Okie dokie, so I'm gonna be putting here picture of a blank template coding and then we can start.


First and foremost, the background. You'll have to choose a color, eh? I choose my background colors in a site called It gives the RBG value of the color you chose. Another way to chose the color is going to thispage. 

To change the color of the background, simply replace the -insert RBG/color here- text. For now, I'm gonna use cyan, mein fave color. So now the coding is gonna look like this:


You get me? Now, the 'color' part is for the color of your text, the latter which we'll be discussing much later on. Remember, ALWAYS put a hashtag sign (#) before the RBG value. For this one, I'll be using the '00008B' RBG value, which is strong blue in English.

The coding will now look like this:


Next up, the border. Now, this will have 3 parts, the size, style, and color. For now, we'll be covering the size part. it can range from any number, starting from 0 to the largest number possible. But, we'll just stick to the one-digit numbers. I'll be choosing 6.


Next up is the border style. Go to here to choose your border styles. My choice would be the ridge style.


And here comes the border colors~! :D Same old same old, choose the RBG, paste it, PUT A FLIPPIN HASHTAG BEFORE THE RBG and voila!

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