Lost in time

It was a rainy day, and and not a soft rain a hard rain that makes you think the clouds shall never leave. A ship quickly pulled up to the dock. Hiccup and Toothless were taking a flight to make sure no unwanted guest came to Berk. Toothless immedeitly noticed the ship.

"Toothless!" Hiccup yelled, " what are you doing?" Hiccup looked and saw what toothless was looking for. "What is that?" he whispered. He looked at the boat, it looked nothing like the hunters ships. It looked like something without a top. "toothless bring me close." he whispered. Toothless went in close, only one person one board. Hiccup jumped ontp the small boat, "Who are you?" He asked. "Who am I?" She said, " who am I? Do your people not speak of the amazing lady? Avery?" Hiccup looked at her puzzled. "Hmm. I guess your people don't speak of my people. Shall i take you to my home?" "What? N n n no i don't want to go to your place." "Well to bad!" She smiled. 

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