1. I have a used to have a fat ragdoll cat named Tayton (R.I.P 2003-2020) and a samoyed dog named Everest They don't get along well (At least Tayton hated her, but before he died he let her lick and lightly nibble on his ears but other times he pretended she wasn't there)

2. I love Godzilla, Dragons, Ark, Subnautica, HTTYD, and a lot of ther things

3. I am christian

4. I have autism

5.  I have made an entire group of heroes, Griffin, Ninja Cat, Tti, Spirit, Rose, Ete, Azila, and Hydra, along with a group of supervillains Hornet, Dr.Goo, Sentinel, Giga Raptor, Hourglass, Plague, Black Hole, and Cutthroat

6. I have two younger sisters (counting my dog)

7. I watch MLP, Spirit:Riding Free, and Skylanders:Academy, 

8. Jobs I'd like: Author, Script Writer, Editor, Animator or Youtuber.

9. My Weakness: Hersheys (THERE SO FRICKEN GOOD)

10. Books I am writing (or finishes): Wings of FIre The Ghost Eye, Wings Of FIre: Lights Out, Monster Hunters:The Elder King, Godzilla Brother Versus Brother, Godzilla versus Mothra, Godzilla vs Ghidorah, Godzilla vs Omega, Subnautica:The Reaper King, Reptile Hunters, The light of shadow, The forgotten kingdom, Godzilla: World Domination, Hydra Hunters,

11. Books I'm planning on making :

A book on pirates but these pirates have dragon mounts, fight and tame sea monsters, etc

Aliens take over the world and a group of survivors g out of their hiding places to find a mech to destroy all the aliens

Four tribes, The Scorchers, Scalders, Strikers, and Seepers all live separately, but another tribe, the Stalkers, wants to kill and eat them, it's up to one dragon Scarmaster, to save the tribes.

12. Favorite Subjects: Writing, Science, History

Meh Subjects: Math 

Least Favorite Subjects: PE, Reading, 

Favorite Movie: Godzilla: King of the Monsters

Worst Movie: Hachi (About a dog who waited at the train station for his owner, but when his owner died, the dog kept on coming to the train station to wait for him, really sad movie)

Least favorite scene of Godzilla: The main characters mother sacrificing herself to Ghidorah to gain GOdzilla time to recover.

Favorite Scene of Godzilla; The ending where godzilla roars as all the monsters bow down to him

Favorite  superhero: Spider-Man

Favorite super villain: Venom

Favorite Pizza place: Dominos

Favorite made-up superhero: Azila, a giant, ancient, monster fighting lizard that shot white beams

Least favorite made-up superhero: Rose, she's just a pink dragon that has super hot fire

Favorite made-up villain: Hydra, a female humaniodcharacter with a scorpion tail, dragon wings, a flamethrower attached to her arm

Least favorite made-up villain: Dr. Goo, he just has a weird name and is just a human with spider legs, acid abilities and no backstory

Favorite made-up movie: Azila: Ancestor of Godzilla, basically it's about a dragon named Reblician destroying a city, and a girl stumbles upon a temple inside a mountain, she awakens Azila, though she realizes he is passive, and Reblician was the monster who killed off his parents and his kind. People think he's a monster and he should be killed. 

Favorite Made-up movie scene: There's actually a lot

-Azila is on a cliff, and it's raining, he roars and the lightning flashes to reveal the silhouette of Godzilla roaring

-Hydra (while she was evil) wipes out all of her speacies population by herself

- NC learns that her boyfriend is a ninja and she asks him to teach her. He asks her to attack him and she does but falls. He tells her to get up and attack him agian. So NC keeps attacking him and failing to defeat him. But after about the twentieth time, she hits him with her left arm and he falls over. K.O'd.

-Griffin is cornered on a cliff by Hornet, who says "You made a big mistake coming here.", Griffin then jumps off the cliff. Silence. Then the ground begins to tremble, and from the oceans. Azila bursts out of the water, with Griffin on his nose, and the super hero says "So did you."

- When Griffin and NC are attacked by Acid Crocs, and a cat they just saved, suddenly mutated into a huge muscular cages and totally destroys the crocs

Yeah I could go on and on but lets continue

13. Like how Scarlet uses "Thrilling" too much, I use the word "savage" once every three minutes

I'll probably update this later.

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