Mustang Bros is kind of a MLP story but the characters wander around a lot to whatever Fandoms I am interested in. The characters in the story represent my friends. I was never able to write it, I suck at writing fan-fictions T-T but I do have a summary of it.

It's basically about a group of friends on the planet called Earph who obtain super powers kind of. Their friend Mich can transform into an Alicorn, and uses his powers for good. Then the trickster Havok shows up and started causing some trouble. At some point int he story, the friends accidenly eat the shards of a Shayd horn and gain some special powers of their own. While fighting Havok they get transported to Equestria and soon are able to travel to other worlds. How to train you Dragon being one of them, but they go to Frost Fall where they begin to train their own dagons. 

I don't really know what's going on with the story now, it's basically following Nathan and his new best friend Necro. I think I would like for them to have a HTTYD story with their new friends but I lack a name. Just gonna jot down ideas here. Maybe I'll fuse them into the Helfury story instead. 

Things to Do

  • Mich has a Night Fury who needs a name.
  • Ondre has a Whispering Death who needs a name, originally named Sweet-Tooth. Not sure if I will keep this name.
  • Ike has a Zippleback who need names
  • Rafael's dragon needs name. 
  • Dontatello probably will end up in this story and will need a dragon. 
  • Charater that represents Lilly has a Snaptrapper named Wiggly, Squiggly, Giggly and Boo. Think of name for character
  • Draw characters
  • Make a character to represent Pandora 


'cause it's also a MLP story they have Elements of Harmony. :P

Mich - Magic (Represents the spark of friendship) Has a female Night Fury

Leo - Honesty (Represents Jack) Has a male Nightmare named Firewing

Ike - Laugther (Represents Angel) Has a female Zippleback

Ondre - Generosity (Reprenents Bleck) Has a female Whispering Death

Nathan - Loyalty (Represents Aniju Aura) Has a female Thudnerdrum named Euphoria. 

Geo - Kindness (Represents Theo) Has a male Gronkle named Boulderdash. 

Rafael - Love, has a male Nadder

  • Porbably gonna do a new one. 

Necro (Represents Moragn @w@) Has a male Razorwhip named Cutlass

Sego (Represents Lilly) Has a male Snaptrapper named Swiggly, Wiggly, Giggle and Boo. 

Donatello - older brother of Geo, best friend of Rafeal

Panda - (Represents Pandora) Has a Song Death named Silvertongue. 

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