, Bec, or Fantasy!

I have always loved Httyd since I was in year 4, one of my friends got me into it and I watched the second movie twice in cinemas. Now I am a huge fan! I love drawing, making and designing new dragons, and lots more! You can message me if you want me to draw your dragon. I also love writing and reading Httyd fanfictions. I always imagine if I was Stormfly the deadly nadder, if you can’t tell my favorite species is a deadly nadder and Stormfly is my favourite character. My other favourite dragons are speed stingers, skrills and basically all of them. I am very impressed for what this wiki has to offer! 


  Here are some fun facts about me (besides Httyd)

  • I am 14 (yr 9 at highschool) coming from Melbourne,Australia  so time would be different to most of you.
  • My other favourite movies,tv shows and books are; The Chronicles of Narnia,Lord of the rings,disney,goosebumps,the dark crystal and many others (I am a fantasy and nature lover).
  • I am a chocoholic
  • I am a ballroom dancer,netballer,pianist,gem collector, animal lover (my fav would be zebras, koalas, horses and lions),singer,drama,travelling,creativity,photographer and much more.
  • I am a only child (lucky me) but I have pets (a dog named Harry Potter, axolotl named Kevin and a heap of goldfish).  
  • In Afl I go for Hawthorn (Aussie Rules Football) GO THE MIGHTY HAWKS !!! (even though I'm not an AFL fan)
  • Each day I like to learn new things.
  • My favourite colour would be Lilac,Aqua or Hot Pink.
  • I have facebook and Instagram (my fb is my name and my instagram is reb9287photography).
  • I love meeting new people and their skills.

Now that is enough about me, please check my pages and discussions out.

Have a lovely day 

Reb {\_/}

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Have a wonderful day, my friend! I'll talk to you next time you need it.

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