Ok so basically I was checking out the rukes on the Fanon for role plays as I was thinking of doing one. It said no Mary-Sues. It states that a Mary sue is something or someone that is to perfect. So that got me thinking. The Night Fury is kind of like a Mary Sue. Now before the hate floods in let me finish. The Night Fury can be this adorable flying cat/dog then the deadliest Unholy offspring of lightning and death itself. The rules also say must have some weaknesses. Hmmm, well the Night Fury has no huge weaknesses except for eels but every dragon hates eels *Spike gags*. I know that the RP rules don't apply to the actual Franchise but I find it ironic that the rules are that ( Which I totally agree with because having extremely powerful dragons that can defeat anything will get boring ) there is no Mary sues but there is teh Night Fury... How Ironic. 

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