Heya everyone! This is the start of a possible stream of random blog posts that I'll do at the peak of my boredom moments. Basically I'll just rant on whatever I'm thinking about, HTTYD/Fanon wiki related of course.

Today's rant will be somewhat sappy, I suppose. Really, I'd just like to say thank you to all my amazing friends out there!

In real life, making friends and generally talking to people is really hard for me. But the second I joined the fandom, I was welcomed with open arms, and now I have countless friends that I can depend on!

So really, all I want to say is thank you. With all the sincerity I can offer, I want to say that I really appreciate all of you. Times have been stressful, as many of you probably know. It's just been really nice to have these amazing users to talk to and who can listen to me and cope with my insanity. Y'all have been so incredibly supportive, and I adore it!

So all in all, thank you everyone. Thank you for being there for me, and in return I will always, ALWAYS, be there for you.

Forever and always!

Stay safe!

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