Super Hero

Ok this dream is very weird. I was about seven or eight when I had this dream. I dreamed that I was Griffin! (If you don't know who this is read my facts about me blog) but that wasn't all, I was surrounded by characters from my favorite game, Skylanders! Including Spyro (A purple dragon), Whirlwind (A unicorn-dragon hybrid), and Stealth Elf (A ninja elf), including some other...very distrubing characters from Dora the Explorer. Yes I watched Dora when I was younger, and for some reason a blue butterfly also wanted to join my team, and a cat. So I had this massive team and for some reason we went into a random building. And started getting chased by scientists who wanted to study us! I didn't know what we were doing but we escaped through a window, the cat thought was unlucky and ended up getting shoved into a bucket of water, "We got her!" I heard a scientist cry, but FOR SOME REASON, I didn't go after them. Suddenly e saw a playground in front of us, I don't know why we stopped worrying but we instantly started playing. The End.


Ok this was one of the most famous dreams my sister had ever. For some reason she wnted to be a meerkat, so she went into the forest to look for one (Idk how you could find one in the forest) and then she stumbled across Kaos (Bad guy of Skylanders) who also wanted to be a meerkat. So they started walking when they heard a laugh, my sis turned to see her entire class behind them "We want to be meerkats to!" they all said, then they SOMEHOW managed to find the zoo and then they all jumped into the meerkat cage. And my sis started crying for no reason.

Gumball Eater/Jeep Jumper

These two dreams are very short so I'll be doing two in one to make it long. The Gumball eater was proably the first dream I ever had. Basically some random cartoon bird picked up a random clear tube and gumballs started coming out of it, I don't know if they were mine or I was just scared but I ran up to the bird and said, "Nononoonononono!" and that was it. Te other dream was the first one I actually controlled. Before I fell asleep I had imagined my super hero Griffin talking over a walkie-talkie and then just does a backflip over a jeep that was going to run him over. I don't know why I thought that was cool but as soon as I fell asleep, the exact same thing happened!

My Sister, the Scale shredder

I think this took place a day after I was telling my sister how to survive a Boa Constrictor attack. But my sister was at a dock and a yellow snake wrapped around her, she grabbed it by the head and unwrapped it from her body, then she sstractched the snake and literlay ripped the scales off of its body. It fell onto the ground, pinkish skin or flesh was showing from the part she took off the scales. Then I ran to her and said out bed was in the water.

Zombie Cars

So this dream was weird. I was in some random pool. And then this random character from the movie, Trolls, ATE ME. AND THEN ME AND MY FAILY WERE JUST RANDOMLY TRAVELING AROUND HIS BODY. And we spent the night in his lungs, ew. Then he randomly spit us out and ate us agian then after like the third tie of being spit out. We were in a weird wor. It was dark and everything mechanized. Not ony that, their were these evil cars I'm just gonna call zombie cars with massive mouths. The only way to avoid them was to stay on the very thin sidewalk. And them I woke up! And I was like What the heck was that!?

The Sea Serpent

This dream is a bit fuzzy and I only remember a few parts so I'll make a list of what I think came first.

  • Going up the stairs of a condo
  • Losing to a game of checkers at night next to the ocean and a large silver-blue serpent came out and devoured a girl behind me
  • Running to the white house for no reason

Cabin Dream

Ok so I had a lot of cabin dreams from when I was at camp, three for each day I was there:

Dream 1: I was in the pokemon world and an evee evolved into a shiny leafeon/slyveon hybrid, then it flied away, the team rocket captured like six electric type pokemon

Dream 2: My freinds suggested I watch "The Sea Monster" then I was walking near the harbor when a red serpent with all its skeletal and immune systems parts only showing on its body, its head was normal, then it roared at all the people around me started to float into the monsters mouth, I was scared half to death

(it reminded me of the dream where I was attacked by godzilla, let me now if I should tell that dream)

Dream 3: My class got to go to this hidden hot tub place inside a brick wall, but then I realized i was naked inside the pool

(Also reminded of a dream where I was naked in school)

(Comment below which dream I should tell next!)

  • Godzilla Parade
  • School Horror
  • Clowns in the school
  • Indominus Rex vs Me
  • Tree Phaser
  • Clock School
  • Unexpected Baby
  • Surprising Action (love story)
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