As said in my last post- I'm trying to find a style of cartooning that I like. It'll be pretty simplistic, but something that I still find pleasing. Then, once it's decided, I think I'll try making some comic strips! I'm going to post my cartoon attempts this blog post, and maybe y'all could help me choose a good style?


Today I tried my first idea, with an eye style I learned from an actual cartoonist! As many of you may know, there are MANY different ways to draw eyes, so it's pretty easy to be creative! This drawing has a bit of 'color outside the lines,' something that naturally comes from drawing with a cursor. Hopefully soon I'll be able to use a different kind of digital drawing program!
Cartoon este


Today I tried to shade the cartoon from yesterday. I somewhat suck at shading, but practice makes perfect, as they say! So maybe this is horrifyingly horrible- but AT LEAST I TRIED.
Cartoon este 1v2
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