This is going to be my permanent (or at least semi-permanent) Derpy Dragons Request inbox.

I'm not a huge fan of people requesting in random posts, so I decided to streamline it to make it easier for everyone.
If you want to request for a Derpy Dragon, canon, fanmade, or OC, then you can comment your request below.

Canon Derpy Dragon Requests

I'm eventually going to get to every canon dragon in the franchise (excluding Rescue Riders), so if there is a canon dragon you especially want to see sooner than others, whether out of curiosity or because it's your favorite dragon, you can ask here. I can't say when it would be done, but I'll try my best to bump it higher on the list so that you don't have to rely on the voting process to see the dragon you want.

OC/Fanmade Derpy Dragon Requests

I've been trying to cut down on requests recently as I have Derpy Dragon Commissions open elsewhere. However, I still get requests for OCs and Fanmade species.
I'm not saying that I will never do them, but don't get your hopes too high if you request a Derpy Dragon.
Either way, you can comment your requests here, so if I ever get in the mood to do a custom derpy dragon, or because I want to do something for a special occasion, I will have faster access to your request.
If you do end up requesting one, please don't pester me asking if I'm going to do it. I can't make any promises, but at least this assures you I won't lose your request, so there is a higher chance of me actually doing it...eventually.
However, if your request is an actual commission or from a raffle, has been promised before, or was requested under certain conditions (which I will let you know if they were met, but don't ask if they were) then you can expect your request to be done sooner than later.

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