Aniju Aura Aniju Aura 12 February

New Admins

Hoi everyone! It seems I am the only admin on this wiki as of right now. I don't see myself being very active, really I hope on every few months to see how things are going. So I am looking to get some new admins on here. I am thinking maybe three would be good. Being and admin has a lot of responability so keep that in mind!

  • Looking for people who have some experience with managing a wiki
  • Needs to be Active! At least online once a week 
  • And I would like the admins to be known among the people who are here. 

When you nominate yourself or someone else, please vote under their comment so we can see who the people want as their admins. You can vote up to 3 tips, however you can only vote for a person once.  Decided since not many people are here …

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Aniju Aura Aniju Aura 7 February

New Active Members

Show of hands who is active on this wiki! I want to see how many members we have. Thinking about getting some new admins since the old ones have become inactive. Comment below is you are an active user here.

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Aniju Aura Aniju Aura 17 February 2019

Active Members

Quick question but is there any active admin still here or do I have to give admin rights to someone? It seems the person I left in charge is no longer active and I want to know if they gave admin rights to anyone before leaving?  THIS BLOG IS NO LONGER ACTIVE Please comment [[1]]

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Aniju Aura Aniju Aura 28 December 2015

Just a Blog

Happy Holidays everyone! I hope you all had a good time and if you don't celebrate anything, I hope you are doing well and just enjoying yourself.

I just want to leave a blog. I haven't really be too active here. I like creating characters, but that's about as far as I get. I am not very good at writing stories and fan-fictions. I see we have some new users here so that's good. Welcome new people!

  • 1 Naming the Death Song
  • 2 Night Fury Stuff
  • 3 New Dragon Maybe
  • 4 Naming A Sand Wraith

So I created a new dragon for one of my characters I had for awhile named Sego Lilium. I have a picture of him here. I'll try and maybe make a more Viking looking outfit for him later. He is from my planet called Earph, which is where most of my OCs come from these days. I…

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Aniju Aura Aniju Aura 3 November 2015

Mustang Bros

Mustang Bros is kind of a MLP story but the characters wander around a lot to whatever Fandoms I am interested in. The characters in the story represent my friends. I was never able to write it, I suck at writing fan-fictions T-T but I do have a summary of it.

It's basically about a group of friends on the planet called Earph who obtain super powers kind of. Their friend Mich can transform into an Alicorn, and uses his powers for good. Then the trickster Havok shows up and started causing some trouble. At some point int he story, the friends accidenly eat the shards of a Shayd horn and gain some special powers of their own. While fighting Havok they get transported to Equestria and soon are able to travel to other worlds. How to train you Dr…

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