Hoi everyone! It seems I am the only admin on this wiki as of right now. I don't see myself being very active, really I hope on every few months to see how things are going. So I am looking to get some new admins on here. I am thinking maybe three would be good. Being and admin has a lot of responability so keep that in mind!


  • Looking for people who have some experience with managing a wiki
  • Needs to be Active! At least online once a week 
  • And I would like the admins to be known among the people who are here. 

When you nominate yourself or someone else, please vote under their comment so we can see who the people want as their admins. You can vote up to 3 tips, however you can only vote for a person once.  Decided since not many people are here that I just make these three people be the new admins. Three seems reasonable to manage this place. You guys can decide jobs that is best suited for one another. Gave you Beaurcrat status too so in case there is a need for other admins you guys can give rights to some more people if this place get popular. Enjoy! 

Crystal Fury Hofferson



Don't delete my pages/characters because I am gonna move them to my ToyHouse account and delete them myself. I might pop in every now and then tp check up on this place. c:

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